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Porn Star Weekend

Pretty normal weekend, Friday jetted from work to eat some Lala, thankfully it was open this time, most stalls are back after the Chinese new year break, including my laundrette, which seems to have been closed forever, I picked up my clothes but they smell kind of musty…been sitting their too long I guess.

Caught up with God[/url] and passed him the money for the tickets for the upcoming rave in Genting, Zoukfest[/url]!

From sunset to sunrise, Recharge@ZoukFest will cover a broad spectrum of styles, ambience and music genres representing a true global reflection of dance music. From Zouk鈥檚 cutting-edge electronic dance music, to Ghetto Heaven鈥檚 Hip Hop and R&B Mambo Jambo鈥檚 groovy retro hits and Velvet Underground鈥檚 soulful house and Latin, Recharge@ZoukFest brings together world famous deejays over three extraordinary and unique music arenas.

Should be fun, haven’t been raving forever.

Lunch was banana leaf rice, massive group, I think 13 people, somewhere in Bukit Gasing. Jojo[/url] was there too, as she mentioned the host did some magic tricks, was pretty entertaining, GT managed to get us free drinks by demonstrating a ciggarette can cut a banana leaf (not burn or tear, cut).

Forgot to take my camera so no pics, but I think Kim[/url] took some. Hmmmm haven’t taken any pics for ages, have to get some new uber food pics up soon 馃檪

Saturday went to Ikano, wappening like voltron, paid my bills, which was nice. Bought a porn star t-shirt, post title courtesy of that event, ate Gelato at Lecka Lecka and we bought 12 mini donuts, which no-one said they wanted but we managed to whack in less than 1 minute..

Then had an evening of hardcore DOTA action in Horus, was fun, haven’t played LAN games for ages, was weird at first with no delay, couldn’t play properly haha, still owned though.

Sunday just chilled, as Sundays are made for, went to SS2 for dinner, meant to buy some more RAM for my PC as it lags sometimes (only got 256MB), but computer war was closed, fucking boring day.

Fucking boring post, promise I’ll post something interesting soon, just had to update or people will moan 馃榾

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Matt Salleh at KLIA

One day, a Matt Salleh (‘whiteman’ in Malay) from UK arrived at KLIA Airport. After he checked out from the Customs, he felt he wanted to relieve himself. So he went in search for a toilet. When he found it, an old lady was sitting in front of the toilet, acting as the cashier. When he was about to enter the toilet, the old lady stopped him and asked for the payment.

Say Kok‘ which means forty cents in Cantonese, as the lady spoke no English.

The Mat Salleh was surprise and wondered why in Malaysia, they have to ‘see cock‘ before they have to enter the toilet.

So he said ‘no

..But the old lady insisted. ‘Say Kok‘ ‘Say Kok‘.

Since he has got no choice, he unzipped and took out his cock and showed it to her.

The old lady said.’No, no DUIT‘ ‘DUIT‘ which means money Malay.

The Mat Salleh misunderstood her again as he thought she said, ‘DO IT!‘ ‘DO IT!

So he asked, ‘Where? Here?

The old lady just said ‘Ya, ya‘ and nodded her head as she didn’t understand English.

The Mat Salleh thought that she agreed to have sex with him, so he stripped the old lady and made love to her. But the old lady screamed,

SAKIT! SAKIT!‘ (‘pain’ in Malay). Yet again the Mat Salleh thought she asked him to ‘SUCK IT’ ‘SUCK IT’ and so he grabbed the old lady’s breast and sucked it good and hard.

The old lady screamed again, ‘Ahhhh TUHAN‘ (Oh my God in Malay).

TOO HARD‘ Ok, I’ll be gentle a bit, alright?

The Mat Salleh replied and continued his grooving actions.

Tolong! TOLONG!‘ (Help! Help! in Malay).

Thinking otherwise, the Mat Salleh replied ‘It’s not TOO LONG, just 10 inches.

Some humour for the weekend :), have fun
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National Treasure

After buying some DVD’s in Sungei Wang, I thought it was about time I watched one of them, most were old favourites I’ve watched before and wish to watch again (Scarface, Sleepers etc) but a couple were new ones, so I settled down with National Treasure[/url].

