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Twitter Advertising – The Next Big Thing?

So the big discussion online today is about the newly launched ChurpChurp – a Twitter advertising network.

Twitter has been ‘the next big thing‘ for a while now, and almost everyone is already on the bandwagon.

Thankfully it’s supporting the mass exodus without falling down or becoming lame, mostly because it’s a push platform you choose who you listen to and it’s easy enough to follow/un-follow and/or block people.

Naturally advertisers and entrepreneurs will see a large audience and associate that with dollar signs, not always the best reaction.

Due to the nature of Twitter, information is pushed out by people and displayed to their followers without any filtering (or any option for filtering). So if there is spam or ads in someones Twitter stream, everyone following them will see it (given they are online and ‘listening’ at that time).

This is bad when it comes to advertising, in a newspaper or magazine no one forces you to read the ads. But like on the TV when you’re watching a show you don’t have much choice but to see the ads if they are relevant or not and if you like them or not.

Twitter is similar to this, so I have a feeling ads will annoy people as Twitter is predominantly a personal platform for expression.

Advertising on Twitter is not a new concept, RevTwt for example has been around for quite some time. RevTwt works on the click-through model, you post a link on your Twitter stream and you get paid depending on how many people click on it.

This works for some people I guess, those people who have 16,000 followers..but are following 18,000 people.

It’s not hard to achieve given the time and patience, which leaves the Twitter advertising model open to abuse (especially if your primary metric for payout is by followers).

Saying that, not all advertising is bad – there has to be some way to manage it. It must be:

  • Controlled/Authorized
  • Disclosed

I personally think all forms of advertising should be disclosed, but then advertisers in this region haven’t reached that maturity level yet.

Even better on Twitter is if the advertising is properly controlled and sanctioned by Twitter themselves. If this doesn’t happen, whatever ad networks try and harness Twitter could be exposing their users to the risk of being deleted for spamming.

I believe ad networks should revenue share with Twitter and Twitter themselves should have ‘authorized ad providers’ which harness users directly (which is what brands and advertisers want).

The ads could have an API flag to mark them as an advert, and each ad network has an identifier. Everyone trying to advertise without authorization will be marked as a spammer and booted.

This also means ads can be opt-in/opt-out – so if you don’t want to see ads from anyone you can just opt-out rather than having to unfollow that person.

It means Twitter gets revenue as well without having to deal with the advertising platform itself, it just adjusts it’s API to accept the ads and takes the revenue share for providing the propagation platform.

The other option is to make the ads mandatory and to opt-out you have to ‘subscribe’ to some kind of premium Twitter account which has some extra features and no ads. I know Twitter is considering the premium account route, but I don’t think ads are in the picture so far.

They are also trying to figure out how to integrate ads or some kind of money making stream into Twitter without being evil.

There are ads in some Twitter clients, but that is to support the software rather than Twitter or any kind of service. You can remove the ads by purchasing the software (Tweetie for Mac).

And Twitter can’t have contextual ads on, because hardly anyone uses the site. The vast majority of traffic is via the API and 3rd party applications.

It’s an interesting time and I’ll be watching what happens with ChurpChurp, Twitter advertising in general and Twitter themselves as a company in terms of revenue.

Another viewpoint from Colin here:

ChurpChurp: Nuffnang’s new Twitter offering

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Red Bull Rookies At Sepang For FHM Malaysia

You may remember I shot the Red Bull Rookies last year for FHM around Sunway and it was published in FHM August last year.

Well I had the privilege of shooting the new Rookies this year at Sepang! The pictures were published in FHM June, I don’t have a scanner at the moment so no scans just a Twitpic (will scan it properly later).

I was going to suggest that we shoot at a racetrack as it would make a relevant and interesting backdrop for the pictures, but they had already arranged a time during a practice spot!

We started off with some pictures of the girls in their racing gear with the Red Bull Integra.This is Puteri, she was one of the Rookies last year. There’s 2 new ones this year, racing along with the 2 more experienced girls.

Puteri & The Car

Leona Chin, the famous drifter chick!

Leona Chin & Red Bull Car

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Movie Review – X-Men Origins: Wolverine – ACTION!

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

“X-Men Origins: Wolverine” tells the story of Wolverine’s epically violent and romantic past, his complex relationship with Victor Creed, and the ominous Weapon X program. Along the way, Wolverine encounters many mutants, both familiar and new, including surprise appearances by several legends of the X-Men universe.

I’ve been looking forwards to this film for quite a while, having been a fan of the X-men series and the last one being in 2006 – X-Men III: The Last Stand.

After seeing it, I wish I’d watched it at the cinema! It’s quite an action flick. It got some bad reviews and the IMDB score is reasonable but I really enjoyed it.

Hugh Jackman is a solid Wolverine, no complaints there and it’s good to see Liev Schreiber, he’s getting some great parts and is an intense actor.

Ryan Reynolds was a good addition too, he’s a smart guy and plays the funny/serious roles well.

Cinematography was superb and it was generally a fast paced film, even with the romantic subplot it played out well. Acting was good all around, nothing to complain about really.

I just need a bigger TV to watch it again in HD glory!

If you haven’t seen it I definitely recommend giving it a watch, it’s a must see for action fans and fans of the X-men franchise.

I give it a razor sharp 8/10.

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Been catching up on a lot of things lately, so apologies for the lack of updates.

Had quite a weekend again, after last weekend in Penang this weekend was going fairly smoothly..

Until Sunday night when I was heading out to delivery some pictures to a client and I heard a weird noise coming from front driver side tyre..

I pulled over and to my dismay I had a mega flat, thankfully it failed gracefully near home and didn’t blow up when I was bombing back down the highway from Penang.

Flat Tyre

It was really really flat, so flat in fact it was coming off the rim! Ok so get the tools out, locking nut adapters and loosen the nuts before I jack it up.

Then time to jack it…man that was hard work.

Jacked Up

Then whip the tyre off and get the big black bobby tyre on there…which limits me to 80km/h. Thankfully my spare had air in this time because I’d just filled it last weekend as part of the challenges in Penang.

Spare Tyre

The last time I used it…it was flat too! So always remember to pump air in your spare.

And well it’s always smart to change your tyres before they get too bald…I’d say mine was a little TOO worn, that’s why all the air came out.

Bald Tyre

Oh well. No damage done this time! The outsides looked fine, I think my camber was really messed up because all the tyres were worn differently.

Headed to the tyre shop on Monday afternoon to get a new set of shoes and get the camber electronically corrected.

Tyre Shop

Went for cheaper tyres this time as the old Pirelli Dragons don’t seem to be so good any more (I’ve been using them since 2005).

I got myself a set of Goodyear Eagle NCT 5 with alignment and balancing + camber adjustment for all 4 wheels. Total damage RM1075.

Click my ads please.

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