A New Watch (After SO Many Years) – Seiko Premier Kinetic Perpetual SNP023P1

So watches and photography, an intersection of 2 things I love – and 2 things I haven’t paid attention to for a long time.

In 2006 I started my watch journey with a pair of automatic glass backed Seiko 5 watches (his and hers, aww so sweet) and not long after that in 2007 I went for a really gorgeous Seiko SNFK11K – also automatic.

I posted about that one – Seiko Resistance IS Futile – SNFK11K Automatic Watch.

And well, that’s kinda where I ended it with watches for a while – I had a couple of G-shocks (GDF100-1A) and I got a watch for my wedding (Tissot PRC100 Titanium) which I don’t wear that much.

Which is sad, because there are a couple of Tissot watches on my wish list (I LOVE the Visodate).

So ya sometime last year, I started a watch wish list ranging from “Ok I can afford that this decade” to “OMG I need to sell a kidney” kinda price.

The top watch on the list was the Seiko Sportura Perpetual Kinetic SNP055P2, which after some research I decided was ever so slightly too casual and just by chance I found Seiko has almost the same watch in their ‘Premier’ collection which comes with a fancy clippy watch strap (security clasp like metal bracelets) the SNP023P1.

My birthday was coming up, and I decided to get it for myself as basically since Liam has been born I haven’t really bought myself anything worth mentioning.

I was torn between two models initially, basically the same watch with a black face or a white face.

After some reading (the general consensus is white face is more versatile, casual and also smart) and I was just drawn more to the white face with the brown strap as that’s the look that attracted me to the SNP055P2 in the first place (brown strap black face).

I then faced the problem of finding one, as it’s no longer in production and most people don’t keep enough stock to have this kind of watch on hand – but I did manage to find it on Bodying.my here. So boom, here it is!

Seiko SNP023P1

The reason I was drawn to this series in the first place is my 2 main problems with Analogue watches, automatic watches stop working if you don’t wear them for a little while (most have a reserve for less than a week) and adjusting the date (February every year, leap years etc) which is really annoying and slow on most watches and if the date is wrong I can’t wear them..so I don’t wear them – which is silly I know.

With 232 parts, which is almost the same number as other high-class mechanical chronograph watches, and the world’s smallest ultra-sonic motor, just 0.4 mm thick, the Kinetic Perpetual caliber sets a new standard in Perpetual Calendar watches. The Kinetic movement operates at 100,000 rpm – quite crazy!

Seiko SNP023P1

The Seiko Kinetic Perpetual series solves all of the problems I have with analogue watches, the date will be correct until the year 2100 and fully charged the watch can store enough power to know what time/date it is for 4 years – which is a long time. No battery changes too.

I just love the technology of it too, if you don’t wear it for 24 hours the hands stop moving, but the date still keeps moving – so when you pick it up the date is right and the watch hands move around until they reach back the correct time. It’s so cool to see it do that!

Seiko SNP023P1

It has all the stuff I want too (bar day of the week) – day, month, leapyear and a bonus 24 hour time dial (in case I forgot if it’s day or night).

Here’s the fancy security clasp strap, love it! No more buckling and unbuckling (that kinda annoyed me the last time I went for a leather strap haha). I prefer the look of leather straps, but the utility of metal bracelets – this is a nice combination of the two.

Seiko SNP023P1

And yah, it’s a good looking strap too!

Seiko SNP023P1

The month and leap year indicator is combined into one dial, the pointed hand shows the current month and the rounded end shows the leap year (status) with right now being +3 that means next year (2016) is a leap year.

Seiko SNP023P1

This remarkable calendar is also governed by a photo sensor, which recognizes a certain mark on each gear and judges, and corrects the date, day, month and year, including February of leap years.

Seriously the tech inside this watch, is truly impressive.

I am happy! Fairly happy with the pictures too, forgot how hard watch photography was (all those reflective surfaces!).

Happy birthday to me!

