My biggest problem is thinking of a title.

Suanie, is right about one thing, this guest blogging is kind of fun. I can just say any thing I like and it really doesn’t matter. Well, I say that but if Shaolin gets back and has no readers, I might very well have to find a large rock to hide under. Unless, of course I cunningly blame it all on Suanie…
I found quite an interesting article on the bbc today.

What a total gimp, sent it to the wrong addresses, and then tried to recall it. God, we are not all use out look and exchange you monkey, so the recall thing doesn’t work. Still, funny. Thats what you get for using an address book and mailing lists 🙂

And then there is I am not sure what to make of that, is google right or wrong. I guess it depends on what information they really want. If it was just a list of words, and search rates then its not a big deal. Unless they want the ip of the person searching as well. Then that would be a bit out of order.

“Privacy groups say any sample could reveal the identities of Google users indirectly”. I like privacy groups, they say so many stupid things. Thats a statement with just so much commitment. It goes on to say that it worries them because the government want to make more use of Internet data to fight crime. So, they are against fighting crime, no wonder they are so into privacy.

One of the things they want is a list of sites for the keywords, so one wonders why some little government monkey doesn’t just google it? Or is it to complicated a task? I am sure they could get a temp or some thing to do the job….

I am not I guess really in to the whole privacy thing, I don’t worry who is watching my Internet activity any more then I worry about the hundreds of CCTV cameras watching me as I walk around the streets. Its not like I have any thing to hide. Ok, I have my secretes, card numbers, passwords and such but I really couldn’t care less who knows I visited the BBC today, or I surfed porn last week. I don’t even mind the idea of ID cards, I have to carry my passport as ID any way, and some a small card that fits in my wallet would be better. Oh, hold on… thats a driving license, so for most people they have to carry that if they drive, which is to say when they go any where. But ye, so, I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

God, talk about getting all serious, on a different note I have next to no ability to spell, so I thought in the name of being understood I would use a spell checker, Interestingly Open Office doesn’t think “Google” is a word, or “blog”. I can go with the blog, but isn’t “google” a word officially now?




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2 Responses to My biggest problem is thinking of a title.

  1. suanie January 25, 2006 at 11:00 pm #

    I just hope people will stop sending me forwarded emails with subject titles and content like:

    CUTE PUPPIES~~~ (with attached photos of shitloads of puppies.. the dogs not the tits)
    THiS Is aN AnGeL JuSt 4 U!~~~

    etc etc etc

  2. Dabido (Teflon) January 26, 2006 at 12:34 pm #

    Googol has been in the dictionaries at least since the 1960’s. (Possibly before, as it was coined in 1938).

    Google & Googling are in Websters and Oxford.

    But, most types of Office software don’t always have completely unabridged dictionaries. (If you’ve seen the size of the OFFICIAL NOT A WORD MISSING OXFORD DICTIONARY, it takes up one big shelf on a bookshelf, as there is over 1 million English words in use. It’s about the same size as an edition of an encyclopedia)

    But, you should be able to add words that you use, such as Google or Blog to Open Office. [Pus, Open Office has more than one dictionary, so the words might be in the US version and not the British version etc]

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