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Cambodia Day 5 – Leaving Peace of Angkor and Thet

So sadly, the last day came, didn’t do much really except walked out to try and find some baguettes they sell at the road side. Unfortunately couldn’t. So we had some breakfast at a restaurant by the traffic lights on Wat Bo road (There are only 3 sets of traffic lights in Siem Reap, and […]

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Cambodia Day 4 – An Afternoon at Tonle Sap (The Great Lake)

After the mornings harrowing visit to the Land Mine museum in Siem Reap we had lunch near the guesthouse at a local restaurant then had a rest back at the Guest house before heading out to Tonle Sap (The Land Mine post provoked quite a discussion at Tomorrow). Of course with lunch was some Angkor […]

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Cambodia Day 4 – An Afternoon at the Cambodian Land Mine Museum

It was something I wanted to do, to see a little of the real Cambodia, to feel a bit of the history surrounding the beautiful temples and the war that ravaged the country within my lifetime. The Khmer Rouge, under the despotic rule of Pol Pot, was a communist organization which ruled Cambodia from 1975 […]

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Cambodia Day 4 – A Morning at Lolei, Bakong and Preah Ko (Roluos Group)

Up again early for breakfast, breakfast being Porridge, much like the rest of Asia (Rice porridge or Congee, not Oats like the Scottish were expecting), or something like Toast or Cereal. I had space on my camera again on this day, as the night before I burnt all my pictures to a CD at a […]

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Cambodia Day 3 – An Afternoon at Ta Keo, Ta Prohm and Old Market – Siem Reap

So after having lunch back at Angkor Wat, and wondering around the stalls for a while, we headed off to the next temple, Ta Keo. Ta Keo is an incomplete temple in the Khleang style built as the state temple of Jayavarman V. It was dedicated in 1000 but work was later abandoned, with little […]

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Cambodia Day 3 – Morning at Banteay Srei, Ta Som, Neak Pean and Preah Khan

You will usually leave a little early if you chose to go to Banteay Srei and you will pay a $10 surcharge for the day for petrol as it’s quite a lot further than the other temples, it will take around 45 minutes to drive there (and petrol is expensive in Cambodia). It is reputed […]

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