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Japanese Food in Bandar Menjalara! – Great Stuff

This is the place I love to go, forget Gunky Sushi and Sushi Krap, they are expensive, for small portions and mostly mediocre food.

The place has nice decor, with a little fountain thing by the door and bamboo hanging up around the place.

The staff are a little grumpy, but the service is good anyway, it’s a Chinese owned place.

Of course it all starts with a good dollop of Wasabi, some soya sauce and some nice green tea (hot or cold, your choice).

After that the ordering begins, of course Salmon Sashimi, one of my favourite things..See each slice here is the size of the whole portion at Gunky or Sushi Krap.

With some ‘normal’ sushi, Tuna Salad and Prawns.

And amazing handrolls, these are Salmon Skin, I also recommend spider (soft-shelled crab).

The filling goes all the way to the bottom, it’s not just perched on the top.

Proper Miso soup, not just MSG!

One of my other favourite things, soft-shelled crab!

And amazing fresh, crispy, HUGE Tempura Prawns.

Now that’s what I call a SATISFYING meal!

Had a couple of others things and the like Spider Temaki, and the bill came to around $65RM, pretty good if you ask me!

Would easily be 100+ at ‘other’ places..

*EDIT* Ok guys here a map to the place, any questions ask me please 馃槈

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First International Armpit Shaving Day

It doesn’t matter whether you take showers twice daily, use antiperspirant, use deodorant etc.

Armpit hair is still awful and disgusting.

Dirty stinky hairy armpits?

Don’t they make you shudder?

Give it a sniff, yum!

Give it a lick, great!

Well according to my good friend Bryanboy, armpit hair is the root cause for all evil in the world, so you should dispatch of all the nasty sproutings from your arm joints.

On December 1, 2005, wherever you are in the world, I want you to participate by shaving your armpits.

Shave all that excess auxilliary hair that you’ve got there since god knows when.

I know I’ll be travelling during that time but what I want you to do is to send pictures of your BALD armpits.

Let’s rewind the clocks, take a ride in the time machine and go back to our prepubescent years.

Send me pictures of you and your HAIRLESS armpits on December 1, 2005. Email

Best armpits will win an award.

Read more here: Armpit Hair: The Root of All Things Evil

Go on, join in the fun 馃槈

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Malaysian Government Cracks Down on Gaming

The BBC today reports that those governing the Malaysian city of Subang Jaya, near the capital Kuala Lumpur, have announced they are cracking-down on net cafes where online games can be played, amid fears that addiction levels are becoming a social problem. The Chinese and South Korean governments are also faced with similar problems, and China in particular has been highly pro-active in limiting the amount of time that can be spent in games. Authorities in the Malay city have given police powers to close cafes allowing gamers to play late into the night, the move being taken after a mother afraid for her missing son found him playing in a cafe during a 48-hour mammoth stint. The new rules governing net cafes will be introduced from next year.

Under the laws, cafes will have to separate gaming and surfing areas, obtaining a separate entertainment licence to allow gaming. Gaming areas of said cafes will be required to close at midnight, under the new legislation. Officers will be sent to patrol night cafes and check that owners are abiding by the new legislation. Many gamers resent this intrusion into their hobby, whilst other citizens have welcomed the news, saying they believe it will help cut crime and addiction levels.

With gaming, especially the online variety, booming across east-Asia like never before, it won’t be long before other countries beginning introducing laws to combat the negative impacts of excessive play – like China are already doing. More soon.

Source: BBC News

Source: Ferrago

Is this good bad or ugly?

From personal experience I’ve seen the cops trying to shut down the cybercafes after midnight, but well it doesn’t really happen, they just lock the door, and you can knock to go round the back or they will just unlock and let you in if they know you.

Plus with the greater penetration of broadband at home, kids can just play games there instead.

Many gamers though are over 18, surely it’s their choice how to spend their time, and that SHOULD NOT be dictated by the government, that’s how I feel anyway.

If I want to stay in a cafe for 3 days straight, without sleeping, washing or eating properly, why can’t I?

It’s my prerogative.

I guess it protects the kids, but why not just make it over 18 after midnight? Compulsory IC check at the desk, police do spot checks?

Wouldn’t that be a more reasonable solution rather than out and out shutdown.

Some of us work during the week, so we enjoy playing until 4-5am at the weekends..

I personally like gaming, especially DOTA, and well it does worry me when I see young kids in cafe’s every day playing games, because well:

How do they pay for it?
Shouldn’t they be doing their homework?
Do their parents know where they are?
Why are they out so late alone?

And so on..

But well at some point it’s going to infringe on the rights of others due to what? Bad parenting? Irresponsible kids?

There has to be a healthy balance somewhere, or a lot of people are going to be pissed.