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CNY Spring Cleaning & Having a Tumble Dryer

So Chinese New Year has just passed, a pretty chilled time of year. Visiting, plenty of eating and drinking, lots of hanging out..but just before CNY the hard work happens – Spring Cleaning (not my favourite part of the year haha).

And it’s a rather weird CNY, as usually it’s SUPER hot and bone dry, but this year it was pouring down – especially on CNY it was raining buckets! How to wash clothes and stuff like that, had to wash Liam’s new CNY duds, sheets, curtains etc.

The rain was epic, and even during and after Chinese New Year it just doesn’t seem to stop. I thought it was supposed to be the dry season now? Haha.

CNY Rain

It was getting really hard to dry our clothes, let alone do a spring clean! Liam’s clothes and blankets and stuff kept getting wet again! Even though we have a roof to cover the drying laundry, it was that torrential sometimes the rain went sideways..

CNY Rain

So we had to keep washing his stuff again! You may or may not remember the Washing Machine Review (LG WD-CD1307VM) I posted up back in December, but fortunately for us – this model has a tumble dryer too.

A great example is, our guest room sheets..we only have 1 set haha as it’s not used that often – and we like to buy new sheets.

Guest Room Sheets

So when my Mom came and we realised we had to wash the sheets..on the day she was arriving..having a tumble dryer is a godsend. Same for the CNY weather, it can be washed, dried and back on the bed within a few hours – too cool!

Off the bed they come!

Take off sheets

And into the machine they go!

Into the machine!

It’s as easy as choosing the program you want (in this case cotton) then pressing the Dry button – boom! It’ll Wash, Rinse, Spin and then Tumble Dry.

Dry Cycle

A couple of hours later, and out it all comes – clean, fresh and lovely and warm.

Clean, Dry Sheets!

Liam approves of clean (and dry!) clothes to play with haha.

Liam & Washing Machine

The full range of machines available from LG can be seen here – Washer Dryers (our machine).

You can check out the current year end promotions from LG here – LG Malaysia Promotions.

As always drop any questions in comments below, and yes – I still enjoy washing clothes haha.

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Kaizen’s Left 4 Dead 2 Config Version 1.1 – Kaizen_L4D2_cfg_v11.zip Download

So I love playing Left 4 Dead 2, especially multi-player with friends, it’s just a really fun game – it’s pretty old now (it was released in 2009) but it’s till looks pretty good and is really fun to play and not too expensive (Steam link).

I found this config that makes the fast paced game a little easier to handle, it boosts FPS, uses a better cursor, brightens things up a bit, improves accuracy through network settings and a few other tweaks.

Overall it does make my game better, and recently I wanted to install it on the office computer but had immense problems finding it to download. So when I eventually did find it, I thought I’d better post it here without all the spam, ads and malware for people to get hold of it easier.

So yah, here is Kaizen’s Left 4 Dead 2 cfg version 1.1 – Last updated Nov. 21, 2009

Kaizen Left 4 Dead 2 Config cfg


Place this file (autoexec.cfg) into your Left 4 Dead 2 CFG folder, on my computer (Windows 7 64-Bit) this was the location:

C:Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Left 4 Dead 2\left4dead2\cfg\

To Remove

Simply delete (autoexec.cfg) and (config.cfg) found inside this folder:

C:Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Left 4 Dead 2\left4dead2\cfg\

Steam Launch Options

For an additional performance boost, customize your command line launch options for Left 4 Dead 2 in Steam before starting the game.

1. Go to “My Games” in Steam
2. Right click “Left 4 Dead 2″ and select “Properties”
3. Select “Set launch options…” and enter the following:

-w 1920 -console -refresh 120 -heapsize 1572864 -high -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms -noipx -nojoy

This is for a 24.5″ Dell monitor 1920×1200 resolution, so find the correct resolution for your monitor to add to the -w option.

