Newsvine is AWESOME

It’s finally launched, you should really check it out.

Think of it as something like a great combination of PPS, SpyMy, Digg, BBC News and a few other sites.

It has news straight from Associated Press [AP], which is syndicated in, and can be discussed/voted on (The Wire – As in the News Wire).

Then it has user submitted news, blog posts, the alternate view (The Vine – As in the Grapevine)

So it has both opposing sides, which can be linked together by its amazing tagging system.

For example just visit and it’ll show you all the news from the vine and the wire tagged with ‘Malaysia’.

It shows how many votes and comments each article has.

You can plug anything on the url to find article related to that keyword.

I really suggest checking it out 🙂

You’ll see the quality of comments and discussion on the site is 100x higher than that you’ll find on digg, it’s really a mindblowing piece of technology, and I say good for them!

You can add whatever you like, it’s called seeding the vine, so go ahead and add some interesting stuff, and tag it.

Folksonomy is the new in!

And yeah, Newsvine already had a PR7 before it even launched, impressive eh 🙂




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2 Responses to Newsvine is AWESOME

  1. -[i lan my world]- March 5, 2006 at 11:18 pm #

    Man,it is really a nice site… great finding.

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