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Ok so I went to this secrets of face reading seminar thingy by Joey Yap:

Secrets of Face Reading

Malaysians and Feng Shui enthusiasts from across the region including Singapore, India, Indonesia and as far as Australia and Spain turned out in full force for Joey Yap’s Secrets of Face Reading seminar, held in Kuala Lumpur on the 14th of August 2005 at Nikko Hotel. Despite the haze situation, it was a full house, with over 1600 participants attending this event to learn more about the ancient Chinese art of Face Reading or Mian Xiang. The haze it seemed, fazed none of the attendees, who were set for an exciting, entertaining and utterly scintillating day of learning how to read a person’s face.

I believe a bit in Metaphysics, I mean it has some basis in science, mostly though the term Metaphysics is just a new fangled word to get rid of the mysticism and ‘voodoo’ associated with things like Feng Shui and Face Reading.

But well they still aren’t based on hard science right? So that leaves me sceptical still being a scientist at heart.

I mostly try and be open minded though, I’d still say though, unless the ‘advanced’ course is a lot different, it’s something like horoscopes and astrology, there are a lot of rules and areas on your face (The 12 Palaces) and the main features (The 5 Officers) plus a small area for each year up to 100 (The 100 Year Map).

The Palaces cover stuff like Career, Wealth, Health, Children and so on.

The 5 Officers are your mouth, nose, eyes, ears and brows.

The 100 year map is just 100 points on and around your face which donate any good or bad stuff that should/might/will (depends on how much you believe) happen in that year.

There are 2 main techniques of reading which are fixed position reading (reading using just one position on the face) and multiple position reading, where a combination of facial features is used to arrive at a conclusion about a person’s destiny and luck (more advanced, as you combine together the officers, the palaces, the map and arrive at a conclusion).

It’s still hard to say though what it’s based on, I mean some of it’s pretty obvious, as it’s due to skull shape, and bad genetics (Very widely spaced eyes, thick brow bones etc).

And from what I gathered it best to be fat all over and bald (everything being fleshy is good, high forehead is good).

So big nose, big forehead, big ears, fleshy cheeks, fleshy chin, balanced fleshy lips etc etc is good.

Perhaps this is the most prosperous man ever?

I think it’s perhaps based on features from the olden days when being fat was a sign of prosperity (you had money to eat), now it’s not so relevant as people pay to be slim, aim to be slim, yearn to be slim.

Joey kept harping on about the ‘old classics’ and well yeah they are old, so what makes the knowledge imparted by them relevant?

Bear in mind these are just the thoughts that came into my head during the seminar, I’m sure he could answer them, charming fella he be.

He is a very good speaker, very animated and apparently funny, but as all his jokes were in Cantonese, they weren’t funny to me. Thanks Joey.

Anyway it was interesting enough, I’m always open to checking out new things, I still remain sceptical though, but well if you want a horny partner, look for someone with a thick lower lip.

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Jeff Ooi[/url] was sitting beside us too, but he hasn’t commented yet.




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