I’ve heard from the handful of people that have seen this that it’s a pretty decent movie, and I generally like Nicholas Cage[/url] movies (Face off[/url] being one of my favourite action flicks) so it should be good. Apparently I look like him, must be the hairline 馃槢 Few times people have mentioned, most memorably was probably the hot SPG in Thai-club..


Since childhood, Benjamin Franklin Gates has known that he is decended from a long line of people whose job is to guard a treasure hidden by the Founding Fathers, who hid clues to its whereabouts in the country’s currency and on the back of the Declaration of Independence. Now, he has learned of a plot to steal the Declaration, and has only one option: steal it himself. Even if he pulls off this monumental task, keeping the treasure safe is still going to be incredibly hard, especially since the FBI has also gotten wind of the scheme.

The film is a solid, fun leave your brain at the door action romp, doesn’t require much thinking, doesn’t make much sense, isn’t very believable (but it’s just about believable enough) and has very typical ‘bad guys’ and ‘good guys’ of course the cliche chick who starts out disliking the anti-hero ends up falling for him.

It’s stretched a bit and I felt it dragged a bit in places, but overall it was pretty good, gripping and some good one-liners, if they cut it down a little if would have been just right.

There isn’t a huge amount of actions sequences it’s a little more subtle, dialogue and plot based. It’s definately a family movie too with no hardcore sex or extreme violence. It’s somewhere between Ocean’s 11[/url] and Indiana Jones[/url], and DEFINATELY a lot better than Tomb Raider[/url], a good mix.

It’s worth a watch, it’s certainly not awe-inspiring, totally original, complex, thought-provoking or any of those ‘classy‘ things, but it’s fun and entertaining, how movies should be.

I’d give it a 6.5 out of 10 (If they cut out the dragging parts would have made 7).

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Gin, Juice and Jeans

Well it feels like I haven’t posted forever, and well I haven’t, it’s been at least 3 days!

It’s been a busy time, what to do.

Friday night fulfilled a long-seated desire to get drunk, dance and go wild (a bit)…so I did, we headed out to rush after a couple of games of hardcore DOTA, caught up with a few other friends there and a amateur model chick that has the hots for me (and happens to have the most massive breasts, the faggot was salivating all night). I think she was pretty drunk by the time we got there though, so she went off a lot earlier than us, we didn’t arrive ’til near midnight. There was some other hot chicks there though so it was all good. Rush is still best, nice mix of dance music, funky house, trance, hip hop and some RnB…It did get a little bit too techno (feng tau) later on.

We went Snoop Doggy Dogg style and ordered a bottle of Gin and orange juice, man that stuff is good, real good, it tastes nice and gets you buzzin in a good way, you don’t feel really messy, but if you drink too much, beware…Both Faggot and KY[/url] went a little too far and ended up doing the technicolour yawn.

Rollin down the street, smokin indo, sippin on gin and juice
Laid back [with my mind on my money and my money on my mind]

Suan[/url] has some kinda thing against Rush, so she didn’t join us, she went to KL I think with some friend and perhaps met up with FireAngel[/url]..

Saturday took it chilled, just went to Ikano to pay some bills (got there too late though and the post-office was closed), headed to Ace hardware[/url] to buy a few things and checked out the new resturant there a friend recommended to me, Fasta Pasta[/url].

Fasta Pasta is a chain opened by a few italian guys, originally in Australia, they just opened their first branch in Malaysia, you can see the press and some of the menu HERE.

In 1982 seven Italian restaurateurs developed a small pasta restaurant in a rather inconspicuous location in the centre of Adelaide. Within 10 years this little Italian restaurant had given birth to a national chain of popular Italian restaurants – Fasta Pasta.

The founding fathers aim was to create a restaurant offering fresh pasta, speedy service and a variety of tasty sauces at affordable prices. Along with their consistent quality and high service standards Fasta Pasta gained immediate response and widespread popularity. Today over 30 Fasta Pasta restaurants serves over 50,000 customers a week throughout Australia.

The food game stunningly fast, I was actually shocked, less than 10 minutes, close to five I think, the portion was ABSOLUTELY HUGE, I mean two people can feast well on one plate, it looked amazing (wished I had my camera), it tasted heavenly and it was reasonably priced for the quality. I had ravioli and it was really, seriously good.

