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FHM August 2008 – Featuring the Red Bull Rookies

Finally my first proper magazine spread, I was so excited to get the mag from the shop – it’s a good issue too with the 100 most wanted women.

FHM Malaysia may not be as racy as some of the other publications in Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia but they are doing what they can and the new editor Joe Balan is trying to push the boundaries and be a bit more creative with the content.

I did a photoshoot recently for the Red Bull Rookies for publication in FHM and it came out with 3 whole pages!

Red Bull Rookies in FHM Malaysia

With proper photo accreditation – woo!

FHM Photo Accreditation

The following 2 pages are like this..

Red Bull Rookies in FHM Malaysia

It was all shot strobist style on location, it was a challenging and fun shoot. I hope to get the chance to do more stuff like that in the future.

I suggest you grab the mag and check it out now – support FHM Malaysia!

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Valerie Ebal – Beauty, Classic & Fear – Part 2

Sorry, more of the same facial expressions – but I gotta finish up after Part 1!

I tried for a little bit of variety with the last 3 sets, the first one continues after the last picture, when I’ve added some colour to the situation. These are more beauty/mag/FHM kinda shots that I was going for.

Trying to get a bit of a sexy look going on, seen as people seem to fixate on the names I give pictures (when the names don’t mean anything…) I’m going to stick to numbers.





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