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The case of Terri Schiavo – The right to live?

The case of this women sparked one of the most intense legal, political, moral and ethical debates of the decade.

Who should decide if someone has the right to live or die?

Who really knows what’s going on inside a persons head? Are they in a vegatative state? Or are they perfectly aware of everything that’s happen, they are just incapable of any form of communication.

Terri passed away, March 31st. May she rest in peace.

There is a lot of information at the Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation here:

Euthanasia has always been a subject to draw discussion, usually the religious on one side, the rest on the other.

This can be defined as:

The act or practice of ending the life of an individual suffering from a terminal illness or an incurable condition, as by lethal injection or the suspension of extraordinary medical treatment.

In this case Terri wasn’t actually on life support, just only a feeding tube, and it was her husband who was battling to have the feeding stopped, which of course would end in her death.

This is where the argument came about, many people believed he had ulterior motives (she received a large settlement and he disappeared for some time) and there has been an ongoing legal battle..The whole thing has been going on since 1990.

A complete (Unbiased) timeline can be found HERE.

This story has been making the press for a long time, and I was going to post about it previously, as many other bloggers did..

Now the news begins, much of which can be found at Google News

There is a great article from the Guardian HERE.

What is your take on this? Would you prefer to have the tube pulled and let nature take it’s course, or hang on to whatever you can get and stretch it out?

If your elderly grandmother is in pain and suffering, but the medicine is keeping her alive, would you help her end it? Or would you let nature take it course?

It’s a difficult moral issue, much like abortion, and it always will be.

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Another Day in Colombo

I tried to take some pictures…but the stark contrast between the freezing cold hotel and the volcanic heat outside meant the internal lens on my camera got covered in condensation..

So well, I have some nice misty pictures reminiscent of Genting..

I will have to stay outside a little longer next time to let the temperature of the camera rise to the outside temp.

Work is good, except KL keeps hassling me to finish some things I was working on before I left…

So last night I was working in the hotel room until after midnight…nice..

Just got out to grab some Chilli Con Carne and a couple of pints of Carlsberg!

The weather is hot here, the food is hot here, the chicks are…not as hot as I expected, but well maybe I’ve been looking in the wrong places.

I remember in University, the 2 most stunning girls around were Sri Lankans, exotic creatures indeed with hourglass figures, smooth complexions and miles of long shiny flowing black hair..

Perhaps memories are tinted with rose coloured spectacles 馃檪

There are some dodgy old Chinese aunty hookers that hang around the hotel bar every night too looking hopeful, I mean they must be close to 40 and by the looks of things they weren’t THAT great when they were 25…

Luckily I am not alone though so they don’t bug me, my colleague says if you go to the bar alone, sure thing they will come over and haunt you.

They do seem to get some action from horny old men though, perhaps they are cheap, who gives a fuck? Not me..

Lunch was spicy again, costs about 4RM for a pint of carlsberg in a normal bar.

Food is about 7RM for rice, meat and 2 veges in a decent aircon place.

Not as cheap as I expected on the food front, haven’t seen hoardes of crab soup either..

Unfortunately my colleague isn’t fond of seafood, so I might have to venture out on my own.

The hotel is nice though, you have to pay through your ass for everything though, Internet access in the ‘Business Center’ is 100rupees for 15 minutes, WTF?!? That’s 16RM PER HOUR FOR THE FUCKING INTERNET. Definately a bunch of monkey molesting capitalists..Bring me Horus, 2RM per hour..AND they have WCIII!

Colombo is definately not a smoking country, unlike most other Asian nations where every man and his dog (and his mother) is puffing away on a cancer stick, you just don’t see people here smoking..


Cigarettes are EXPENSIVE. I should have gotten a whack from the cluestick when I saw the duty free ciggies here were more expensive than back in Malaysia..

But I didn’t buy them anyway, turns out it’s illegal to sell non Sri-Lankan made cigarettes, so buying foreign ciggies like Marlboro is a dodgy under the counter affair and you get your smokes in a paper bag made out of computer printouts, they cost the princely sum of 220rupees..Which is about 10RM.

In the hotel they are 300rupees, which is about 12RM.


Traffic is pretty frantic here, crossing the road is a hair raising experience, but seen as though I grew up on the streets, I’m quite ok with that..Hey they got brakes, they can use em…it is Sri Lanka though, so it’s more like..Hey they got brakes, they can use em…if they work..

Anyway back to h4x0ring the pl4n3t y0!

