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Movie Review – Walk The Line – The Man in Black

Walk the Line

The love of a woman, given reluctantly, saves a man from addiction and self-destruction. Traces the life of Johnny Cash from his boyhood, with loss of a brother and of his father’s affection, to 1968 when his outlaw side and his unhappiness give way to the twin triumphs of his concert at Folsom Prison and June Carter’s acceptance of his marriage proposal. Along the way there’s his first composition, first recording, first marriage, daughters, being smitten with June, divorce, pills and booze, an empty life, and the Carter family’s nursing him back to health. June eases Johnny out of a ring of fire.

Well after the storm this movie made at the Oscars, I thought I had to watch it. I passed it by originally not being a great fan of the gravelly sound of the man in black, Johnny Cash. More my Dad’s kind of generation, although he was a greater fan of people like Bruce Springsteen and Pink Floyd.

It does seem to be the season for music biopics and I have to say I am much more of a Ray Charles fan (loved his biopic!). Someone asked me if there was any others I’d like to see..I’d have to say Bob Marley would attract my interest the most!

Johnny Cash and June Carter (Later June Carter Cash) the subjects of the film and their tumultuous relationship.

Johnny Cash and June Carter

Captured beautifully by Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny and June.

Reese Witherpsoon and Joaquin Phoenix

Reese really did deserve to win the Oscar, actually it was an amazing performance by both of them, they really gave their everything.

I always found Joaquin underrated, overshadowed by his rock n roll bratpack brother River Phoenix who sadly died from a drug overdose.

The film is interesting for both the fans of Cash and like me the casual observers, it’s well put together, well paced, emotionally absorbing, fantastically acted and the score is great (all songs in the movie were actually performed by Joaquin and Reese, amazing eh?).

Definately worth watching, gives you an insight into the great mans life..and his problems. You’ll probably here a few songs you recognise!

Give it a try.

I’d give it a strong 8/10.

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Only in Malaysia 1 – Hang Your Undies on Your Grill?

I been planning this pictorial series for a couple of years LOL, may aswell start it now, if you have any ‘Only in Malaysia’ pictures send them to me and I’ll post them and credit you.

I start the series with this one, Only in Malaysia part 1 – The Undies.

The Undies

Nice eh?

If you do your own post tag it onlyinmalaysia and if you upload to flickr tag it onlyinmalaysia and trackback this post (as it’s the first in the series). Cheers!

All others will be found in this category.

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What Would You Do?

If you went to the parking machine with your ticket to pay the parking fee (Which happens to be a fairly hefty RM12) and you find a ticket in the machine already paid.


Do you?

a) Look around, take the paid ticket, ditch your unpaid ticket and exit the carpark?

b) Hang around for a while with the paid ticket to see if anyone comes back so you can give it back to them?

c) Hang onto the ticket whilst you pay for yours incase they come back then stick it on top of the machine or back in the slot and bugger off?

d) Pay your ticket and hand the ‘lost’ ticket into the management office so the poor bugger doesn’t get fined?

e) Something else, please elaborate.

Which did I do, and more importantly, which would you do?

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Moms Trip – Day 7 – Kuala Lumpur Native Museum (Muzium Orang Asli) Gombak

The Orang Asli are the native people of Malaysia, the Aboriginals of this region.

The Orang Asli are the indigenous minority peoples of Peninsular Malaysia. The name is a Malay term which transliterates as ‘original peoples’ or ‘first peoples.’ It is a collective term introduced by anthropologists and administrators for the 18 sub-ethnic groups generally classified for official purposes under Negrito, Senoi and Proto-Malay. They numbered 105,000 in 1997 representing a mere 0.5 per cent of the national population.

Source: Orang Asli of Peninsular Malaysia

The Museum itself though is freaking HARD to find, we actually went the day before, after the butterfly park, but got there around 5pm just as the place closed…

Museum Orang Asli

But it looked interesting so we headed back the next day!

Museum Orang Asli

The Museum is actually very well organised, clean, bright and interesting, it’s a shame the sign boards are SO bad and it’s not really publicised..I know local people that don’t know about it. I only knew about it because I’d seen the sign board to it on the MRR2 and my Mom told me about (so it is in SOME tourist literature).

Museum Orang Asli

The whole guest book was full of comments about lacking signboards and horrible directions, most visitors were from Gombak as no-one else could find it.

There are photos and descriptions of the various tribes made up of 3 basic consituents spread around peninsular Malaysia (Negrito, Senoi, and Proto-Malay).

