Living My Dreams

As we probably know by now, I love music. Especially break-beat EDM kinda stuff (Drum&Bass/Dubstep/Trance etc).

One of my favourite films during my seminal raving days was Human Traffic, and it’s probably still one of my favourite films today – I can watch it over and over because it doesn’t really have a plot.

It’s just a bunch of moments that all ravers will empathise with, captured on film. There’s one seen where the character Kip is selling records and wearing a wicked T-shirt with a set of turntables on it and the words Junglist Movement. I’ve wanted that shirt since I first saw the film around 1999. Here’s the scene with the shirt:

I don’t know why, but I recently had the urge to track down the t-shirt and buy it – so that’s I did.

Red Junglist Movement T-shirt

I ordered it, and it just arrive so I’m proudly wearing it today 🙂

ShaolinTiger - Junglist Movement

It’s also bloody hot today!

And yah I’m living my dreams – with my Junglist Movement shirt! Have a good weekend all.




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