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Insomnia, huh?

Sometimes I can’t sleep, last night was one of those nights, it was humid, I wasn’t sleepy, I was lying in bed surrounded by nothing but silence, bar the whirring of the fan overhead, contemplating the meaning of life.

What is happening, what is it all about, why are we here, what is my purpose, am I doing good with my life? Who knows? I know actually…

The answer of course is 42.

Thoughts, theories, concepts, ideas, inspiration…this is generally the time all those things that I have to do but have forgotten come to me, I miss having a PDA when I could quickly jot them down so they don’t get swallowed by the ether once more.

What to do during these times, sometimes I switch on the lamp and read for a while, usually it happens because there is too much going on my head, my internal dialogue is too noisy and I can’t switch off..

Sometimes I just happened to have messed up my sleeping pattern and am not capable of falling asleep at a reasonable hour…In my younger days I used to have this problem often, so I just used to stay awake all night and to work/class in the morning, it wasn’t so bad then….It’s a bit of a killer now though.

I got up, ate some Super Rings and played some hardcore DOTA, switched between Asia Inhouse, East and West with a few on Europe for good measure, as far as games was a good night, I won pretty much all. I stopped playing around 8 something, showered and came to work..

I still have orange fingers from the super rings….there is some serious amount of food colouring on those things, but man they taste good.

The drive to work was the hardest, monotonous at the best of times, not a great journey when you are feeling sleepy.

The day is passing in a daze, I shall go home when it finishes and pass out, I shall be happy if I never see another BS7799 document in my life, I have like 3-4 things to do at the moment that have been passed on from other people and are all overdue…looks like I might be heading to Jakarta for a few days in March aswell, as long as I’m back before the triple glory birthday bash it’s all good.


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My Blog Got Reviewed?

For some unknown reason, apparently because I have a bad mofo domain name ๐Ÿ˜›

I’ll admit, I only reviewed this one because the URL is and that’s hella badass, yo.

This is a decent blog, I’d say. It’s by a guy in Malaysia doing guy in Malaysia things, with all the hijinks and trappings therein. Some content is passable, while some other stuff is enthralling. For example, anytime I get to read a post with pictures of crunchy wontons and a dude pulling a face whilst holding a roman candle, I’m gonna be alright with that. He could probably stand write a few more posts about ninja fights, General Tso’s chicken and other glaringly racist shit (Where do I come off? Really?), but overall…

Rating: 7

Cool, at least my worst posts are still passable, a 10/10 would have been nice, but anyway cheers.

Review courtest of[/url]

Actual review post HERE.

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