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Top 3 Chicks You’d Love to *Ahem*

Saw this post from Audrey today – 3 chances which got me thinking about my own top 3 chicks who I’d like a free pass to have at it. It’s a common thing I think in relationships to discuss some stars which you get a free pass for, as the chance of it happening is […]

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Morally Speaking – I’m Below Average

Long time since I’ve done one of these, quite interesting though. Your Moral Parsimony Score is 61% What does this mean? Moral frameworks can be more or less parsimonious. That is to say, they can employ a wide range of principles, which vary in their application according to circumstances (less parsimonious) or they can employ […]

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The School Meme

Suan tagged me, but I still love her anyway. How many schools did I go to? I don’t remember exactly, I moved around quite a lot when I was young..I think 5 primary schools, secondary education I stayed in the same place though so only 1. So all together around 6, then sixth form college […]

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Nohari and Johari Results & PersonalDNA

These were pretty accurate, until I posted on my blog, but I wanted to see what people who just read my blog thought of me, I tend to think I am the same online as offline, so yeah the results are fairly similar. Johari Results Arena (known to self and others) adaptable, independent, intelligent, observant, […]

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4 Piles of Crap

4 jobs you’ve had in your life: – This is tough…I’ve had 40-50 jobs System Administrator – West Midlands, UK 3-tier Database Developer – London, UK Door to Door Salesmen for Double Glazing – Birmingham, UK Information Security Professional – KL, Malaysia 4 movies you could watch over and over: Face Off – Because it’s […]

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