Rambling Freely

Well, now that the excitement has really gone out of this guest blogging thing, and my DIY post seems to have been received with fairly much the response I anticipated, ie, man, thats dull… I am left with little choice but to ramble on about nothing in particular, its been an ok day. Had an interview, seemed to go well but you can never tell. Rates quite good. Other then that life is fairly much plodding along at its normal rate, one day every 24 hours.

Its been sunny today, though damn its cold. These icey winds they mention on the weather programs aren’t much fun, and are leaving my hands looking like I am about 90 years old. I’m going through e-45 like there is no tomorrow, which, I am sure there will be, so don’t worry your self unduly.

In true English style I have managed to cover the weather again, its involuntary I assure you, but to be honest its about the most changeable thing in my life. That is how essentially boring I am. Why on earth any one has read this far through such rambling rubbish, I don’t know. But its your mind your putting this in to, I thankfully and getting it out 😛

I can’t think of any thing else to say really, its actually really difficult to talk about nothing. I have no idea how so many people spend so much time doing it, but I guess its a talent I don’t really have. Try as I might, I just can think of any thing interesting.. Sorry about that, any idea’s can be sent to me on a post card at the following address:


Oh, while trying to think of a title for this post the wombels came to mind, and I have to say they are so cool, we are not talking old people here, but the fury trash collectors that live in wimbaldon, some times on a quite night you can actualy hear them singing. But they do do an excelent job of keeping the place clean. What they do with all that garbage I am not sure.




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2 Responses to Rambling Freely

  1. Intensecure January 28, 2006 at 11:23 am #

    Oh dear, the spelling of this younger generation…
    They are Wombles, and it is Wimbledon, not to mention excellent has 2 l’s, and icey has no e. And on and on…*rant, rant ,rant…I’m old and grumpy today.

  2. Dabido (Teflon) January 28, 2006 at 1:12 pm #

    Over ground, underground,
    Rambling Free,
    The Rambles of … um … Rambleton common are we,
    Making good posts of the things that we find,
    Things that the everyday folk don’t have in mind.

    I think writing is something writers can’t help doing. If you can’t think of something to ramble about, you can always look in the newspapers, or on the internet, or just express an opinion about a TV show, book or anything else you have seen.

    In dire straights, resort to memes. 🙂

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