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The People On The Streets Of Jakarta

Sometimes I go back through the pictures I haven’t uploaded or processing and yesterday I discovered these from a trip to Jakarta back in 2007. The people there were incredibly friendly and even though it was a hardcore poor area (like a slum) I felt safe at all times. Everyone was really happy to have […]

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As someone aptly said – this is not urban decay..It’s just Jakarta. Majestic Large on Black.

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yeah! yeah! yeah! yeah!

A pig blow job on a wall in Jakarta. Beat that? Is it as cool as Spiderpig? I’m not sure…but it’s close! Taken in a traffic jam in Jakarta during a recent trip. Traffic jams are extremely common there, obscene graffiti however is not. Taken with my E61i! I don’t really get the message if […]

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Anak Anak Jalan

I was in a Jakarta for a few days a week or so ago to sort out a couple of issues, I had a couple of hours spare so I took my prime lens and went for a walk around the streets of Jakarta. This beautiful child caught my attention staring at me, with no […]

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My Obligatory 2005 Summary – With Pictures! – Part I

Well 2005 has been a pretty interesting year, it’s had it’s up and downs as usual, 2004 was a pretty crazy year as you can read here. January – Archives January was a pretty quiet month, I got my own hosting and setup some reseller packages for local users/bloggers at Malaysia Blogs. My PC totally […]

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The Jakarta Trip – With Pictures!

So here are my observations and pictures from Jakarta.. Am back in the land of the civilised now… So Sunday night I got home late and packed my things before crashing out.. As I mentioned the airport was very ‘rural’…and empty I arrived at the hotel, a modest affair, the Arcadia[/url] (under Ibis[/url]) The room […]

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