Have fun, miss yah.

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The Earthquake – From Colombo..

Here I am in the beautiful city of Colombo, and another disaster almost occurs..

A reported near to 9.0 richter scale quake..

I am ok, I am alive, I didn’t feel a thing..

I did however get flooded with SMS, thanks everyone..I appreciate the concern, sincerely.

I don’t believe the quake caused any Tsunamic activity.

You can ready plenty about it HERE

Sri Lanka has withdrawn the Tsunami alert which was put out last night

Thailand and Japan also issued warnings, which I believe have all been withdrawn.

Colombo is nice, it’s sunny, there is sea and beaches, there is good food and cheap beer, the food is a little on the spicy side though, even though I’m pretty hardcore in the chilli eating department..

But 8rm for a pint of Carslberg at a posh seafront bar is good for me…(15rm in a KL club for a smaller class with no view, and no sea)..

Traffic is pretty crazy, people everywhere, people sounding horns every 2.6 seconds, what seems like millions of short old dudes wearing short sleeved shirts and sarongs..

Will post when I have time, mega busy with the project right now (It’s real work, not teaching for once, yay! H4x0r the planet yo!)

Can’t jack anyones wireless from the hotel, so I’m netless, will stick to drinking beer and eating crabs in the evening then 馃檪 What a hard life..

Just wanted to let you all know I’m ok.

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No I WONT fix your #%$!#@ PC! & Some FREE tips

I’m sure all techies/geeks/computer literate people are familiar with concept..

Once you know something about PC’s, the worst is having a degree in computer science or similar, everyone, their aunt and their dogs automagically excepts you to spend hours fixing their PC’s for free, I mean WTF is that all about?

You know what all techies should be give a free t-shirt when they graduate like this:

I’ve had it so many times I actually have gotten sick of it, it was worse back in UK as here most of my friends are at least partially tech-savvy, but still some like Faggot cannot keep spyware off their PC for more than 2 days…STOP SURFING SO MANY DODGY PR0N SITES DUDE!

It’s always the same though, especially people from older generations…

Aunt: “Hey, I heard you are a PC wiz?”
Geek: “Er, Yeah I know a bit about computers, you could say that”
Aunt: “Well my PC is broken”
Geek: “So…what’s wrong with it?”
Aunt: “You’re the wiz, I thought you’re supposed to tell me that?”
Geek: “You wouldn’t take your car to a mechanic and just say ‘There’s something wrong with it’ right? You have to give us a clue..”
Aunt: “Blah blah blah, by the way I think my cup-holder broke, I’ll show you..”

And on and on..

Anyway what IS up with that, it’s not like people hear their friend just got a qualifaction as a nurse and then asks them round to look up their arsehole cos it’s itchy?

Same if people know mechanics, they take the car to the workshop, they don’t call the guy and ask them to come round and spend a few hours in the garage fixing their car for free…

Some tips for you anyway, FOR FREE..

1) Use FireFox[/url] to avoid problems with Spyware and Adware
2) Just incase, install Spybot S&D and Ad-Aware[/url]
3) If you need a good free Anti-Virus I suggest Avast!
4) Back-up your important stuff (Photos/documents and so on), buy a CD-writer and some blank CD’s both are very cheap now
5) Switch off and unplug your PC and modem during electrical storms unless you have a GOOD surge protector
6) Defragment and Scandisk your PC now and then to keep the filesystem healthy
7) Don’t keep millions of crappy files on your computer that you don’t need
8) Don’t install every demo game and shareware crap you see
9) Be cautious when downloading dodgy software and from where
10) Support OPEN SOURCE software (Firefox, Thunderbird, FileZilla etc.)
11) Disable uneccesary services in Windows (Info HERE)
12) Run Windows update regularly HERE
13) If you are directly connected to the net use a personal firewall like ZoneAlarm

Don’t assume just because we know about computers we want to fix your shit, if you take care of your PC, we won’t NEED to fix it, educate yourself, educate the other people that use your PC.

If you don’t know something, go to Google and SEARCH for it, don’t be a dumb ass and just ask, because you are lazy.

A message for those that don’t lies at FUCKING GOOGLE IT[/url]

If you need to ask questions online at a forum like SFDC[/url] for example, or in Usenet please read this first: How to Ask Smart Questions

A lot of the same advice runs for real life, you will get a lot more positive response from anyone with a brain if you demonstrate you’ve actually done something for yourself or thought about it, like tried to fix the problem, or done some research or what. For sure then we’ll help you..

