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Why didn’t they run? Why didn’t anyone run? Source: The final pictures from the camera Kind of morbid really. Makes you wonder.. Shows you how tough memory cards are though, reminds me of a study they did, memory cards can take a ridiculous amount of punshiment and still keep the data intact. Shame Digital Cameras […]

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What is a good blog? & BlogExplosion – Stingy Asses!

Thank you to the 9 people who voted for my site, fuck you to the other 1035 that didn’t. Here’s a message from another blogger to you non-voters.[/url] How long does it take to vote? I’ve recieved 10 blogmarks, which is nice! Even bigger thanks to you geniuses who blogmarked me hanks all, hope […]

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General Midweek Geekery – Malaysia Ebay and more

So what’s up in the tech world? One big thing I only just found out yesterday…is Ebay[/url] has finally reached Malaysia! Wow![/url] I used to use Ebay quite a lot back in the UK, you can get some cheap second hand computer parts, things that are no longer produced or in circulation (useful when […]

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Chat with Google, interesting facts about Google

On another search engine related note, with , one of the top players in and product manager for Google[/url]. Nice highlights from include.. The prime reason the Google home page is so bare is due to the fact that the founders didn’t know HTML and just wanted a quick interface. Infact it was noted that […]

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Blogging Tools

I’ve updated the site bar a bit and added all the blogging tools and sites I find useful. I discovered a new one yesterday, , it’s basically a rip-off of . You should as it’s new you’ll get a good downline and basically earn credits from other people surfing. So what have I found useful. […]

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BlogExplosion – The Lowdown

? What the hell is that you ask…well it’s a way to generate meaningless guaranteed pseudo-traffic for your blog, by reading other peoples blogs. You can sign up at , click lots of blogs and earn me more credits so random people get to see my random crapola, yay! Pimped from BE: 1. You will […]

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Torrent Sites Under Attack by MPAA

The infamous Torrent site[/url] went down yesterday along with[/url] seemingly under who have vowed to go after the Torrent sites[/url]. TheRegister reported on the story HERE[/url] and Slashdot . MPAA of course being the Motion Picture Association,[/url][/url] The client I use is BitTornado which you can get here,[/url] Torrents are […]

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OMFG Hacking for JESUS?!? Hacker vs Cracker? Script Kiddiots and more..

A few Malaysia sites got 0wned hard this morning…by some group who’s ultra cheese tagline is ‘Hacking for Jesus’ Brother please… The site in question is[/url] if you visit around the time I posted this you’ll still see the real thing.. If not screenshot: A lot of .my sites got whacked apparently by these […]

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Data Security & Digital Forensics

Oh yeah I did some dumb ass himbo shit yesterday…I was re-arranging some stuff on my hard-drive and I cut and pasted a whole drive by mistake..then I undid it.. Everything looked fine…I didn’t realise till hours later than I’d deleted like 6 months of REALLY important work…so I kinda panicked for a second.. Then […]

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Update….The Insecurities of Internet Exploder and more..

Ok as you may have noticed…or some of the less observant amongst you may not..I have added some stuff. A new sexy header ^^ (For the non tech, that means 2 arrows pointing up, so look to the top of the page), which I intended to do from the start…but had neither the software nor […]

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