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Random Post #8 – Kepong Village Mall, Durians & A Dog

Yay another random post for your enjoyment to fill up my 3 posts per week quota, been doing well lately so I can’t let it slip! Maybe I’ve gotten my blogging mojo back..or not?! Who knows, anyway I enjoy these Random old-style blog posts and I hope you do to.

It’s a welcome break for me from my rather formal, complete and exhaustive style of writing which tends to take far too many hours to craft a post of which I deem acceptable quality. This way of posting is of course much much faster, must thank the uptake of Twitter and Twitpic for giving me my memory back and providing me with pics to illustrate!

Anyway I was down in Ampang a couple of weekends ago so I took the chance to go for the original Ampang Yong Tau Fu at Foong Foong. It was indeed delicious, super-love their fried sui gau.

Foong Foong Ampang Yong Tau Fu

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LG Cookie Monster Party By Nuffang At Neutral Club – KL

So Nuffnang held another happening event this past weekend, this time it was at Neutral Club in KL (just below Grand Modesto’s) at Jalan P.Ramlee. The event this time was the LG Cookie Monster Party in conjunction with a new range of Cookie phones launched by LG.

Neutral Club - KL

The theme was of course MONSTERS, but more towards the cute fluffy kind – rather than the scary monster kind…but as always we ended up with both kinds 馃榾 And the nuffies looking stunning in all white!


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Movie Review – Inception – Mindblowing

Inception (2010)

Dom Cobb is a skilled thief, the absolute best in the dangerous art of extraction, stealing valuable secrets from deep within the subconscious during the dream state when the mind is at its most vulnerable. Cobb’s rare ability has made him a coveted player in this treacherous new world of corporate espionage, but it has also made him an international fugitive and cost him everything he has ever loved. Now Cobb is being offered a chance at redemption. One last job could give him his life back but only if he can accomplish the impossible — inception.


Wow Christopher Nolan really is a genius! He had me interested with Memento back in the year 2000, then really had me at me at Batman Begins which effectively work the whole Batman franchise up from the coma it was in. After that he battered us again with The Prestige and then of course took over the WORLD with The Dark Knight – one of the best movies of all time.

And now I think his own personal master piece, Inception! Written AND directed by him, and this baby took him over 10 years to write and put on the silver screen. That in itself is quite an achievement.

You can read more about his journey to make Inception on the Wiki page, it’s a very interesting read. And the movie is taking IMDB by storm going straight into the Top 250 at #3 with a stunning score of 9.3!

Anyway about the movie, it was rather hyped and everyone that saw the preview/early showings raved about it like lunatics. That in itself pumped up my expectations a fair bit and I didn’t want to spoil the film so I didn’t read anything about it, ignored all reviews, didn’t even read the synopsis, didn’t know who was in it.

I only knew it was DiCaprio after I saw the first scene in the cinema. At first the movie reminded me a little of Shutter Island, another gritty mindbender that starred Leo as the lead man, the concept was similar as well. But after watching Inception for a while, it was so much more complex, had so many more layers, more subplots, more aspects and wasn’t just trying to be another ‘twist’ movie.

But Leo was better in this, stronger, more varied and more believable and well overall the movie is just in a different league to Shutter Island.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Dom Cobb in Inception

The bottom line is, GO WATCH THIS MOVIE. And go watch it at the cinema, but it’s visually incredible. Especially considering most things were filmed in real life, I read a review today which said the ‘CGI was impressive’ but basically said the film sucked. Worst movie reviewer ever, considering most of the film was done with only minimal CGI.

The rolling corridor etc was all real. Impressive eh?

The movie has plenty of aspects, romance, friendship, trust, character, sci-fi, thriller, mystery and all kinds of other stuff e.g. throw a bit of M. C. Escher and paradoxical architecture in and you’re set!

I really want to watch it again and will probably buy the BluRay, it’s certainly a film you can watch 2-3 times in a short period and get more out of it each time. It’s refreshing to see a movie that REQUIRES you to think (if not you’ll get totally lost), definitely so far the best movie of 2010 and one of the best movies within the past few years.

I can’t wait to see what else Mr. Nolan comes out with, I love his dark epic style of movie making and I hope to see more gems from him (apart from the yet to be named 2012 Batman project).

I give Inception a dream-invading 9/10.

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Nokia N900 Review & Comparison vs Nokia N97


I’m not one of those people that likes to get a device and then review it within a few days, I don’t really think that’s fair and I don’t think that gives a good balanced consideration to whoever is reading the review.

Until you really use something, in the case of a phone, use it every day for an extended period (at least 1-2 firmware updates) there’s no way you can truly know the pros, cons and intricacies (aka oddities) that come with the device.

As for me I was using a Nokia N97 for a fairly long time, it was actually about a year ago when I got it (July 2009). When I first got the N97 I was rather impressed, it was a slick device with solid build quality and a very capable camera for a phone. But after a while I started realizing Symbian was quite terrible, the phone CPU and memory were underspec and well it really wasn’t cutting it for a flagship device.