After stuffing myself just chilled, went home and played DOTA all night, connection was a bit laggy but had some great games.

Sunday got my ass out of bed at a reasonable time and went to KLCC[/url] to meet some blogger, namely Buaya69[/url], Yuen Li[/url], Kimberlycun[/url] and SL[/url]. Chilled in Burger King for a while, then headed to Sungei Wang[/url], as KLCC[/url] really isn’t my kind of place (Gucci? Chanel? Ferragamo? wtf gimme pirated DVD’s and Ahbeng[/url] clothes).

DVD’s are stupidly cheap now, the cheapest I’ve ever seen them actually, visit any of Uncle Ho’s outlets in Sungei Wang and you can pick-up 3 DVD’s for RM10, out of 12 I bought, I’d say 9 are perfectly clear, 3 are reasonably clear (better than good VCD quality) and all have high quality DTS soundtracks. Even grabbed a couple of new movies, National Treasure[/url] and Ray[/url], plus some old classics like Sleepers[/url] and Scarface[/url].

As always will review as I watch..

Also bought some clothes, ages since I’ve been clothes shopping, nothing special, couple of pairs of jeans and some shorts (I’ve been surviving forever with 3 pairs of jeans, one of which is big enough to fit in twice, a relic from my fat days perhaps..)

Caught up with the gang at Misai on the way back and had the best burger in the world, yes it’s still the best.

Then headed home to pass out, then it’s back to work..*sigh*

Mondays still suck, was busy as hell yesterday, no time to blog even, have been given a new super urgent project to be done by Thursday 0_0

Was supposed to go to Singapore on Monday too, for another teaching gig, but I said no, no way.

Colombo is pencilled in for March 16th, but I want to delay, for the triple birthday bash 馃檪

Movie reviews coming soon 馃檪

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Morbity & The Frailty of Humanity

It’s been a strange week to say it’s the holiday season what with Valentine’s day[/url] and all. As with any time of the year the papers of full of obituaries…but there seem to be even more than usual..

There were multiple bombings on Valentine’s day

During any festive season there are more car accidents than any other time of the year..why? Because people undertake long journeys when they are tired, without maintaining their cars (bald tyres, no oil etc.) and with heavy traffic and extreme weather (super hot, then torrential downpours resulting in greasy slippery road surfaces).

But what brought this on?

I see dead people..

No, really, I saw a dead person of unspecified gender, it’s only the second time in my life I can recall properly seeing a dead person. I’ve seen a few ‘fatal’ car accidents, but I didn’t actually get to see the corpse, or the remains of it..

I was driving home on the NKVE, I thought there was a police block as I saw the flashing lights and the traffic slowing down to walking pace..there were cones from the emergency lane out to the second lane, and I saw the flashing blue lights of police cars.

So I slowed down, prepared to stop and show my licence, but as I neared I saw the police weren’t paying attention to the passing cars, who of course in typical Malaysian style were all rubber-necking the scene. Morbid curiousity is an interesting thing, there were 8-10 cars stopped at the road side and a bunch of people propping up the central reservation gawking at the police doing their business.

Seen as though I was only going 15km/h I also decided to have a look at what was going on, it was then I noticed a body on the ground covered in a bin bag with it’s foot sticking out in a typically grotesque movie style.

It freaked me out a bit, I’d guess it was one of those Ulu Kampung (backward village) people crossing the fast, 6-lane highway. There isn’t so much traffic there, but it’s very smooth and wide road and people tend to go quite fast. I’m just glad it wasn’t me who mowed the poor fucker down as something like that truly has to traumatise you for life..imagine the visualisation of a bloody, shocked face bouncing off your windscreen as you screech to a halt.

Events like this reinforce the fact we are all going to die, and humans are fairly frail creatures, car > human, especially SUV’s with bull-bars…why the hell do you need bullbars for city/highway driving? Do you know that bullbars increase fatality when hitting pedestrians by around 70%, especially for children as the bars typically tend to be at a childs head height meaning the chance of serious brain trauma becomes almost a certainty..

The first time I saw a dead person was when I was very young at a beach on my aunts bosses yacht with my family..