But if you are just a lazy dumbfuck too stupid to look up anything yourself, you can lick my salty nut sacks ok.

Things like that really bug me, it’s like at my old workplace when people used to assume because I’m in I.T. I know everything about computers, including Excel, Word and other crap which I don’t even use (I am an OpenOffice[/url] advocate). This sometimes extended to ridiculous lengths, at one company I was in I.T. so apparently I also knew about everything that was electrical or communications based, like phones, faxes, photocopiers and once even a fucking TOASTER.

How stupid is that?

Yeah I know about computers, does that mean I know about faxes and photocopiers, no it fucking doesn’t ok, but more often than not I could fix the problem as I just looked at the instructions (RTFM) and WORKED IT OUT.

I got all kinds of dumb questions like that…something along the lines of “How do I do XYZ in Word?”


So what do I do, I hit F1 and search the help index, look around in the context menus or Google it, and I will work it out or find it..I mean surely that’s not rocket science right?

People need to think before they speak…problem is I am ranting here, but all the people that will read this are already informed, techno-literate (in most part) people…not the unscrubbed, ignorant, un-informed masses that PISS ME OFF.

Anyway there’s a Friday rant for you, have a great weekend.

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Firefox 1.0.2 Released – Reclaim the web!

And as we are on a geek tip, Firefox 1.0.2 has been released with some security updates.

Mozilla has begun rolling the Firefox 1.02 security update. It has appeared with the little fanfare and without the staggered rollout of 1.01 – have Mozilla sorted their distribution worries?


You can download it HERE

Why Use Firefox?

鈥淏eware of spyware. If you can, use the Firefox browser.鈥 – USA Today 鈥淏etter than Internet Explorer by leaps and bounds.鈥 – FORBES

Popup Blocking
Stop annoying popup ads in their tracks with Firefox’s built in popup blocker.

Tabbed Browsing
View more than one web page in a single window with this time saving feature. Open links in the background so that they’re ready for viewing when you’re ready to read them.

Privacy and Security
Built with your security in mind, Firefox keeps your computer safe from malicious spyware by not loading harmful ActiveX controls. A comprehensive set of privacy tools keep your online activity your business.

Smarter Search
Google Search is built right into the toolbar, and there is a plethora of other search tools including Smart Keywords (type “dict ” in the Location bar), and the new Find bar (which finds text as you type without covering up anything).

Live Bookmarks

RSS integration lets you read the latest news headlines and read updates to your favorite sites that are syndicated. (This means you can easily watch blogs for new posts as long as they have RSS/XML/Atom feeds)

Hassle-Free Downloading
Files you download are automatically saved to your Desktop so they’re easy to find. Fewer prompts mean files download quicker.

Fits Like a Glove
Simple and intuitive, yet fully featured, Firefox has all the functions you’re used to – Bookmarks, History, Full Screen, Text Zooming to make pages with small text easier to read, etc.

S, M, L or XL鈥揑t’s Your Choice
Firefox is the most customizable browser on the planet. Customize your toolbars to add additional buttons, install new Extensions that add new features, add new Themes to browse with style, and use the adaptive search system to allow you to search an infinite number of engines. Firefox is as big or small as you want.

Setup’s a Snap
At only 4.7MB (Windows), Firefox takes just a few minutes to download over a slow connection and seconds over a fast connection. The installer gets you set up quickly, and the new Easy Transition system imports all of your settings – Favorites, passwords and other data from Internet Explorer and other browsers – so you can start surfing right away.

Get funky extensions here:

My favourites would be:

1) Adblock
2) BBCode
3) Bugmenot
4) Dictionary Search
5) Forecastfox
6) LiveHTTPHeaders

And you can read more about WHY you should use it HERE[/url].

Get it now, reclaim the web!


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TMnet StreamyX Intermittent Service..

I’ve heard a lot of people complaining lately about Stimx being intermittent lately and very slow..

I’ve also experienced the same problem, sometimes can’t access any US sites and when I can it’s very slow..

For example even now, when it’s up latency is horrendous..

I just found out why, hopefully things should be better after this!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

TMNET SERVICE DISRUPTION TM Net Sdn Bhd would like to inform its customers that we will be conducting a scheduled maintenance and upgrading exercise at the International link to the United States to improve our service performance. As a result, customers may experience a slower performance especially to its U.S. links from 12:00 noon on 24 March 2005 (Thursday) until 28 March 2005 (Monday).

