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Suanie takes over and rips it to doggone pieces

Well HERROO!!!

It is I, Suanie teh great writing all these words to you lot. ShaolinTiger has retreated to the lonely mountains in vain hopes of revitalising his mighty stripes, and has entrusted me (along with god knows how many others) to fill his blog with sex, drugs and rock 'n roll. You know, the daily grind.

Who is Suanie, you ask? Why, if you do not know, SHAME ON YOU I say! She who resides at, she who guards over those who appreciate good beer, she who invented hippopotamus anal balls, she who is known as the light of the universe bla la di la da.

So yeah, that's me. And for your visual pleasure, I include two photographs of me and my colleagues lovin' it.

Eric, Chris and Suanie

Eric and Suanie

In case you are thinking that I am abusing his trust, here is an exerpt of our MSN conversation last week.

ShaolinTiger: wanna guest blog?
Suanie: wokies. what to write?
ShaolinTiger: dunno write in style of me, food or random stuff or something i dunno

He would agree with me that I am generally great. See ya next post.

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4 Piles of Crap

4 jobs you’ve had in your life:This is tough…I’ve had 40-50 jobs
System Administrator – West Midlands, UK
3-tier Database Developer – London, UK
Door to Door Salesmen for Double Glazing – Birmingham, UK
Information Security Professional – KL, Malaysia

4 movies you could watch over and over:
Face Off – Because it’s totally best action movie EVAR
Jay and Silent Bob – Because it ALWAYS has me in stitches
Pulp Fiction – Because it’s one of the COOLEST movies evar made.
City of God – Because it’s beautiful and profound

4 TV shows you love(d) to watch:I don’t really watch TV but..
Band of Brothers
Quantum Leap
Any of the BBC Science series

4 places you’ve lived:
Liverpool, UK
Bangor, UK
London, UK
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

4 places you’ve been on vacation to:

4 places you would rather be:Quite happy here right now.
Anywhere with Skiiing
Anywhere with SCUBA Diving
Anywhere I can drive supercars super fast
Anywhere I can eat too much and not get fat

4 of your favourite foods:I could list 400..
English Breakfast
Japanese Food (Sushi and Sashimi)
Ramly Burgers
Almost everything in Penang

4 websites you visit daily: – I’m gonna be self-centered
My Blog
My Other Blog
My Forum
Google Homepage

4 (victims) tagged:
Paul Tan

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I got digged – The digg effect

So I woke up this morning bleary eyed to check my sites/stats/etc as I normally do and I noticed quite a lot of users online..

This is normal though, sometimes I get hit by trackback spambots and have 50-60 users online, but this time, they were legitimate, and all looking at the same story – How to use RSS feeds on your WordPress site.

RSS for WordPress

Then I thought hmm…so I checked my sitemeter, and low and behold I had a whole load of referrals from digg!


Hmm so I checked the traffic for today, yup a massive spike!

digg effect

And there I was, my face on the front page of digg and my story on my little blog 😀

digg front page

I’ve seen other people get 35,000 hits in a day from the digg effect, so hopefully the traffic a) will keep coming and b) won’t crash the server 🙂 Seems pretty steady so far.

Something like the Slashdot effect but I think not so extreme 🙂

Anyway here’s the digg URL:

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How to use RSS Feeds on your WordPress Site

Well I’ve had the capability to do this for quite some time, but I didn’t bother before now, as I didn’t really want a load of pages no one ever looked at before about viruses, security news and so on as now I can just use my customisable Google homepage to keep an eye on those.

With the advent of the new kid on the block SpyMy, comes some interesting new RSS feeds with issues/news/blog posts very pertinent to this region, and therefore to me, and more than likely my readers so I shall use this as an example.

Step 1: Get & Install the RSS feedList Plugin

First things first, you need to get the plugin. You can do so here WordPress Feedlist Plugin (formerly rssLinkedList).

If you are familar with the WordPress plugin system you should be able to install the plugin with no problems.

If you aren’t basically you need to upload the plugin the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, then go the admin panel and look for the plugins section (/wp-admin/plugins.php).

In here you’ll see a new plugin which is not activated yet, click the “Activate” link, the block should then turn green and the plugin is active!

Wordpress feedList

Step 2: Creating the page for the RSS Feed

Next thing you need to do is in the WordPress admin panel go to Write – Write Page, and create a new page.

You can call it whatever you like, depending on what you are planning to do with it, Feeds, My News or in my case SpyMy as it’s for feeds from

Create Page

If you want it to the very last page in the pages list on your main site, go to the bottom right and set Page Order to something like 100.

Page Order

Step 3: Adding the RSS Feed and Testing it

After you’ve created the page you can add the content, in my case the content of the page is:

Syndicated from <a href=""> - Spying the REAL Issues</a>.