Orang Asli

Apparently there were some jungle army units made up from all Orang Asli folks as they knew the land better than anyone, pretty interesting reading.

There are some amazing things they’ve made (Both practical and artistic), like this suit made from tree fibres (Seluar Kulit Kayu).

Seluar Kulit Kayu

They have some beautiful pieces, I wish we could support them by buying their art!

Orang Asli Mask

They have mockups of various things like an Orang Asli wedding and various tree houses, boats and other implements for day to day living.

Orang Asli Treehouse

The blowpipes are pretty scary, long long long man, the darts must travel some distance.

Orang Asli Blowpipe

It’s set in a beautiful location too, in a rather rural area of surrounded by forest near the International Islamic University Malaysia.


A beautiful sunny day and a very interesting place to visit, easy to spend a couple of hours there although towards the end on the upper floor a lot of the information was in Malay only and didn’t have English versions, which was sad. It’s a nice place to see though as there is no-one there you can go at your own pace and take your time to appreciate the unique Orang Asli carvings and craftworks.

Sunny Day

If you want to go there, hit the MRR2 until you see the sign for the museum or follow the directions for Gombak off the MRR2 (Jalan Gombak) keep going until you the Gombak signs are missing and you see Jalan Bentong, just keep going all the way, you’ll pass loads of houses, shops etc, you should see Batu 8 or something, keep going the museum is at Batu 10, on the right side.

Don’t worry if you don’t see any signs, because well there aren’t any until you get there.

After this Mom went back to UK, so this was the end of the trip, I hope you enjoyed it.


Department of Orang Asli Affairs
Orang Asli at Wikipedia
Orang Asli Museum (Worst Map EVAR)

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Girlfriend X – Manage Your Dating

Weird stuff…manage your cyber dating?

When I was having lots of cybersex, I kept a notebook by my computer so I could jot down details about my cyber partners.

I noted fantasies they liked, titles they mentioned, their real names if known. I tracked birthdays, significant events like the date we first cybered, age, marital status, time zones and political leanings.

Check out GirlfriendX, yeah it’s labelled as Hi-Tech Dating Software for Men?

Interesting read, the Wired article.

Girlfriend X is aimed directly at the man who reads Maxim and Byte, who likes the “battle of the sexes” metaphor without necessarily taking it literally. It’s a game, it’s all about strategy, and if you win, you get sex.

In addition to storing each woman’s contact information and picture, the Girlfriend profiles include a Score Card where you track her sexual preferences, her menstrual cycles and how she styles her pubic hair.

The Yield Generator calculates your cost-per-hookup and rates the overall maintenance cost of the girl, based on the cash outlay per sexual encounter. It uses cost and activity data from your ongoing Date Log, and weights anal sex and threesomes higher than oral sex and hand jobs.

Hmm indeed.

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I picked my nose.

And I pinged PPS to tell you.


Because I’m a loser and I need the attention.

I’ll do a (repost) later so you can read that I picked my nose again, because well it’s really important.


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Movie Review – V for Vendetta – Moving

V for Vendetta

The story of Guy Fawkes inspired certain aspects of Alan Moore’s 1982 post-nuclear dystopian science fiction graphic novel of a fascist Britain, V for Vendetta (which was adapted into a 2006 film version by the Wachowski brothers and James McTeigue). The story revolves around the main character, V, who in the words of the book’s artist David Lloyd is portrayed as “a resurrected Guy Fawkes.” The mask worn by V is meant to be that of Fawkes.

Wow, what a movie..I remember the trailer for this a long time ago, as it’s initial release date was November 5th 2005 (Guy Fawkes night)..But it got pushed back due to production, released March 17th 2006.

I managed to see it on Sunday night, surprisingly the cinema was quite empty.

It’s flown into IMDB top 250 within it’s opening week, now that IS impressive.

There is the most amazing entry about V at Wikipedia (contains spoilers though).

A truly amazing film, I was half expecting another cheesy comic book action romp from the trailers, that seems to have been the trend lately.

I was thankful however to see that it remained true to the original writings of Alan Moore. It was deep, emotional and thought provoking.

The tale of a masked man fighting for his countries freedom against the totalitarion religious extremests ‘black bagging’ everyone.


There are many things that can be related to recent events, the cinematography is great and the direction (for a novice) incredible. Hugo Weaving masterfully plays the masked enigma, with his strong voice and physically bustling with emotion, even when you can’t see his facial expressions, it truly shows his talent.

Portman also puts in a sterling performance as the female protagonist, getting caught up in the plot of V. She even shaved her head (look out for scenes from Abu Ghraib).