Launch Options Explained

-w 1680 Sets resolution to 1680×1050; for 16:10 widescreen monitors – tweak as necessary
-console Enables developer console; so you can press ~ to enter commands
-novid Disables the intro movie, speeds up game on start-up (doesn’t seem to work in L4D2 yet though)
-refresh 120 Forces 120hz/120fps refresh rate on monitor (if available)
-heapsize 1572864 Allocates RAM for the game; see table below for calculating optimal values
-high Forces high CPU priority
-noforcemaccel Forces desktop mouse acceleration settings
-noforcemparms Forces desktop mouse button configuration
-noipx Disables IPX network detection, local LAN (slight boot time improvement; you may need to remove this for LAN parties)
-nojoy Disables detection of 3rd party gamepads and controllers (slight boot time improvement)

Heapsize setting

Modify the heapsize command to allocate 50% of the RAM you have in your computer (NOT video card memory!) in bytes.

Formula = RAM (in GB) * 1024 * 1024 / 2

1GB -heapsize 524288
2GB -heapsize 1048576
3GB+ -heapsize 1572864

Since L4D2 is a 32-bit application it is believed to be capped at a maximum of 3GB of RAM. Setting heapsize to a value beyond this may crash the game.

Kaizen_L4D2_cfg_v11.zip Download is here:


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100PLUS Outrunner Race Against The Machines in Putrajaya

So this past weekend I headed out to Putrajaya to check out the 100PLUS Outrunner Race Against The Machines event happening out there in the federal administrative centre of Malaysia.

It was pretty hectic out there as 10,000 participants signed up for the three Outrunner races in a short span of two weeks – 7,000 for the 9km and 12km competitive races and 3,000 for the Race Against the Machines (RATM) fun run – which led to registration closing ahead of the one-month deadline.

Parking was tight, and there were people EVERYWHERE, which gave the whole place an incredibly uplifting energy and nice vibe. With Putrajaya usually being so quiet, it was a nice change to see it buzzing.

This was the flagging off for the 6KM Race Against the Machines – everyone was super excited!

100PLUS Outrunner

Here’s the VIPs flagging everyone off, literally, with flags…

100PLUS Outrunner VIPs

Here’s a short video of everyone starting the 6KM Fun Run:

There was fireworks with the start of each race too, which was really cool!

100Plus Outrunner Fireworks

It’s an interesting concept, and not something I’ve seen before where Drones take an active part in the race hunting down participants to take one of their 3 “Lives” by scanning a large barcode on their shirts. 100PLUS New Grip Bottle throughout the race were given a bonus Life.

The barcode can be seen below:

100PLUS Outrunne Barcode

The drones were armed with powerful searchlights, HD cameras and could travel at up to 57km/h – so really not easy to evade. The part I thought was really awesome was the fact those at home could sign up as Drone Masters who had a chance to operate the on-board cameras on the drones to “fire” at the participant and take as many clear pictures of the barcodes as possible.

One of the 4 powerful Banshee drones:

100PLUS Outrunner Drone

A total of 2,800 Drone Masters participated in the event – great concept indeed.

The first 100 runners to finish the race without losing all their “Lives” received medals and certificates while the top 30 Drone Masters each received RM100.

Everyone was having a great time taking pictures everywhere of course, it’s the social media/selfie generation.

100Plus Outrunner

It was great to see everyone having to so much fun, as it is well you know a Fun Run!

100PLUS Outrunner

Ran into Huai Bin/Sixthseal over there too, which was nice – haven’t seen him for a while. We had some fun taking pictures with the 100PLUS related props.

100PLUS Outrunner with Huai Bin

It was a really cool event, well organised and not too chaotic – they are aiming for more people next time so that will be amazing!

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A Letter To My Mom

So.. Mom is back to cold, snowy England after spending a glorious 5 weeks in sunny (sweaty) Malaysia with us and her new grandson. Although she does actually like winter, well seasons in general. Which Malaysia doesn’t really have. We have hot, or hot and wet.

I’m sad though, honestly gonna miss having her around. We’ve had a really good time this year. Xmas together, giggling together with Liam which is always magical. Great food (mostly home cooked), a few exciting outings to quiet shopping malls. Xmas shopping and amazing gifts all around.