With Nokia most ‘N’ series devices seem to come with rather flaky firmware when they are first released, and sadly it takes about a year for them to get stable. By the time the N97 was stable, it was a pretty good device, some of the memory issues had been solved and it was usable..but well by then it was old and I wanted something else (The N900!!).

Nokia N900

I’d actually wanted the N900 since it was rumoured that Nokia was coming out with something on the Maemo platform.

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Random Post #7 – Mostly….FOOD!

Living on a budget you can still eat nice food! Haven’t been doing much lately apart from eating, catching up on sleep and watching stuff that is not the World Cup.

Claypot Prawn Rice! One of my favourite things to eat still at Busy Corner in Damansara Jaya.

Claypot Prawn Rice

With a claypot chicken rice, some double boiled soup and a vegetable would be about RM12-15 per person. Still reasonable!

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The Inagural Mini Driver Training in Malaysia!

And yes I was there, wuwu so lucky being an over-privileged and under-deserving blogger. Can’t really blog properly right now because my brain isn’t really functioning after 2 mornings waking up before 8am and the long World Cup stretch…I think I have a massive sleep debt and I feel like fainting now. It’s all good tho..even early in the morning.

Me in the Mini!

Especially when you are sitting in a 187hp Mini Cooper S and about to undergo a driver training course at Sepang International Circuit. I have been down to SIC for a while, since the Open Track Day in November last year.

The weather was hot and sunny, which is superb for this kind of thing. Lovely bright and dry conditions.

Bright and Sunny

And of course I passed, won a mug for being one of the fastest in the contest and had an AWESOME time. Here’s me getting my cert from the superbly knowledgeable and extremely entertaining instructors.

Mini Driver Training Certificate

Will blog about it properly soon *yawn* And other stuff too ok, trying to get my blog back on track 馃榾

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And That’s It..The FIFA World Cup 2010 In South Africa Is OVER

Life can resume now, all those 5-6am bedtimes can go away and perhaps we can all catch up on our sleep debt. Spain for the first time in history have reached the final of the World Cup AND won it!

Spain - FIFA World Cup 2010 Winners

The game last night between the Netherlands and Spain was a little underwhelming, but sadly the final game is usually like that – there’s too much at stake, too much pressure and no one wants to make a mistake. Too many nerves, too many missed chances. Even the golden booties contender Villa was fluffing it.

I have to say though my biggest disappointment for the match was not any player or either team…but the referee. He had some shocking decision, I was expecting more from my British homeboy. But then no-one can say he was biased as he made some shocking decisions against both sides.

Honestly though I think #NED came out worst off…Puyol should have gotten a second yellow for pulling Robben back enough to stop him scoring and been sent off. And not awarding a corner when the final free kick clearly deflected of the #ESP wall was shocking…even worse when Spain scored from the next play.

Robben got robbed.

Robben got Robbed

But then he did miss a couple of good chances too. And well he did complain far too much getting himself a yellow card for his troubles.

Come on dude, you should know better than that. It’s football, what is done is done (apart from when it comes to Villa rolling around on the floor, you can get a yellow card for something the ref didn’t even see).

It was a rough game, with a mad flying kick from De Jong (man that looked painful), at times with the Dutch tackling it looking like UFC2010 not World Cup 2010.

Sadly from the amount of yellow cards, I suspected in the 2nd half or in extra-time there would be a second yellow card resulting in a sending off. Unfortunately that happened in the 111th minute against John Heitinga, put the Dutch down to 10 men…and changed the game.

You can’t take it away from Iniesta though, his goal was superb. No doubts about that one.

Iniesta World Cup 2010 Winning Goal

Oh well, Netherlands can whinge about it all they like, but it’s over now and Spain proudly hold both the Euro 2008 crown and are the winners of the FIFA 2010 World Cup.

I just gotta wait another 4 years until England gets embarrassed again in Brazil.

Anyway it was no surprise, Germany was the only other team in the World Cup playing real football and Spain went in as favourites to win. And well whilst Germany had the raw talent, their team broke down when they came against an experienced team, a team with real resolve. That’s the down-side of playing youngsters, they don’t have the composure or stomach for the high pressure games. Yes they can rip weaker teams apart, but put them against a team like Spain that WILL NOT lose their’s tough.

Player of the match for me was definitely the captain and superbly skilled keeper Casillas. Quite probably the best goalkeeper in the World right now.

Anyway congrats to Spain! Let’s see what you can do in Euro 2012 and if Germany can groom their team by then.

Spain - FIFA World Cup 2010 Winners

Anyway that’s that, World Cup fever is over…can catch up on some sleep and resume normal blogging soon.

Hope you all enjoyed the football and well honestly World Cup is truly 1Malaysia, when EVERYONE comes together to support their favourite team.

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I need to update my blog..

But I don’t know what to write.

So give me a while 馃榾


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