TM Net customers may experience service interruption during this period due to the upgrading exercise.

TM Net Sdn Bhd apologizes for any inconvenience caused but at the same time, we would like to assure you that we are upgrading our service to serve you better.

Source: TMnet

So according to this, things should be better than before after March 28th, bring it on!

When am I actually going to get the 1MB line I am paying for rather than a measly 512k though, that’s what I want to know..

ADSL Status Mode State Up Speed Down Speed SNR Margin Loop Att.
T1. 413 SHOWTIME 128000 512000 19.0 60.0


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The Summons Fiasco : Part II

Well I of course have gotten more summons…

The first debacle, brought on by Ops Warta is written and discussed (in depth) HERE[/url].

So I went to pay them seen as though I was around in the day-time due my car being in the workshop (they finally called me to tell me I could take it in to the windscreen changed), procrastination to the max, only happened because a good samaritan that works in insurance gave them a kick in the ass..

So off I go to Balai Polis, the traffic HQ some more in PJ State..

I got there, checked my summons (1 compound, 2 speeding) and found out that one was during an Operasi (Operation) so it couldn’t be discounted.

The other two could, but after going between room 9 and room 13 numerous times, I found the guy that dealt with Rayuan (Appeals) was only in Thursday 9-11am or something stupid like that..

Not suprising he only has to work two hours a week really, when you hear the rest of the story..

I settled the summon that couldn’t be discounted as there was no point messing with that one. I then found out to make an appeal you have to write a letter, a pathetic, whiny begging letter, I mean wtf, give people some face please.

In some stations they even have template letters you can just copy from for the appeal..It goes something like this..

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to appeal if you would be kind enough to give a discount on the summons referenced as XX-123456, I have a low salary and have no money to pay the full amount. I would be very grateful if you could discount the summons and would greatly appreciate your kindness and goodwill. Blah blah, lick some more anus, blah blah, thank you yeah yeah..

Yours Sincerely,

Mr Drivestoofast

So then I go back to the counter with my sappy letters and a wad of cash to settle the summons, the lady tells me they can’t deal with appeals, please go to counter 9…

So I go, the guy tells me again the person who deals with appeals is only here on Thursday morning, ARGH..

But he keeps popping out, eventually he says he will kau tim (Take care of) the summons for us. He takes the summons and 250 bucks and disappears inside the office for quite some time..

300 summons reduced to 150 150 summons reduced to 100

When I saw the final receipts..

The 300 actually reduced to 100, and the 150 to he pocketed 100 bucks for 10 minutes work, I’m guessing it’s normal there as the receipt book was full of receipts for 50 bucks, and I doubt ANYONE actually pays that little…

So 2 hours a week, settle 20 summons say, that’s 1000 bucks for 2 hours work…

4 times a month, that’s 4000 cash on top of your salary. Kinda fucked up don’t you think?

Oh well, at least they are paid, now I just need the monkeys at the finance firm to actually do some work for once and settle the loan, and re-open it in my name..

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What Religion Are You?

You scored as agnosticism. You are an agnostic. Though it is generally taken that agnostics neither believe nor disbelieve in God, it is possible to be a theist or atheist in addition to an agnostic. Agnostics don’t believe it is possible to prove the existence of God (nor lack thereof).

Agnosticism is a philosophy that God’s existence cannot be proven. Some say it is possible to be agnostic and follow a religion; however, one cannot be a devout believer if he or she does not truly believe.



















Which religion is the right one for you? (new version)
created with

Pretty much as I expected, Agnostic, Buddhist, Atheist..

I don’t believe but I don’t disbelieve, I wear a buddha around my neck as it’s the one religion which is most in line with that I feel is ‘good’, NO worshipping of false idols or deities or any of that other weak minded crap.

Which religion is most right for you?

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The Triple Faggot Birthday Bonanza!

So….as you know, we had a party, a big party, a fun party…

Warning, this is a image heavy post.

KY has posted a report with a few pictures HERE

It’s actually my birthday today along with God, so happy birthday to me and him.

Faggots birthday is coming on Thursday.

I heard on the radio I share my birthday with Ayrton Senna, Bach, Gary Oldman, Timothy Dalton and Mathew Broderick.

The party…

* Loads of booze
* Loads of food
* Loads of people (and hot chicks)
* Dancing
* Falling down
* Puking
* Passing out
* Police intervention

Yeah just how a party should be..

Hwachai[/url] drew a great flyer for the party..

