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XiaXue hates ‘hate sites’ then makes one herself..

For those of you that don’t care, just skip this entry 馃檪 This makes me laugh, seriously. She’s getting dumber and dumber by the day, or more arrogant, not sure which. I haven’t really been following the whole debacle, but the pink poodle and two of her friends (Sandra and Sillycelly) have been having some […]

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My Obligatory 2005 Summary – With Pictures! – Part II

So we finished up with July, let’s start off again with August! August was of course BEST BLOGWAR MONTH EVAR!

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The ‘Best Asian Blogger’ looks like this..? – Yeah Xiaxue Bikini Shot!

Doesn’t it make you think of a slightly pudgy 4 foot tall transvestite? Vomit inducing eh? Blog Queen is very apt actually, as Queen has a different meaning in UK…(Flambouyant, obvious homosexual or crossdresser) Yes it’s true, even a studio shot, heavy make-up and a good photoshopping can’t help SOME PEOPLE[/url]. This is self-proclaimed by […]

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Being Civic Minded and Caring for your Environment and Society

Actually I wanted to post about this topic for quite some time, since I was involved in Project Aware[/url], but I never quite got prompted to do it. Since all this bullshit about handicapped toilets has come about, I think it’s time to address it. I do wish people would care more, people would stand […]

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