World Lupus Day & Anything Butterfly Contest and Exhibition

So May 10th came faster than expected and everything seemed to come together just in time, World Lupus Day was here!

The first part was getting the Anything Butterfly Photography Competition running, which we got going with the help of the large member base on Shutter Asia, fellow bloggers giving it a mention and adverts donated by Nuffnang!

Plenty of entries came in, Thursday night was reserved for judging, how we did so is explained here:

Winners of the Anything Butterfly Contest

You can also view the winning pictures there.

Friday night was sticking the winning picks on the mounting boards along with the Lupus posters and information for the exhibition.

The exhibition is on until the 18th of May so please do check it out in 1-Utama near the Oval in the new wing on the 1st floor (You can also buy one of my framed pics for charity!).

Saturday was the event itself, after a late night out at Starbucks it was up and out to 1-Utama, the others had been there since earlllyyyy setting up the panels, carpets and so on.

Freaky was the main organiser + sponsor seeker + everything else + emcee for the day!

Freaky Emcee

Along with the runners up and consellation prize winners we also had stories of lupus displayed.

Lupus Patients

There was talks by various doctors and experts on lupus to educate the crowd, quite a number of which were lupus sufferers so it was good for them to be able to ask questions.


Doctor Talk

Doc Talk

Question Time

Question Time

Lot’s of people were enjoying the pictures and reading up on the info about lupus.


Remember there are pictures for auction, it’s a blind auction so just go and fill your slip in on how much you are willing to pay (be generous it’s for charity!) – the auction will close at 10pm on May 18th.

Charity Pics

Lot’s of people were buying the handicrafts on sale to in support of lupus.


Support PSLEM


After lunch and before the Minister of Health arrived we were entertained for a while by these guys singing.

3 Singing Guys

Not long after that the VIP arrived YB Dato’ Liow Tiong Lai.

YB Dato' Liow Tiong Lai

The president of PSLEM gave a short speech followed by Dato’ Liow.

Dato' Liow

He pledged his support to the lupus cause and promised 250,000RM to set up a lupus registry. There was then some cake cutting and a reading of the proclamation.

Cake Cutting

Reading Proclamation

All that was left then was to unveil the winners…!

Unveil the winners of Anything Butterfly

And to give out the prizes of course!

Prize Winners

Congrats to Hemin/Lordmint for the first place!

First Place

There was time for Dato’ Liow to have a quick tour of the exhibition then down to a restaurant for some food and a press conference, he is incidentally a vegetarian.

Dato' Liow

Then it was time to pack up, check everything was ok and run off home to get ready to go to Port Dickson for Tiesto!

Special thanks to all the kind PSLEM volunteers who made the day possible.

PSLEM Volunteers

And all the kind help and hardwork put in by our Shutter Asia members.


And of course a huge thanks to all the generous sponsors, especially 1U for the awesome space, Nikon for the exciting prizes and Epson for the lovely printing.

All the PR and massive media turn-out is of course credited to Kimberly! (The day after it was in almost every national paper and on TV!).

Remember to check out the exhibition, make a donation and bid for one of the pics on auction.

You can view the full set on Flickr here:

World Lupus Day – 1-Utama – May 2008




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2 Responses to World Lupus Day & Anything Butterfly Contest and Exhibition

  1. KY May 15, 2008 at 11:52 am #

    the last picture, very disturbing. lol

  2. Michael Yip May 15, 2008 at 10:01 pm #

    Yes, it’s disturbing indeed,….

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