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Back in Brunei, Minishorts and Dawn Yang..zzz

Ok well I’m in Brunei now, which in itself is kind of depressing..I’m not sure how I’ll cheer myself up, I’ll probably do a series of my favourite food in KL or something, or blog about some of the other things I’ve cooked lately.

If you have any requests of what you’d like me to blog about, just let me know, I’m open for suggestions and I’m pretty free until Dec 22nd 馃槢

Or maybe I’ll just go around making innocent comments that get blown out of all proportions 馃榾

I arrived here yesterday morning, and did a super blog-ho post[/url] yesterday 馃槈

For those that don’t know about the whole Dawn Yang thing you can read some more here:

Who the hell is Dawn Yang?
Blogging her way to instant fame
Open letter to Dawn Yang/Yeo

Dawn Yang was number 2 most searched term yesterday in the whole blogging world, so it’s quite a storm in a tea-cup!!

She’s number 1 now..

Perhaps the next big thing will be Minishorts.

See she has a whole new fanclub.

Being Minishorts(STUPID)
I love Minishorts. NOT.

Probably post later..

Probably post a lot of times actually.

Probably got nothing better to do 馃槢

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Dawn Yang.

Is it? Discuss.

*Yes this is my shortest post ever by far*

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Is there such a thing as universal morality?

This is VERY interesting topic which was raised in one of my posts recently[/url] by a very good commenter ‘Tom’, which I skirted over briefly, it’s actually a very deep and intense topic.

The term 鈥morality鈥 can be used either

1. descriptively to refer to a code of conduct put forward by a society or,
a. some other group, such as a religion, or
b. accepted by an individual for her own behavior or
2. normatively to refer to a code of conduct that, given specified conditions, would be put forward by all rational persons.

IS there really such a thing as universal morality? Are there certain ‘things’ that are morally right and wrong across all cultures/societies/races and religions?

To a lot of people morality = religion, which to be is not a good thing, no no, not good at all.

Let’s start with an extreme example..

Let’s take 2 men, one Muslim Fundementalist (Ahmad) who isn’t too fond of pink people and one Bush Supporting Redneck American (Billy-Bob) (who isn’t too fond of brown people.

Ahmad would like to halt the westerisation of his middle-eastern region and on a bad day he’d quite like to destroy the west. Especially his American opressors who are destroying his culture and country for the sake of a few barrels of oil. He hasn’t really mixed with anyone who wasn’t from his country, he only knows what he’s seen on TV.

Billy-Bob likes to string niggers from trees and talk about how he would blow up all the brown people in the world if he was president of the united states. He hates the Indian store owner in his small back-water and has never really mixed with anyone who wasn’t related to him (including his wife).

Now for Ahmad, the destruction of the twin towers in America was an act of God, an act of solidarity, a great move to halt western oppression. It was a power play, the final resort, very extreme action, it shows how strongly people can feel about something, for him it was morally correct to do this to make a point, irregardless of the innocent people that died.

As for Billy-Bob, it was one of the worst days ever, he hated the Indian shop keeper even more and fire bombed the shop destroying the mans livelihood (which to Billy-Bob and his friends was also morally correct).

Now depending on your race, your religion and where you were born/brought up you would see each one as wrong/right, where as someone else could see if differently just like Ahmad and Billy-Bob.

Is there some strain in the human race though that tells each one of us when we are kids, don’t steal? Don’t hurt the other kids? Or is it instilled in us by our parents and society?

It’s an interesting subject that’s for sure.

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Want some cheese with that WHINE? Blog Police..

I’m just getting pissed in general with people that have a holier than thou attitude.

Who are you to tell people how they should catergorise THEIR links?

People don’t have to ask you permission to link you, they just CAN, it’s their prerogative.

Myself for example, arranges my links for MY convenience, it’s MY site, I don’t use bookmarks to read blogs, I use my sidebar, those in the first category I open every morning, if I have time, I browse through the rest, that’s how it is, deal with it. Are you telling me someone else should be in control of how I manage my time and surfing habits?

Who are you to tell people how they should blog and how they should formulate THEIR posts? Oh, you’re an editor, that’s ok then. I work in I.T. so I must go around and tell everyone how to operate their computers because they are all stupid..ok I get it.

Who are you to tell people about blogging with class and style when you can barely muster the same yourself?

Who are you to sit on your high-horse of celebrity bloggerdom when you can’t even be bothered to write your own blog so you get other people to do it.

Who are you to sit on the fence and try and please everyone, get some balls yeah? And no I don’t mean coconuts.

Who are you to think you are some super celebrity blogger with yout 1000 unique hits per day? Do you make money from your blog? Have you gotten any work from your blog? Have you gotten any endorsements? If you are like Paul Tan[/url] or Mack[/url] and make a decent amount from your blog, then fair enough, but well who hears about Paul and Mack blowing their own trumpets and telling other people what to do? No one, because they don’t.