I was wondering around and went to the beach, there I saw some people pulling a guy out of the water, he had gone SCUBA diving alone whilst his wife watched on the beach, pretty stupid really, you should never dive alone, always in pairs..

Anyway I saw them pull him out, he was literally blue, then the ambulance arrived, my mom came along too and I asked her “Mommy, is the man dead?”..She answered in her typically wise, logical and practical style…”Watch the ambulance, if it speeds off with the lights and sirens blaring, he still has a chance, if you see it drive off slowly, he’s gone”…

So we proceeded to watch sadly watch the ambulance slowly drive up the hill, I pity his wife most of all, who had to stand there helpless while her irresponsible husband died.

Anyway take care of yourself and your loved ones, whatever you may think, YOU ARE NOT INVINCIBLE.

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Constantine – Give Satan the Finger

Hell wants him. Heaven won’t take him. Earth needs him.

Summary: Based on the DC/Vertigo comic book Hellblazer and written by Kevin Brodbin, Mark Bomback and Frank Capello, Constantine tells the story of irreverent supernatural detective John Constantine (Keanu Reeves), who has literally been to hell and back. When Constantine teams up with skeptical policewoman Angela Dodson (Rachel Weisz) to solve the mysterious suicide of her twin sister (also played by Weisz), their investigation takes them through the world of demons and angels that exists just beneath the landscape of contemporary Los Angeles. Caught in a catastrophic series of otherworldy events, the two become inextricably involved and seek to find their own peace at whatever cost.

Yes this awesome pic is an original artwork by me, no really it sucks, I just stuck the text from the movie website[/url] onto a screen grab from the movie.

I just watched Constantine[/url], you could say I went to the cinema blind, I hadn’t heard of the movie or seen a trailer, had no clue what it was about, who it starred or anything. I quickly checked on my favourite movie site IMDB[/url], but even so there was less than 5 reviews, so there was no information.

On the way in I noticed on the movie poster it starred Keanu Reeves[/url], famous for his wooden acting but seems to somehow carry ‘cool‘ roles very well (See Matrix[/url]), perhaps to do with his ‘emotionless‘ eyes.

This a good movie, as it’s not pretending to be anything else, I’m kind of tired of pretentious wanna-be art movies..It’s fun, it’s funny, it’s thought provoking in some ways (The symbiotic relationship between good and evil, the universal yin-yang). The whole anti-smoking message was a bit in your face, but it was done well and with humour.

I watched the midnight show, which was good, added to the atmosphere, and the cinema was totally packed out, unfortunately the flick cut off a couple of times near the end during some exciting climaxes, but the blackouts were short lived, so it was ok. Was a bit annoying at the time though.

Angel Gabriel was great, played by the crazy hippy chick from The Beach[/url], Tilda Swinton.

I have to say to date, along with X-men and Spiderman it’s one of the better comic book adaptations.

It’s dark, it’s slick, it’s cool and has some stupid one-liners to bring a smirk to your face (usually revolving biblical references). It has some fairly interesting characters and some well played parts (especially Rachel Weisz). The best part of course is when Constantine gives Satan the finger, that was cool shit.

Satan was pretty good, a bit weird and scary but not cool or handsome enough, Pacino’s[/url] was still the best in Devil’s Advocate[/url] (great movie).

Make sure you stay till the credits finish though, there is another scene.

All in all, I’d give it a Kung-Fu worth watching 7 out of 10.

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Chinese New Year – Post Mortem

Chinese new year is an interesting time, a time for gatherings, eating, catching up, relaxing, drinking, eating, gambling, eating, playing with (banned) fireworks, eating and gossiping (for the aunties).

Got a few messages from friends in the UK, ate too much, didn’t drink so much this year, gambled WAY too much, got a record number of Ang Pows (Red Packets containing money) and lost a record amount gambling..

But at least my car was fixed in time and I had somewhere to go. Thanks!

New Years Eve – February 8th

Chinese new years eve is the day everyone generally gathers for a big reunion dinner involving tonnes of food, this year was no exception.

I took the day off work and spent the whole day cleaning my appartment ’til it was literally shining. I bought a brand new vacuum especially for the purpose. Perhaps will post a pictorial tour of my apparment another day, place is looking pretty good now, shame I lost half my fridge gambling, will have to wait till next month to get it..