Just generally happy times.

When I wrote this she was somewhere midway between KL and Dubai, where she’ll spend almost 4 hours before heading home to Birmingham. Near where I’m from, the small cathedral city of Worcester, yes where the sauce is from (Lea & Perrins).

I had a fairly turbulent childhood and a fairly troubled teenage period, mostly due to my dad. My mum was always there for me and did a truly amazing job. Honestly we’ve not always had an ideal relationship the past few years. Mostly because I needed to figure myself out and I have an unfortunate natural propensity to be a sharp tongued, snarky asshole. It even came up at a recent work review, the exact word was snide. Which yes, at times I still need to work on.

As clichéd as it sounds, you only truly value what your parents did for you (especially your mum) when you have a child yourself and you’re like ‘HOLY SHIT THIS IS HARD’ even with unlimited Internet access.

So yah, we were poor, we had hardships but I have a LOT of amazing memories with my mum. She’s getting old, clumsy and forgetful but I truly appreciate what she did for me. When she was over 40 and I was in my late teens, my dad had enough of me and wanted to throw me out of the house as soon as I hit 18. My mum went to Uni, took on 2 jobs, still cooked dinner and got herself a degree (including a foundation because she left school at 15).

Pretty amazing.

After that she got herself a car (yah my family had our first car when I was about 19), a decent job and left my dad so I’d always have a safe place to call home. I worked for a full year so I could afford tertiary education and helped mum do up the ex-council house she’d bought in rather disreputable area. Which didn’t bother me as I was a rather disreputable chap.

And off I went to Uni, which is a whole other story.

So basically for my entire childhood, my mom looked after me, taught me, nurtured me, inspired me, protected me (sometimes physically) but mostly mentally, filled me with a love for food and travel and generally made me a decent human being. And I was quite a handful, so I know it wasn’t easy for her. She has almost infinite patience. We couldn’t afford much, but she always made sure I had what I needed, and she’d bust her ass to get me what I wanted as well.

But at the same time teaching me the value of money along the way, I started working when I was 14 selling charity magazines door to door and she’d be right there with me, rain or snow helping me each step of the way. Newspaper rounds when the load was too heavy on Sundays (Sunday papers are HUGE) she’d pull the trolley until I could manage it. When I went to Uni I could cook, clean, operate a washing machine etc which surprised me when most 20 year old couldn’t. All down to my mum.

I reconciled in some form with my dad last year, after not speaking to him for about 12 years – which I think made her happy and brought her some kind of peace too.

Sometimes we just need to forgive, let go and move on.

It’s hard, but also necessary as I’ve learnt over time. I honestly hope he gets to meet Liam too, as I hold no grudges any more. He’s honestly not too healthy (mind or body) due to the ravages of long term alcoholism and his diet (his idea of vegetables is baked beans). But whatever had happened is water under the bridge and I’m honestly too old to be blaming my parents for any issues I still have.

I genuinely believe he’s sorry for his transgressions and he seems happier that I at least visited him for a few minutes.

1981 Skiing Zell Am Zelle

Skiing in Austria paid for by a gambling win no doubt.

Life goes on eh? It’s gonna be a lot quieter with my mom back in England that’s for sure.

* This was originally written on Dayre, but I thought I should probably share it here too.

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Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year For 2015!

I had a wonderful xmas and I hope you did too, my mom was over from the UK to visit for the festive period (and to visit her new cute grandson of course).

Merry Xmas 2014

We had some friends over, we had some epic food (I made siu yuk and bbq pork ribs!) and great gifts (although the presents were mostly for Liam this year haha).

Xmas Spread

I got amazing presents from my wife though, some super cool Rayban sunglasses and something I’ve wanted so much I almost cried when I opened the present – a Sony Z3 – my old phone was getting really decrepit.

Xmas Pressies!

Of course we had amazing desserts too! This year we had green/red meringues to make eton mess with – yum!

