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Reduce the Extreme Taxation on Alcohol in Malaysia

Budget 2012 is coming soon and there are rumours that Alcohol tax may be INCREASED! – short version – sign this petition now! Reduce the Extreme Prices for Alcohol in Malaysia For too long, responsible consumers of alcohol beverages in Malaysia have been subject to one of the highest prices on the planet for drinks, […]

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Eat Properly – Drop The Sugar (Fructose) & Stop Diabetes/Obesity

Jamie’s One Young World Speech, 2nd September 2011 Join the Food Revolution Community and sign the petition. Changes have to be made, if not people are going to be dying at 50, as a human race we are getting more and more unhealthy instead of the other way round. Jamie Oliver’s TED award speech. The […]

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Say NO To Shark Fin Soup

The realities of sharks fin soup are not pleasant. Stop ordering it, stop eating it, stop making it seem ok – because it’s not. Not only is it cruel but it’s seriously threatening some species of shark with extinction. If you are having a wedding, please make sure there is no shark fin course, having […]

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Alcohol-Consumer-Rights Group Malaysia (Alcon) – The Offical Launch!

You know I love Alcohol – I also DO NOT love the ‘sin tax’ levied on booze by the government, it makes foreign beers/single malt whisky and other spirits really expensive here. Alcon is basically a consumer rights group for alcohol consumers in Malaysia to reduce the high tax, the petition is here: Reduce the […]

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8.9 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Japan – Epic Tsunami Follows

Wow, how news and reporting has changed. A massive Earthquake hit the ocean just a few miles off the Japanese coast just a few hours ago and now the whole World is buzzing about it. Twitter is 99% about the disaster, everyone is glued to a TV or some kind of live stream. It’s absolutely […]

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6 Years Together – Today.

This is the first time I’ve really mentioned my relationship here on my blog, but I’ve been less secretive about it lately and well here is my first real post about it. It could be called 6 long years, but honestly it hasn’t felt long at all. Of course we’ve had our ups and our […]

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Polis “Intimidation” And Corruption in Malaysia

The big buzz today is the follow video which currently has over 45,000 views and 1700+ comments: I think calling it intimidation is a bit dramatic, honestly my level of Bahasa Melayu is not that high so I don’t understand everything that’s being said but I understand the gist of the conversation and generally what […]

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Picture Published In The Star Today – Without Credit

Once again The Star does what it seems to do consistently, publish a picture without any credit at all. Unlike the Malay Mail who published a blog article of mine without permission then printed an apology. This issue with The Star has also been discussed in depth on Shutter Asia: Malaysian Newspapers and Photo Credits […]

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7.6 Richter Earthquake in Southern Sumatra – Tremors in Malaysia – Tsunami Warning Issued

Today at approximately 6.25pm I felt some strange vibrations in my office – my chair was shaking and my table was vibrating. I checked with Suanie, at first she didn’t feel it but after a while she did – confirmed tremors. It lasted quite a long time and felt like it came in 2 stages […]

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Pulau Ketam Dog Rescue Mission – Save The Dogs! How cruel humans can be astounds me sometimes, help the effort, donate your money or your time or your spare dog food/cages etc. The residents of Pulau Ketam sent some 300 stray dogs to exile on a remote island where the harsh conditions almost certainly guarantee a horrible death. Of the 300 dogs sent […]

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