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Polis “Intimidation” And Corruption in Malaysia

The big buzz today is the follow video which currently has over 45,000 views and 1700+ comments: I think calling it intimidation is a bit dramatic, honestly my level of Bahasa Melayu is not that high so I don’t understand everything that’s being said but I understand the gist of the conversation and generally what […]

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Corruption – You bribe too DON’T YOU – It’s all YOUR Fault

Now this is an interesting topic…and it comes back to the same old subject again sadly. Malaysia hypocrisy and apathy. It’s a fairly serious topic, but one that comes up fairly often. It’s somewhat confusing as a foreigner in Malaysia, especially at first, trying to comprehend the Malaysian mind-set. At first Malaysians seems like patriotic […]

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Malaysian Bureaucracy and the Summons Fiasco

Well the clampdown has finally begun as reported by today.. Source: If you’ve been following my posts, you’ll have noticed I had some summons, and I had to work my ass off to get them paid…they make it so fucking difficult. Now this whole shennanigan hasn’t exactly been well publicised, I’ve seen one tiny 1/4 […]

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