The three birthday boys kicked the party off with a Gin & Juice special mixed by was more than 1/3rd of a bottle of Gin and man it had some kick…

We had to enlist some help in finishing it off..

Even at the beginning there was a ton of booze..

I think we made it like 4 bottles of Chivas by the end plus pretty much everything else, the Gin was finished within the first 1.5 hours.

The fridge was pretty loaded too, but that didn’t last too long either..

There was also tonnes of food..I bought 50 chicken wings, which disappeared extremely quickly (the infamous SD chicken wings..) I only managed to have 1!

KY finally managed to get a disco ball, so we really had a proper dancefloor this time

With people actually dancing!

The happy dancing gang..

We had cake too, banana and chocolate, it was good!

Unfortunately it ended up IN MY EAR, thanks God…

Things got kinda messy in places..

The police turned up around 12.15, they came again a second time, I have no idea when as I was completely wasted by 1am..

There were plenty of hot chicks..

And drunken fools

God was totally out of it, and turned into a Gorilla as per usual, he had to be man-handled into the car and sent home..naughty boy

There was some bloggers that turned out too, can you work out who is who?

Of course due to the nature of my t-shirt, I had to do a porn star pole dance 馃檪

That’s about how it went down..

Full gallery is HERE, I’ll add more pics as I get them from KY and possibly Janice.

Reasons why this is MUCH better than clubbing..

* It’s not jam-packed, sweaty and claustrophobic
* There’s food, drink, music, dancing, places to sit and somewhere outside to hang out
* There’s every variety of alchohol you can imagine
* There’s an unlimited amount of every variety of alchohol you can imagine
* Club entry 40 bucks, 1 bottle = 300+, house party, buy a bottle from Giant ~80 bucks
* Dancefloor with hot chicks
* Chill out area with more hot chicks
* SD Chicken Wings!

And so on, needless to say, house parties are the answer, unless you have some neighbour who has a stick in his anus and keeps calling the police after midnight.

To the neighbour, GO FUCK YOURSELF.

Total turn out was well over 30, reaching near to 40 at points I think, loads of people came and got to catch up with some people I haven’t seen for quite some time.

I’m glad we quit the whole BBQ thing as it’s too much like hard work and some people will end up not having much fun, BBQ should be just BBQs and let’s keep the parties seperate.

In saying that, let’s have a BBQ soon, no particular occasion, just loads of food and beer 馃檪

A huge thanks to everyone for showing up, it was a great party 馃檪

Chilled on Sunday, ate loads (Ikan Bakar, Hokkien mee, glasses and glasses of soya bean), then went to Summit to watch, might review it later, cute movie, then had some Burger at SS2, went home, cropped and uploaded the photos..

I have some really headache (and costly) things to do this week before I get put in a box and shipped to Colombo, so I better get them done…

Happy bday to me, Happy bday to me, Happy bday dear ST, happy bday to me..!
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The Jakarta Trip – With Pictures!

So here are my observations and pictures from Jakarta..

Warning long post, lot’s of pictures.

Am back in the land of the civilised now…

So Sunday night I got home late and packed my things before crashing out..

As I mentioned the airport was very ‘rural’…and empty

I arrived at the hotel, a modest affair, the Arcadia[/url] (under Ibis[/url])

The room was normal

But the bathroom was weird, it had a rather phallic ‘horn’ sticking out of the mirror, horny mirror?

Another interesting thing I noticed was the ashtrays were full of Coffee Beans!

I did notice something weird though, all the lifts here stink of some kind of overpowering air freshener, it reminded me of the librarian back in highschool who used to overpower everyone with the smell of lavender oil..

In some of the lifts is was almost too pungent for me to handle, I felt faint..I mean people there don’t smell THAT bad, what’s it all about? If anyone knows, please enlighten me.

I caught a good view and Sunrise from the hotel when I got up at 5am by mistake..

I tried the local Root Beer..

It looks very similar to the one here (Frost), but it’s not as good!

Anyway A&W with ice cream is still best in a glass mug…the A&W in a can is vile.

So the next evening as I mentioned I wondered out to get some you can see something like Bangkok, or Chinatown in KL.

A couple of people mentioned Bakso, so I looked for Super Bakso, instead I found Raja Bakso (King)…giant beef balls in a nice oniony clear soup, usually served with rice noodles (bihun/vermicelli).

Along with that I had the famous Teh Botol..

Cost: 8000 Rupiah (A measly 4 rm).

