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World Lupus Day & Anything Butterfly Contest and Exhibition

So May 10th came faster than expected and everything seemed to come together just in time, World Lupus Day was here! The first part was getting the Anything Butterfly Photography Competition running, which we got going with the help of the large member base on Shutter Asia, fellow bloggers giving it a mention and adverts […]

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What a weekend…

No pictures for once 😛 Quite a weekend…I think I need another weekend to rest from this one! Last week was busy work wise too as we rushing for a tender…Friday was spent doing that and calling vendors. Then Friday night rushed to James place to help stick/cut arrange the stuff for World Lupus Day […]

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World Lupus Day – May 10th & Anything Butterfly Contest

World Lupus Day is a global awareness effort and is coming soon on May 10th, Malaysia is participating with a charity initiative driven by Shutter Asia in conjunction with Persatuan SLE Malaysia. Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE or lupus) is a chronic autoimmune disease that can be fatal, though with recent medical advances, fatalities are becoming […]

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