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I h4x0red The ATM!

Yah I did… Sadly it didn’t pour out loads of just told me the resolution I was using was too low. Can you believe ATMs are using Windows XP? No wonder they are down so often…. What happened to OSes built in Assembly and Embedded Device Operating Systems?!

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The famous egotistical XX bloggerXia Xue got owned last night.. SHE GOT OWNED HARD, LIKE IN THE ASS WITH A CHILLI PEPPER COVERED BAT. She is full of shit, she is full of herself, she isn’t hot, she writes a lot of angsty crap but does have some great posts, whatever she’s done however and […]

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How I Hacked The Star’s E-mail

Ok it sounds like a sensational topic, but it’s actually true, it happened quite some time back (January), but I sat on it for some time to give them a chance to fix it. Even though I believe in full disclosure, we have to be responsible to vendors and organisations too. Basically it went down […]

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I R L33T H4X0R – Geek & Hacking T-shirts

No seriously I am, here’s the proof. LOL Yeah I can’t think of anything to write, well I can but I’m busy cleaning up, yes I’m domesticated.. I designed the shirt myself, it’s a part of my collection of I also have these:

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Sleep? What is it….

Sleep.. I.. Need…sleeep *yawn* Stupid deadlines, stupid risk assessment, stupid lack of templates, stupid no guidelines, stupid project, stupid assholes, stupid lack of questionaire answers, stupid stupid *yawn* I slept for 3 hours yesterday morning, then another few hours in the evening, then reading and writing about a crappy risk assessment till 4am then slept […]

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Search Engine Stuff – Google Answers & Yagoohoogle

has started providing factual answers.. For example if you type ‘population malaysia’ in the search box, it will no longer lead you to the pages that contain the info, it will actually give you the answer and the page it got the info from: Also works for other stuff like people, search ‘who is bruce […]

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Firefox 1.0.2 Released – Reclaim the web!

And as we are on a geek tip, has been released with some security updates. Source: You can download it Why Use Firefox? Stop annoying popup ads in their tracks with Firefox’s built in popup blocker. View more than one web page in a single window with this time saving feature. Open links in the […]

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TMnet StreamyX Intermittent Service..

I’ve heard a lot of people complaining lately about Stimx being intermittent lately and very slow.. I’ve also experienced the same problem, sometimes can’t access any US sites and when I can it’s very slow.. For example even now, when it’s up latency is horrendous.. I just found out why, hopefully things should be better […]

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RSS Top 55 – Best Blog & RSS Submission Sites

I did post about blogging tools before, but a friend just sent me this yesterday, it’s a very useful list indeed if you wish to get syndicated and get a larger readership for your little corner of cyberspace. I suggest submitting to at least the top 20 if you haven’t already. On top of that […]

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Fred Durst Sex Video & Paris Hilton Phone Hack

Now this is already passe, but seen as though I just saw a new story about Fred Durst[/url], I thought I’d write something about it.. You’d better be careful what pictures you take with your cellphone and you’d better be careful what videos you keep on your PC (if they involve yourself). Recently Fred Durst […]

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