Really shining..

After this went off for a reunion dinner at a friends place, ended up a bit late because of the intense clean-up operation (it’s auspicious to welcome in the new year with a clean house).

It was a pot-luck dinner meaning everyone that came brought a dish they had prepared (or in some cases bought). There was the usual stuff, duck, steamed chicken with abalone, fried fish, chicken feet and mushroom (the de-facto dish), amazing braised pork trotters, crispy home made wonton and some great condiments.

The mouth-watering, addictive pork trotters..

The extra crispy, super crunchy wonton..

Chicken feet and mushroom..

After this we played with some fireworks, they are pretty tame nowdays due to them being restricted, you can only get the really powderful ones in kampungs (villages).

Yes I know it said DO NOT HOLD IN HAND on the thing, but what the hell..

Spent the night gambling ’til some obscene time in the morning and losing all my money…around 250RM

New Years Day – February 9th

This is visiting day, usually the ladies/wifes will follow their husbands and go to the husbands relatives houses, in order of age, so the oldest first and so on all the way down to the youngest sibling, so a fair amount of travelling on this day, and eating an obscene amount of various types of cookies like love letters, pineapple tarts, various concoctions made out of cornflakes and numerous other treats. Should have taken pictures really but after seeing like 888,000 cookies I was getting kind of tired of them. I of course donned my brand new, unworn red Chinese New Year t-shirt, bought especially for the purpose 馃榾

Seems to be something wrong with my camera too, like the whitebalance is screwed or something, the pictures I took outside are kinda weird with odd lens flaring effects and the sky looks luminous rather than how it normally does. Will have to take some test shots.

Loads of super cute kids on this day too, they seemed to like me for some reason too..

Yes, yes I’m good with kids and animals too, bleh 馃槢

Loads of Ang Pow collections, and gambled till about 6.30am, managed to win back all my money and some, gained back about 400RM.

2nd Day of Chinese New Year – February 10th

Loads more visiting this day, was tiring too as the houses were all over KL, as far fetched as Subang, Batu Caves and Old Klang Road.

The day started at Jalan Ipoh with some decent Dim Sum, nothing special and not as good as Taman Megah.

Had LOADS more cookies and beer and traditional food (mostly the same as the first day), so need to take pictures (duck, chicken feet and mushroom etc).

More gambling this evening, but took it pretty easy, lost a bit back I think.

3rd Day of Chinese New Year – February 11th

Was supposed to do some inter-state visiting today, but it was called off so took it pretty easy, was exhausted from the night before…stayed up late gambling again and so much visiting.

Woke up some time in the afternoon and makan some left-overs and vegetarian food.

Decided it’s a long time since I cooked, so I scoped out the fridge and offered to cook dinner, of course it was gratefully accepted.

I cooked pork with shallots, fresh chilli, garlic, sesame oil, a splash or rice wine and plenty of ginger.

Some vege with mushrooms, loads of garlic, splash of soya sauce and a dribble of oyster sauce.

And an egg dish with lap cheong (Chinese sausage), a few chillis and shallots with a sprinkle of salt and pepper.

I was surprised how well it turned out actually seen as though I haven’t cooked for so long, it was delicious, they were horrified how well a gwailo could cook Chinese food, like a pro, hehe.

Spent the night gambling again till 6.30am which was a bit stupid, as had to get up next day at 9am…

4rd Day of Chinese New Year – February 12th

Stumbled out of bed after less than 3 hours sleep and headed out of the state to do some far flung visiting, had some mad good Hakka food and sat around gambling, it was bloody hot and humid, Chinese new year weather tends to be like that.

Lost a bit but not too bad..

Forgot my camera so no pictures, was an interesting place, apparently had a brothel next door, it seemed like such a nice area too…

Was absolutely exhausted..but nevertheles stayed up past 6am gambling again, some friends came over this time and losing…must learn not to push my luck…..