<h2>SpyMy Published Items</h2>


<h2>SpyMy Queued Items</h2>


<h2>SpyMy Top Stories for the past 24 Hours</h2>


To break it down what you need to add to the page is:


For EACH RSS Feed you wish to add, the options are quite self explanatory, there are more such as adding custom tags before and after each item in the list, by default there is <li> before and </li> after each entry.

After you’ve saved and published the page, you can check to see if it’s worked.

Go back the main page of your blog and check to see if the link is there, on mine it’s as I wish, at the bottom of the navigation list titled “SpyMy”.

SpyMy Link

On clicking it I’ll go another page where I can see the contents of the SpyMy RSS feeds neatly laid out.

SpyMy Feeds

If you see this, it works!

In my case I have 3 feeds on this page, all from SpyMy, you can customise it however you like and have as many/few feeds as you like.

Step 4: Conclusion

See it looks cool, but it’s not difficult 🙂

Try and setup an RSS syndicated page for yourself on your own WordPress site, it could add value for your readers, or you might just find it interesting for yourself.

Hope this was useful anyway, I seem to be teaching you guys a lot lately 😉

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My Poor old Logitech MX700 Has Gone Rusty!

Man my poor old trust Logitech MX700 is finally starting to give up the ghost, I’ve had this mouse for AGES, it replaced my first optical mouse the MS Intellimouse (Yeah I think MS Software sucks, but they make REALLY nice peripherals).

MS Intellimouse

After that gave up and bit the bullet, I treated myself to a mad wireless optical mouse, the Logitech MX700, the dream of geeks and gamers alike.

At that time it was pretty rare.

At that time I was indeed l33t!

But now, the old fella is looking a bit worn and tired.

Logitech MX700

The looks don’t bother me..the problem really is that the pads used to connect to the base station and charge…HAVE GONE RUSTY!

Rusty MX700

It’s very hard to get it to charge now..then I think because of this the old batteries gave up, and wouldn’t hold the charge any more. So I bought some new ones, and it still won’t charge, I have to charge them in a standalone charger..

Bah! Standby batteries always at hand just in case my MOUSE goes flat..not good!

I’ve tried smoothing out the rusty points with a nail file, it didn’t work, next I’m gonna try and rubthem with pen eraser (If I can find one).

I was thinking of buying the new fancy MX1000 laser mouse, but it’s pretty freaking expensive..

Logitech MX1000

My poor old mouse, is indeed looking sad.

Sad Mouse

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Book Review – Sorting Out Billy by Jo Brand

Sorting Out Billy

Martha had never progressed much beyond hating her father for being cruel to her and her mum, even though he was supposed to be a man of God. Martha was now 38 and eight months pregnant. She told everyone that she didn’t know who the baby’s father was, but she knew perfectly well it was Ugly Ted, who owned the lapdancing club.

Jo Brand is a pretty famous comedienne in UK, deadpan, lesbian-ish humour with classic one liners like “I’m anorexic, everytime I look in the mirror I think I’m fat”.


Jo Brand

So when I was back in UK, I saw this book in one of the discount book shops and decided to pick it up as I love her Jo Brand’s style of humour, I guessed this book would be right up my street.

The basic premise of the story is of 3 close female friends and the trials and tribulations they go through with the men in their lives (or lack of men in some cases), the weird relationship one has with her parents, the hippy lifestyle of another (with her overly paranoid boyfriend) and the bimbo-ish nature of the 3rd with the anti-hero in the story ‘Billy’ as her boyfriend.

It’s a very easy to read book with the story flowing along nicely at a good pace, the character development is a bit iffy sometimes as it seems to be based well upon stereotypes, but I enjoyed the sarcasm and social commentary anyway!

More info on Jo Brand here and here.

You can check it out on Amazon now here:

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Search/Find and Replace Using phpMyAdmin and MySQL

I’ve had to do this quite a few times lately seen as though I moved from bBlog to WordPress, there were some things I wanted to change, for example all posts that references /contact.php I wanted to change to /contact/ to fit the new permalink structure.

So for example in that case go to Cpanel (assuming you are using it) which will give you access to phpMyAdmin.

First you need to login to Cpanel with the username/password provided to you by your host, following that find the MySQL Databases link and click that.

phpMyAdmin SQL MySQL

Then at the bottom you’ll see a link to phpMyAdmin, this is a web based management system for MySQL databases.

phpMyAdmin SQL MySQL

At the top left you can then select your database.

phpMyAdmin SQL MySQL

After that click the small SQL icon and a window should pop-up like this:

phpMyAdmin SQL MySQL

There you can enter your SQL statement.

