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Rambling Freely

Well, now that the excitement has really gone out of this guest blogging thing, and my DIY post seems to have been received with fairly much the response I anticipated, ie, man, thats dull… I am left with little choice but to ramble on about nothing in particular, its been an ok day. Had an […]

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My biggest problem is thinking of a title.

Suanie, is right about one thing, this guest blogging is kind of fun. I can just say any thing I like and it really doesn’t matter. Well, I say that but if Shaolin gets back and has no readers, I might very well have to find a large rock to hide under. Unless, of course […]

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Spicy Kittens

Right, well, I mentioned the other day on my own blog that one of my cats has given birth, ye, that right the miracle of creation happened right here…. for 12 HOURS!!!! Any way, wont go in to details but obviously these new mouths to feed are going to increase the food budget. So I […]

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Guest blogging… live from London town.

So here we are, guest blogging. Why? Well I would love to believe its for my amazing writing, or because I have some thing actually interesting to say, but sadly, neither are true. Alas, I suspect its because no one else was interested, or he just thought unleashing my mindless rambelings on an unsuspecting world […]

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