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Went into the office yesterday to submit a report on the Brunei assignment, it was well received, which is nice. It looks like Colombo is definately delayed, until when I’m not sure, I’m petitioning to have it postponed ’til 2005, then at least I can spend Xmas and NYE even in the big smoke with my loved and cherished faggots and various others. Gonna be a big Xmas party aswell, with some sexy santa action, lots of alchohol, dancing and fun if I have anything to do with it.

Caught up with the faggot trio last night, went for dinner with God and his Saint, had some great La-La, gai juk (chicken congee), Satay and tried the Perak style Asam Laksa, was pretty ok. The La-La was really good! No pictures to make you all salivate though, will remember my camera next time..

My trusty Canon A70[/url] is still under Warranty thankfully as it’s developing the dreaded E18 error..

Got rid of the chicks and God, then picked up TheGreatFaggot and had some boys talk and beers. It was schweet, missed those guys and talking about weird stuff like Teabagging in a public place 😀

Went home and worked on some stuff…having an off day tommorow to get my appt sorted, so have a few things to catch up with. Had supper at some bizarre time. Still feeling pretty crappy today, need to buy some multi-vits and get some Lemsip!

Made a massive list of stuff I have to do…and buy, first on the list still curtains, looks like I’ll have time to get it done though before I leave again which will be nice..might go and see how long the sofa would take too, and I’ll go and get the TV cabinet sorted tommorow, perhaps move my TV across too 🙂

Downloading some Christmas albums now, awesome!

Get that xmas spirit on the go..

It’s gonna be a great week any which way, thanks.

Suan went to see a play last night too, so she wasn’t there, you can check her post about it[/url].

Btw Suan, congrats on your 100th post 😀

Am listening to BBC Radio 1 right now, if you wanna be cool like me listen to it. (Favourite shows Fabio & Grooverider of course, Chris Moyles, Sunday Surgery and Radio 1 Rap Show with Tim Westwood the original Wigga).




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2 Responses to International Man of Geekery

  1. TheGreatFaggot December 12, 2004 at 8:09 am #

    No More New Stories to Tell ?

  2. ShaolinTiger December 12, 2004 at 8:09 pm #

    Coming soon, no net connection at home 🙁

    Will post later today..

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