As if anyone cares enough to ‘topple’ you, you aren’t that important puhlease, everything is NOT about you.


No this is not aimed at one person, there’s quite a group with these attitudes, they are like the Americans of the blogosphere, forever sticking their noses into other people’s business, trying to act like Big Brother or Big Sister, solve all the problems, make everyone happy, but perhaps they try a little to hard, and it’s transparently obvious they aren’t doing it because they are humanitarians, they are doing in solely for their owns benefits.

Some just chastise and preach without doing anything about it, they themselves can’t take criticism, they can’t debate logically, they can’t argue their point, if anyone says anything against them, the comments are deleted. This is purely negative behaviour not adding anything positive in any way, and well is not very ‘Christian‘ is it?

I for one wish they would fuck off and mind their own business, just like the American government.

This post is not exactly subtle, anyone with half a brain will be able to work out 90% of what I’m talking about.

Really I don’t care if this offends you, I’m not here to be popular with ‘bloggers’ or ‘fit in’ with the elitist gang, I’m here to say what I think, so feel free to flame me, because well I actually dig it.

I’m only writing this post because they are all so much more famous and popular than me, and I want hits, because I’m a blogwhore.

And no I’m not being hypocritical, I’m not telling anyone what to do, or HOW they should do it, I’m just saying, I don’t think what’s being done is correct, just or good. Or well maybe I am, so please tell me 馃槈

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The Machinist – Dark and Disturbing (Maquinista, El)

THE MACHINIST is the story of TREVOR REZNIK, a lathe-operator who is dying of insomnia. In a machine shop, occupational hazards are bad enough under normal circumstances; yet for Trevor the risks are compounded by fatigue. Trevor has lost the ability to sleep. This is no ordinary insomnia…

The Machinist[/url] is a great movie (it rolls in with a 7.7 on IMDB at time of writing), I only came to find out about it as it was shown on the ‘International’ screens at GSC, and the poster looked intruiging. Christian Bale is almost unrecognisable from his bulky muslce-bound Batman figure.

Christian Bale lost an amazing 63 lbs. for this role, making himself into a skeletal shell of 120 lbs. for his creepy potrayal of Reznik in this movie.

I will say though, this is definately not mainstream popcorn cinema, if you like films like Memento, Pi, Magnolia, Donnie Darko and Saw, then you will like this. The story plods a little, but you have to appreciate the sheer genius of the cinematography, character development and directing. It is very Hithcock-esque in parts, and has a bit of a Hitchcock feel to the whole thing.

It’s basically a story of a man, a machinist (operating heavy factory machinery) who having terrible insonmia hasn’t slept for a year, he loses weight rapidly, and starts to lose his grip on reality, he doesn’t know what is real and what is not, a scary devilish character with a wicked grin shows up to torment him more (Ivan).

The movie establishes new plotlines and new characters so smoothly you don’t feel any transition, it is I would say fairly much a masterpeice.

If you are into Brittney Spears and Spice Girls movies however, I’d say you should probably avoid this.

I would give it a very good 8/10, it’s a movie that will stay with you.

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Cooking Sausages and Mash at home!

Ok so I’m back from my little trip..

I’m lazy to write about my trip now and sort out all the photos so I’ll do that later…and all the AWESOME food I had, so now I’ll blog about something I made for dinner just before I left..

When I came back from UK, I smuggled a whole bunch of stuff back, actually I wanted to bring more, but my case was already 7KG overweight…and I left some shoes in UK and a couple of other things, so the sun dried tomatoes had to stay at home 馃檨 But I brought 5kg of cheese, bacon and sausage back, yum!

So I decided to whip myself up some sausages, mashed potatoes, baked beans and bacon!

First up peel the potatoes and cut them into cubes, the size doesn’t really matter as long as they are all roughly the same size so they cook evenly. Toss a little salt into the water and boil them until they are on the verge of falling apart.

Towards the middle of the boiling,start frying off the sausages in a little here, pictured here are 2 varieties of sausages, pork and leek and traditional cumberland.

Fry the sausages until they are golden brown and cooked throughout like so:

When the potatoes are adequately boiled, drain off all the water and add in more salt, some black pepper and a generous dollop of butter/margarine.

Then get to work mashing them up.

As for the baked beans, cook them up with a good dash of Worcester sauce and Tobasco sauce to give them a little extra kick, boil them until the sauce becomes a little thicker so the flavours are infused.

Fry the bacon gently until its pink and tender and preferably the rind is crispy, but that’s quite hard to do.

Serve it all up on a plate, best eaten with fresh, ice cold orange juice.


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