Xmas Eton Mess

Had a truly awesome day, thanks for all who came :) Here’s to an incredible 2015!

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LG Washing Machine LG WD-CD1307VM Review

Introduction – LG WD-CD1307VM Review

Somehow, we managed to live for 10 years without actually owning a washing machine – yes..TEN YEARS. In the previous apartment, and in this house for the past 4 years – we even have a spot in the back yard with a plug point, drain and tap.

Finally a Washing Machine! - LG WD-CD1307VM Review

I guess it just never got prioritised, there’s always something more fun, more shiny, more hedonistic, more useless to buy. Utility items are not really romantic and often get pushed way down the list and are only gotten when you REALLY need them.

The dobi (laundry) is near our house, charges reasonable prices, has great service and has never given us any real reason to not go there. Apart from the occasional holes in my clothes, odd socks missing and so on (more on that below).

You can read about Kim’s side of the story here: The single best improvement of our life since Liam besides Liam….


  • Inverter Direct Drive System (smooth & quiet)
  • 6 Motion (gentle on clothes)
  • Durability (with 10 year warranty)
  • Intelligent Washing System (senses contents & optimizes water levels/cycle time)
  • Space Saving (washer & dryer in 1 unit)
  • Various wash modes
  • Time delayed washing


The main features lead to energy savings (inverter and because there’s less friction), the washing performance is better and more gentle. And the motor is the main reason that attracted me to LG with the direct drive there’s no belt to break/wear out and they give an industry leading 10 year warranty on the Direct Drive motor.

Also it’s a large capacity front-loader, front-loaders use less water, less energy, spin faster, heat the water hotter, clean clothes better (and more gently). The downside is of course front-loaders tend to be significantly more expensive.

Having a Washing Machine!

The installation was pretty simple, the technicians did it for us – they did a great job and explained the features of the machine well. It’s every important to make sure your washing machine is seated level on the ground so the drum spins properly and doesn’t damage the motor (hence my spirit level on top of the machine).

LG Washing Machine Installation

I spent the first few months of Liam’s life hand-washing his tiny little clothes, there was a batch to do almost every day – it’s amazing how much laundry a little tiny baby can produce (booties, gloves, onesies, bibs, swaddling clothes, our clothes, sheets etc with his pee/puke on it).

And it multiplies, on a bad day he can have 3 changes of clothes, cause us to change clothes and sometimes make us feel like we want to change our sheets too. So it was becoming unsustainable to be using only the dobi and hand-washing. Here’s him with his clean duds, clean sheet, clean blankets and clean all the things :)


We used the dobi for a long time (regularly for 10 years), here’s my pros and cons:


  • Very little effort required, just drop off the clothes, pick them up clean, folded and sorted
  • Clothes are clean and dry
  • Convenient
  • Easy to get things ironed straight after
  • Large items are packaged and wrapped neatly for storage (sheets, duvets, protectors etc)


  • Commercial washing machines are rough (holes in clothes, burst seams etc)
  • It takes time, minimum 1 day, usually 2
  • It’s costly compared to washing at home
  • Don’t know what kind of washing detergent they use
  • All washes are the same, can’t do other stuff like was shoes, gentle washes, intensive wash
  • Have to dry out smelly sports clothes at home (not pleasant)

I bought this t-shirt from Marks & Spencers and I really love it (and it was quite expensive) and the first time I washed it at the dobi…it came back with holes in it – gutted.

Holy T-shirt

Also one more really bad con, was I used to use the dobi in my appartment complex long ago and once when I was away for a few weeks on a work assignment…they closed down and disappeared. And yah, all my clothes were there – all my favourite clothes!

One of the great things I found about this machine in particular too is it has a shoe mode (not sure how common that is) – but my shoes are stored outside and got super nasty/dusty/hairy etc and were basically unwearable.

LG Shoe Wash Mode

The shoe mode is basically especially designed for washing shoes without damaging them – super useful!

Shoe Washing

But after a round in the machine, boom as good as new – couldn’t believe it. I can finally wear all my cool sneakers again (I had a really sloppy slippers only period, which I’m over now haha).

