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Morally Speaking – I’m Below Average

Long time since I’ve done one of these, quite interesting though. Your Moral Parsimony Score is 61% What does this mean? Moral frameworks can be more or less parsimonious. That is to say, they can employ a wide range of principles, which vary in their application according to circumstances (less parsimonious) or they can employ […]

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What Would You Do?

If you went to the parking machine with your ticket to pay the parking fee (Which happens to be a fairly hefty RM12) and you find a ticket in the machine already paid. Morality.. Do you? a) Look around, take the paid ticket, ditch your unpaid ticket and exit the carpark? b) Hang around for […]

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Testing Drugs on Indias Poor – Is it Ethical?

Now this is an interesting moral issue indeed, having previously discussed morality briefly, with the issue of Universal Morality (does it exist?)[/url] lets have a look at this. Wired[/url] is reporting that a lot of medical research firms are using India’s poor as a hot test bed. From the article: So is this legal, or […]

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