Movie Review – Boondock Saints – Cult!

Boondock Saints

Encouraged by the public’s praise, Catholic brothers Conner and Murphy MacManus bring a bloody brand of vigilante justice against Boston’s Russian mafia and crimelord Yakavetta.

An interesting movie recommended by my buddy Nazrul, I just had to watch it. It seems like my kind of movie, action, morals, a little theology and somewhat of a large cult following.

It’s got a very strong 7.7 on IMDB.

The movie starts well, straight into the action. It has an interesting narrative style though, it shows the results of a scene then shows how it happens. Sort of linearly backwards all the way.

It reminded me a little of Leon : The Professional in the first scene, with the quirky Willem Dafoe police investigator putting on some classical music and craning his neck upwards whilst scoping out the crimescene.

It reminded me a little of Pulp Fiction too, in the scene with the cat (the cat wasn’t called Marvin thankfully).

The action is good, and the characters realistic. The only thing is you have to suspend your belief now and then, some parts are a little too unreal. But then perhaps you could say the Saints were witnessing divine intervention.

Willem Dafoe plays his character amazingly well, very charismatic, interesting and plain weird.

The movie itself raises a lot of interesting theological questions, that’s why it’s been talked about so much by closet psychologists all over the world.

Plus pretty much everyone has had a fantasy at some time or other to go out and rid the streets of filth themselves whilst the police sit around taking bribes and drinking coffee. Because of this you can really emphathise with the characters and you see the moral debate Willem Dafoe’s character goes through as the movie progresses.

Is being a vigilante so bad? No women, no kids. Only bad men..

But who are the bad men? To me they might be good men, but to you bad…Does anyone have the right to take the life of another? Especially under their own judgement.

To that end the film is excellent, it raises many questions.

I found it hard to stomach Billy Connoly as a hardman nutbag assassin though…having spent my whole life laughing at his comedy acts.

It’s funny, in a dark way and the trio (2 cold killers and an idiot) makes for amusing scenes.

The film never made it big because it was blackballed in the United States due to the incident at Columbine and it being released around the same time, unfortunate.

I highly recommend seeing it anyway, only trouble is, it’s somewhat hard to find in Malaysia!

Good luck and godspeed

I give this movie a righteous 7/10 (Almost a 9).




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5 Responses to Movie Review – Boondock Saints – Cult!

  1. Michael a.k.a. foodcrazee June 26, 2006 at 4:35 pm #

    is that good eh ? since u have it, can i borrow them ?chuckle!

  2. ShaolinTiger June 26, 2006 at 4:40 pm #

    Mike: I don’t own it bro, I also borrowed it, have to pass it back.

  3. Z June 26, 2006 at 5:42 pm #

    Sounds interesting…I’ve heard of its cult status for some time now…so I think I’m gonna BitComet it. 😀

  4. delia July 1, 2006 at 1:44 pm #

    i love willem dafoe

  5. NowxYoux ShallxRecievex Us! August 7, 2006 at 12:35 pm #

    This movie was amazing I can say I am officialy obsessed, I have had what I believe to be temperary withdrawl. I think they are doing the right thing, I would litteraly sign up if I could, I would have no remorse killing murderers, rapists, gangsters. Go see the movie and you will agree with me!

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