Check out the 6am look..(Timestamp on picture 6:12am)

Had some REALLY scary game of Between (each person puts 1 buck into the pot, you get 2 cards, you can gamble any amount between 1 buck and all, which means everything in the pot, if the card you get is ‘between’ the 2 you have, you win, if it’s not you lose, and have to pay the amount that you wagered..but this is not the worst scenario, if you gamble and you get a card equal to one of the 2 you have…you have to pay double, this is a killer, imagine if you have a 2 and a King, odds are like 90+% of winning, then you get a 2, you have to pay double..this happened so many times it was spooky, I paid out 150+ bucks on this stupid game).

5rd Day of Chinese New Year – February 13th

This was pretty much the end of it..had some lunch, packed up my stuff and headed back to PJ, went to visit a friends house for some lightweight gambling (lost my last emergency 50 bucks, won it back with 1 hand of blackjack, playing 2 hands I got double Ace and Blackjack..), walked out around even or 20-30 bucks down…not much in comparison to the 300+ bucks I lost in the last few days.

Will put a photo gallery[/url] up soon.

So a summary would be Ang Pow received, perhaps around 150 bucks, own money I had, around 300 bucks, money spent, probably less than 50 bucks, gave away around 100 bucks, total loss..

A definate half fridge of 300+ bucks, oh well, it’s only once a year 馃榾

And most of it was pwned by a damn lucky 13 year old, he has balls though I’ll give him that. I think he ended up having won like 230 bucks, I had him down to 4 bucks at one stage, but he never stopped.

Headed out for dinner at our favourite Asam Prawn place, although it was damn busy, the food took forever it was good, as usual.

Then finally got back to my super clean appartment to savour the freshness, it was the good.

Went to sleep with that horrible feeling after a long break of going back to work the next day, *sigh* so much to catch up with. No idea if the Colombo trip is on or not…will have to find out, need to start making plans for the Faggot, God[/url] and my Birthdays.

I’m currently listening to the vocal house stream from Digitally Imported[/url], and I have to say it’s totally rocking, nice vocal uplifting house. I’ve been a long time fan of both Digitally Imported[/url] and Bassdrive[/url], probably my 2 favourite online stations of course there’s also REAL radio (BBC Radio 1[/url]).

Happy New Year to all, and screw valentines day.

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Happy Valentines Day..Or not..

What’s it all about anyway, can’t we show appreciation for our lovers/boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands/wives every day of the year?

A few people have[/url] expressed their thoughts on this matter, really it’s just commercial bullshit isn’t it. Much like Christmas has become a time for showing who can buy the most expensive and flashy presents, this is not the point…I personally can’t stand commercialism and all the beautiful original meanings of the mostly pagan celebrations it has destroyed.

The true origin of Valentine’s day and it’s history is pretty much unknown, there is a lot of speculation and ideas, but there’s no fact. It’s been around since Roman times and seems to have mixed Roman/Christian roots.

What happened to St. Valentine is also unknown and how the festival actually came about, but in Great Britain, Valentine’s Day began to be popularly celebrated around the seventeenth century. By the middle of the eighteenth century, it was common for friends and lovers in all social classes to exchange small tokens of affection or handwritten notes.

Some interesting facts according to the Greeting Card Association, an estimated one billion valentine cards are sent each year, making Valentine’s Day the second largest card-sending holiday of the year. (An estimated 2.6 billion cards are sent for Christmas.)

Approximately 85 percent of all valentines are purchased by women. In addition to the United States, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, and Australia.

Cupid is often also associated with Valentine’s day, the child like winged cherub with the bow and arrow of love. The son of Venus, the Roman goddess of love. In Greek mythology Cupid is known as Eros, son of Aphrodite.

In UK when I grew up it was mostly known as a day where you send secret messages to those you admire or wish to date, good for those shy people, apart from the fact that the cards are sent anonymously, so the receiver doesn’t know who they are come. Those ‘popular’ boys and girls at school always used to get hoards of cards, for those sad kids, you just got 1….from your MOM. I like this concept, it’s kind of cute.

