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Google is going to be promoting Adsense/Adwords for Malaysia

Google Inc will conduct seminars with the government, local partners and advertising agencies in Malaysia this year to promote its AdWords and AdSense programmes to SMEs, government institutions, as well as multinational brands in industries such as travel, technology, retail and financial services. Its head of sales for Google Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, Crid […]

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Google Aquires New Stats Service – Measuremap

Google has been going aquisition crazy lately…this new little toy looks pretty neat though. It was this feeling that led to the idea of Measure Map. Our goal has been to use the power of web analytics to help bloggers feel that same sense of connection with their audience. Today, as the Measure Map team […]

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Adsense Referral Links are a Waste of Web Space

Google recently changed the way their Adsense Referral program making it even more unlikely that you’ll actually get any money. You’ve probably seen the adverts around something like this: Previously there was no limit, if someone signed up to Adsense under you and made $100, you would also receive $100. Now Google has imposed a […]

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My biggest problem is thinking of a title.

Suanie, is right about one thing, this guest blogging is kind of fun. I can just say any thing I like and it really doesn’t matter. Well, I say that but if Shaolin gets back and has no readers, I might very well have to find a large rock to hide under. Unless, of course […]

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My early Christmas Present?!

I got home from Brunei to find my mailbox jam packed full, one of the things inside was this. Shame it’s gonna take 4-6 weeks to clear and costs me 80 ringgit to bank in.. Might actually get the money by my birthday.. What’s that shit about honestly. 4-6 weeks to clear, plus I gotta […]

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