Torrent Sites Under Attack by MPAA

The infamous Torrent site[/url] went down yesterday along with[/url] seemingly under pressure from the MPAA who have vowed to go after the Torrent sites[/url].

TheRegister reported on the story HERE[/url] and Slashdot HERE.

MPAA of course being the Motion Picture Association,[/url]

BitTorrent, developed in 2001 by Bram Cohen, speeds file transfers by segmenting the content and downloading parts from multiple users according to who offers the fattest pipes to your machine. As you receive a file, so other BitTorrent users are able to grab it from you in the same way. The idea is to ensure a more even sharing of bandwidth between participants.

It’s not a classic P2P application in the sense that it’s about improving download performance rather than sharing files per se. Files are found not through the application itself but through links on websites. These trigger the code to download the content, grabbing files where possible from peers rather than the initial server.[/url]

The client I use is BitTornado which you can get here,[/url]

Torrents are a great way to share legal files aswell such as Linux ISO’s and other larger open source software releases, they have gotten bad press from their usage in the typical P2P application of spreading pirated software and bootlegged movies.

There are still numerous other sites hosting torrents, some of which are outside the jurisdiction of the draconian U.S. laws.

You can read some humourous legal threats here[/url]

Torrent sites technically don’t actually host anything illegal, the ‘Torrent’ files themselves are just hashes of the small bits of the file you wish to download in text format, which enables you to download the actual file itself. But the MPAA et al have such power they can make your life hell, so for the guys hosting the sites, without legal superpowers and a shit load of cash, it’s not really feasible for them to fight.

For those interested there is a Suprnova mirror here[/url] and there are plenty of other sites I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding.

On another note, phone line should be going in this afternoon, so I’ll be connected, I just want it on before Christmas day so I can call my Mom!

Wanted to eat crab last night, but the damn resturant was closed, maybe will make it tonight.

Was up late last night finishing a stupid presentation, or at least trying to.




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One Response to Torrent Sites Under Attack by MPAA

  1. Toni December 21, 2004 at 7:45 pm #

    Stupid MPAA making things hard for people to download stuff. Why can’t they and the RIAA just leave us pirates alone? 😛

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