Nowdays those it’s just become another hugely commercial affair when roses cost 5 times the normal price, dinner costs you an arm and a leg and at the more expensive resturants you probably need to sell a couple of internal organs on Ebay to finance your food. It’s lost it’s true meaning, I learnt a good lesson when I was young. My mom told me she would scold me if I ever bought her flowers on Mother’s day, why because they are 5 times the price of any other day. She said she’d much prefer if I bought her flowers now and then through-out the year. It makes sense really, when I was small I used to make her a card from stuff lying around the house and perhaps pick some flowers from the garden, with hindsight I can see this is a much more meaningful thing anyway, I didn’t waste my money and I put some though and creativity into the process. For those aspiring romantics, heed this advice for valentines day too. If your S.O. (Significant Other) doesn’t appreciate this, then dump em…if you have a girlfriend expecting a Gucci bag or something expensive just because it’s valentines day, well it could be social convention or peer pressure..but it’s still a bad thing right?

Seriously get a grip.

Let’s show appreciation for each other everday, boycott commercialisation and if you really must do something, be creative, be imagination, be truly romantic, spending a lot of money on something tacky isn’t the way forwards, honestly.

The moral of this story is, Valentine’s day, STICK IT UP YOUR ASS.

More at: Anti-Valentine.[/url]


P.S. Chinese New Year report coming soon..

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Kong Hei Fat Choy / Gong Xi Fa Chai

Happy year of the Rooster, let the year of cock be a good one 馃榾

May it bring you health, wealth, happiness and prosperity.

Health makes things possible, wealth makes things work, joy makes thing beautiful. May you have all three as you begin this new year.

Am pretty busy eating, sleeping, savouring not working, drinking, receiving ang pow and so on.

Will post more after it’s all over, it’s the second day of Chinese new year now, first night was dinner gathering, yesterday was all day going to different houses and eating lots of cookies (I mean lots)..

Plenty of sumptuous feasts (will post pictures later, highlights would be pork trotters, yum!)..

It’s the year of the Wood Rooster, you can check out Suan’s highlights.

There is a good article HERE on how Chinese New Year is celebrated in Malaysia.

More information on how the calendar differs is available HERE.

Enjoy the festive season.

Random posting will resume shortly.


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The weekend has passed…

At least it’s a long holiday this week, am going to take tommorow off and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are public holidays for Chinese new year and another festival that falls on the second day of Chinese new year, so carries to Friday.

Weekend was fairly normal..

Friday night finished work, went to eat the Lala, becoming almost a Friday ritual. After that went home and played some DOTA but my PC kept insisting on hanging, definately time to reformat.

So I spent Friday night/Saturaday morning reformatting my PC, finished around 8am, will post a technical post later. It’s sweet now, just need some more RAM as it chugs a bit when I got a few things running at the same time.

Saturday got a call that my car was fixed at around 4.30pm, called the office to find they closed at 5pm, so rushed my ass off to pick up KY[/url] and get to Jalan Ipoh, got there and found it’s only half done, but it’s still amazingly fast and they did a really good job, from what it was, to how it is now.

Better than before, I was going to have the bonnet resprayed anyway as it was in a bit of state.

Shiny like new!

So picked up my car then headed over to Cheras for dinner, had some great weird crispy noodles, shame I didn’t have my camera. Saw the infamous humping hill aswell, pretty nice view, can see KLCC and when it’s clear you can see all the way to Genting.

Then back home to pound some DOTA.

Sunday had lunch at Ikea and bought a couple of things, a lamp for the bedroom and a table for beside the Sofa, place is coming along now…still need some gas though so I can cook!

Dinner went for the trust Hokkien Mee and Ikan Bakar (Grilled Fish) combo.

Awesome Hokkien Mee, one of the best in KL at Chow Yang, SS2.

The dude cooking his Ikan Bakar

He looked so happy that I had to take a proper picture of him, he was truly chuffed

The result, stingray with ladies fingers.

And of course my signature aftermath picture..

Will go and buy a vacuum tonight so I can clean up the place for Chinese new year.

Faggot and Suan have disappeared back to their home towns, and KL is pretty quiet.

Cyberjaya is ever deader than usual.

If you want to drive around KL with no traffic, Chinese new year is the time to do it.

Will be going for a lot of dinners over the next few days, so expect to see more good food pictures!

KY[/url] has started a blog over at blogspot, it’s pretty funny so I suggest checking it out:

KY Speaks[/url]

I’ll link to him if he keeps up posting and it doesn’t die of like most do, after the initial spurt.

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