On my way out I got cornered by a tour-guide who went on and on and on and proudly demonstrated his cockney accent, yeah nice one fella..

After that I had to try some Satay, as you do in Indonesia, it was everywhere, so I sat down at a roadside stall with a good view for people watching, must check out the local scenery you know 馃榾

The only thing was, it felt like smoking was more healthy than breathing normally, what with the charcoal smoke from the stay grill and the fumes from the cars, bikes and bajajs, it was pretty putrid.

The satay was GOOD though, I had lamb and chicken and teh botol ais..

Cost: 10,500 Rupiah (5rm)

Lamb was quite a bit more expensive than chicken…there was also a small chilli on the plate, I can take spicy food, so I thought looks ok, I proceeded to eat it, following that I proceeded to piss from the nose and cry for a while, it was good! No really it felt like there was a large hole burning through my cheek..

My colleague was again surprised at how I managed to get everything at bottom local prices, not inflated at all..

Here you can see a trio of Bajaj’s in action..

Another thing I noticed is here is the predominance of Dunkin Donuts, I mean there are a few here in KL, but all within the confines of shopping centres, in Jakarta they were everywhere, on virtually every street corner, every 2-3 blocks you pass, you’ll see a Dunkin Donuts, weird..

As most people know the traffic in Jakarta is horrible, you tend to see stuff like people pushing small carts piled up with 40 used rubber tyres on them (quite a site), people walking down the middle of the street selling newspapers and magazines, people walking from car to car playing whistles or banjos, when you eat you’ll be plagued by people selling books, small children with some kinds of certificate asking for money and shoe shine boys..

People really do mostly smoke Kretek aswell, apart from those happening chicks, their ciggy of choice seems to be Marloboro Menthol.

Went to one of the high class shopping malls to pick up some snacks and bumped into a load of models just leaving a show, sorry was too stunned to take any pics (Yeah tall with boobs and good looks, hmm).

We headed off to Hard Rock Cafe to have a beer, they had a live band on who were really good (Phillipinos, no surprise there), and had some beers, a jumbo platter, and some more beers 馃檪

Yeah the female singer was hot!

Another habit of Indonesians, is more extreme than Malaysian parking, it’s very common for them to double park there, blocking other cars in…

But everyone parks with their handbrake off…so you quite often see groups of people pushing cars here and there so they can exit..interesting eh.

After that I went for a tour around, checked out the national monument, national museum, china town (and the red light district) and a few other places, even saw the local police buying pirated DVD’s at one of the stalls 馃檪 Indonesia apparently has the highest corruption index for Asia (and perhaps in the world?). You pay/tip for everything here, my colleague said if the beggars are very insistent you have to give them something or they might scratch your car..

Went down Jalan Jaksa aswell, backpackers haven, loads roach-ridden hotels and cheap bars with the white dudes hooking up with LBFMs (Little Brown Fuck Machines). There was a whole bunch of dodgy Nigerians selling coke aswell, not a place to go if you aren’t street smart..

Also not such a great place to go with the current political climate as the extremists and fundementalists know Jalan Jaksa is where they can find all the aussies and yanks..

After that headed off for some more food, I was still stuffed, but well gotta try everything..

Another road-side stall, but at least this one wasn’t like sitting in an exhaust pipe.

The Nasi Goreng Kambing was awesome (Lamb Fried Rice).

With a nice plate of condiments..

So the next day I took class then headed back, grabbed a taxi and endured the infamous Jakarta traffic, huge wide roads, but traffic chaos…there are loads of roads that split into 2 seperated lanes (like going the wrong way up a dual carriageway), round-a-bouts which you can round either way? Man it’s confusing..

I bought a load of indo snacks back for my homeys including nice stuff like chicken intestines 馃榾 Hope they enjoy them..

I would like to spend a few days here on holiday some time checking out the scenes, pretty cheap now with Air Asia. Of course I’d like to venture outside Jakarta and check out the rest of the country, supposed to be a beautiful place.

I did notice a language difference aswell, even though I’m quite ok with Bahasa Melayu, I had real trouble understanding them…the accent is quite different due to the Dutch rather than English influence, some basic words like Orange are totally different (Oren in Malay, Jeruk in Indonesian).

That’s about it..I’ve added the Photo Gallery for the trip just now.

BTW Free booze tonight at Espanda (used to be Emporium), might see you there.

Don’t forget THE PARTY OF THE YEAR, tommorow night in SS3.

Enjoy the weekend, I will.

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