Natalie Portman

The movie is somewhat dramatic and thus reminscient of Phantom of the Opera (guy in a mask, anti-establishment, lives underground, female interest etc).

The only negative thing I would say is it dragged a little in the middle at times, and the ending.

Yah I actually watched AND reviewed a movie the same month it came out, pretty rare for me 😉

Very very much worth watching, I give it a great 9/10.

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DJ Tiesto – Live at Sepang, Malaysia – Videos

A trio of videos as requested, after the jump.

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Happy Birthday To Me.

Well no-one else is wishing me a happy fucking birthday.

So I’ll do it myself.


Yah thanks.


Birthday wishes to me:

Happy Birthday Shaolin Tiger
it’s shaolintiger’s birthday!
Oooh…another birthday!?

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DJ Tiesto – Live at Sepang Malaysia!

Well Malaysia Boleh for once..

They got DJ Tiesto (Tijs Verwest) to come here, just knocked off number 1 in the world…labelled the ‘Pit Party’ (it was in a car park NEAR the F1 circuit).

DJ Tiesto is arguably the world’s top DJ over the past four years, and although he did lose his No.1 ranking in DJ Mag’s Top 100 ranking to Germany’s Paul van Dyk just recently, he did hold it for three consecutive years and still holds the top ranking in other lists such as The DJ List.

Read More.

Yeah nothing like some frozen Smirnoff Black to start off the night..

Smirnoff Black

Ah, traffic Jam on NKVE at 9pm? I wonder why…perhaps the 20,000 odd people going to see Tiesto. Drove up alone as it’s nearer my place than the rest, met Suan, KY, Paul, Fox, Voices, Janice and FA there.


There was an F1 car and some F1 girls, it was afterall a ‘Pit Party’.

F1 Car and Girls

I got there about 8.45, it was pretty packed, the car park still had plenty of spaces though so that was good. There was some crappy local DJ playing with ‘Milk’ on his/her shirt, made a few slip-ups. Apparently the DJ before was very good, got there a bit late though.

There was some dodgy Lion dance before Tiesto came on (Which was supposed to be at 10pm SHARP, but due to Malaysian Time…he came on at 10.35).

Stupid Lion Dance

During the night there was also some Bollywood kind of dance, wow really multicultural Malaysia eh?

This is my first video entry, woo!

I didn’t hear a couple of my favourite songs (Silence featuring Sarah McLachlan and his rendition of Barber’s Adagio for Strings). Perhaps they played them after I left, I did hear quite a lot of Just Be (including the title track sung live) and Parade of the Athletes.

The place was packed and Tiesto was of course in that circular light flashing thingy, kind of his trademark (you’ll know it if you’ve seen him live before or watched the concert DVD).

Tiesto - Malaysia

The Suan was loving it! Can’t beat a happy Suan tbh.

The Suan

The Paul Tan chose the wrong colour for his shirt..

Pauls Bad SHIRT

Kawaii FA.


The AV was amazing with cool video in time with the music, fireworks now and then and a really impressive laser show. Apparently the VJ was one of Tiesto’s guys, the guy working the decks had the most enourmous stomach, looked like 11 months pregnant.

Tiesto - Laser Show

During those famous songs and crescendos the whole crowd went wild, it shows there are a lot of real Tiesto fans in Malaysia that are familiar with his songs, not just random ravers.

Tiesto - Hands Up

The Live singer was pretty good, but she definately wasn’t the one that recorded Just Be originally, she kind of butchered it.

Tiesto - Live Singer

The atmosphere was fantastic with the crowd jumping, the laser show, the smoke, the banging trance, reminds me of raving in my younger years.

Tiesto - Malaysia

Tiesto - Laser Show

I met some random fans like “Hi are you ShaolinTiger, wow I read your blog every day!”, which was nice! Here they are:

Random fans

Hi fans!

It got busier and busier and towards the end there was just an Ocean of people in every direction, there was about 20,000+ in the end, we were somewhere in the middle of the middle. Ran into a few friends here and there too, some others have retired so weren’t about.

Tiesto - Malaysia

Tiesto, he’s the man!

Tiesto - Malaysia

I have more videos, if anyone wants to see them I’ll upload to Youtube 🙂

FA – the only one who can dance ALL FREAKING NIGHT.

Tiesto - FireAngel

I left at about 2+ to avoid the traffic, thankfully was smooth sailing back home, it could have been a bit cooler like in Genting. But it was an awesome night! Maybe Paul Van Dyk next?!

More videos by request here.

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