To update something it’s in the form of:

update table_name set field_name = replace(field_name,'replace_this','with_this');

So the example I used above for WordPress would be:

update wp_posts set post_content = replace(post_content,'/contact.php','/contact/');

Pretty useful for general housekeeping or during a conversion/update.

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Test your hand-eye co-ordination

23.422 seconds..

Hand-eye co-ordination

What about you?

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Uncle Lim’s Laksa at Ikano Power Center – Mutiara Damansara

So I was in Ikano Power Center – Mutiara Damansara, to pay the bills (it’s the nearest functional post office to me I think) and I didn’t have much time.

Instead of my normals haunts (A&W, Authentic Hiroshima Okonomi Yaki & Gyoza or Manhattan Fish Market) I headed to Uncle Lim’s, which I always see, and which is always busy.

They only serve 4 main dishes, which if I recall correctly are Uncle Lim’s Laksa, Asam Laksa, Nasi Lemak and Chicken Porridge (Gai Juk) and a few other things like Roti Bakar and Otak Otak.

Uncle Lim's - Ikano Power Center

I opted for Uncle Lim’s Laksa…I don’t know the difference between this and the Asam Laksa.

Uncle Lim's Laksa

But I have to say their presentation is excellent, so much better than their culinary skills.

I had a Soyabean-Cincau (Michael Jackson), in a rather small glass..


And mixed up my noodles.

Uncle Lim's Laksa

Uncle Lim’s Laksa appears to made with spaghetti, rather than regular noodles, which is kind of interesting…there wasn’t much else inside, a few cockles I think, no big juicy prawns..And it cost $7.90 and the drink $2.50.

This is a place that’s pretty much self service and only serves 4 dishes, surely that keeps the price down?

It is a big portion, but well I didn’t finish it because it wasn’t very was salty, a little overbearing and didn’t have much worth eating inside except the spaghetti.

Perhaps I’ll go back and try the Asam Laksa and the Porridge, but I doubt it..I can get both at other places for $2-3, not $8.

Uncle Lim's

Uncle Lim’s Homegrown Crap.

Yeah I didn’t enjoy it.

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XiaXue hates ‘hate sites’ then makes one herself..

For those of you that don’t care, just skip this entry 🙂

This makes me laugh, seriously.

She’s getting dumber and dumber by the day, or more arrogant, not sure which.

I haven’t really been following the whole debacle, but the pink poodle and two of her friends (Sandra and Sillycelly) have been having some kind of fight with another fairly prominent Singaporean blogger Blinkymummy.

Something to do with the Maxim photoshoot, yeah the one where XiaXue looks like a bapok, yeah the one she NEVER mentioned on her blog.

I think it all went wrong when Blinkymummy posted a picture of Xiaxue that wasn’t photoshopped.

Not really sure anyway.

Then a well a while ago (December 22nd) which was right after Xiaxue cussed Kimberly and I on Kenny’s site, a hate site was made, a very vulgar and crude hatesite, which somehow looked like Xiaxue’s writing style, with some You and Your purposely changed to u and ur. I’m not going to dignify it by posting a link here, as I know many of you have already seen it and reported it to me (thanks), if you haven’t and you really want to, drop me a line via the contact page and I’ll give you the URL.

The best part comes when someone that uses the Bloglines service notices that Xiaxue’s latest 2 posts were posted under the screen-name Xialanxue, not Xiaxue as normal.

Xialanxue (Refered to as XLX) is a blogger that has made an anti-xiaxue site pretty much and has lots of informative articles relating to the fuck-ups Xiaxue has made.

Xiaxue Bloglines

You can see the bloglines entries for yourself.

Seems like Xiaxue used another display name in blogger to setup the BM hate site, and in the middle of the night, perhaps slightly drunk forgot to switch her display name back to Xiaxue. Bloglines doesn’t lie!

I found it terribly ironic aswell, that the post she posted under Xialanxue by mistake, was about how pathetic hate site owners are and how they have nothing to do. That obviously kicked herself in the ass as today on the hate site she posted:

Well hate site this isn’t. It is just a simple webpage for personal bitching.

Remember, you guys are the ones who made it a hatesite.

It got onto Tomorrow aswell, (XX Expose) but promptly got removed again..

Thankfully it’s made it on again kind of by proxy.

It appears Xiaxue is trying to impersonate XLX to defame Blinkymummy and kill two birds with one stone, cunning plan eh? Apart from her execution failed due to her being a dumbfuck.


Does Tomorrow have a Tomorrow?Original Article

Know your bloggers

Tomorrow kena hacked

Why like that?

Blinkymummy has a hate site

Character Assasination

Xiaxue – The Expose

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