There’s some other useful features too like the Intensive wash mode for my stinky sports clothes, a built in tub cleaning cycle (the technicians recommend doing this about once a month, you can buy tub cleaning solution from Cosway).

I also really love that it calculates how long it’s going to take to complete the selected cycle and displays the time remaining on the front, great for planning when you need to hang the washing out.

LG Washing Machine

The scheduling is useful too, it shows the number of hours until the selected cycle completes – good when you want to wash some stuff late at night and hang it out the next day. I honestly didn’t feel like running/playing badminton so much because of the stinky clothes I generate – now it’s not a problem.

Seriously I can use 3 t-shirts in one badminton session + shorts, boxers, 2 towels and so on. Previously they would be festooned all over the house stinking the place up – now they are in the washing machine as soon as I get home and washed/hung-out before bed time. So awesome.


So yah, having a great time so far – no real cons with the machine I’ve noticed so far. It’s super quiet and doesn’t vibrate even during fast spinning, it looks good and suits our design aesthetics (which is a bonus of course). Not a big fan of the traditional white enamel style washing machines, this grey/silver spaceship look suits me much better.

The RRP for this machine is RM5499 – worth every cent if you ask me. I’ve already written so much about it, I’ll have to talk about the drying feature some other time. It’s super easy to use, I love it, in fact the first few days after getting it I just kept washing stuff because it was so fun and easy haha.

I put a load in just now actually.


If you have any questions, do ask in the comments below I’ll do my best to answer.

The full range of machines available from LG can be seen here – Washer Dryers (our machine).

You can check out the current year end promotions from LG here – LG Malaysia Promotions.

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Less Than 4 Minutes On Sky News

Yah, that’s what I appeared for recently haha. I did a short segment on SkyNews regarding the Sony hack and the possibility of it being a North Korean cyber warfare strike.

Sky News Logo

Short segment but I think we covered quite a lot of ground, I’d love to have talked about it a bit more – but well I looked like a dishevelled hobo with a cool flaming mario t-shirt.

It’s a pretty interesting story and I did a summary post about it on Darknet here: Sony Pictures Hacked – Employee Details & Movies Leaked.

Yah my claim for fame this month haha.

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My Experience With Uber vs MyTeksi In Malaysia

So yah, if you live in Malaysia you know about the taxi situation. I’m pretty sure we’ve all had some experiences with the poorly maintained, rude, cut-throat taxi drivers that are one of the worst things about this beautiful country.

Even if you don’t take taxis much (like me), you will experience them driving like absolute dicks on the road. One even banged me before, Stupid Taxi Drivers..

Uber vs MyTeksi in Malaysia

Taxi Drivers in Malaysia are Known For:

  • Not wanting to use the meter.
  • Refusing the journey if it’s too ‘short’, too ‘long’
  • Refusing or charging extra because it’s vaguely jammed along the way
  • Refusing or charging extra because or it’s raining.
  • Driving like idiots (not signalling, stopping abruptly, blocking traffic etc)
  • Having poorly maintained cars
  • Having smelly/smoky cars
  • Playing weird music
  • Talking crap
  • Not knowing how to go to the destination (or sometimes where it is)

There’s more, but yah – you get the gist of it. Anyway, thankfully in the past few years there’s been a few startups trying to address this issue. I did try radio cabs (Sunlight) before when my car was in the workshop for an overhaul, and well that didn’t go very pleasantly either – No Taxi – Malaysian Taxis Are Teh SUCK.

So yah, I’m super grateful for MyTeksi, EasyTaxi, Taxi Monger and more recently of course (with all the drama attached) – Uber.

Anyway, recently I’ve had quite a few events in KL and Bangsar, and I decided not to drive, so on both occasions I took MyTeksi from home to the venue, and Uber back. Partially because where I live (in the ‘burbs) there are no Uber cars, and partially because I wanted to compare the prices/service etc. As I’ve heard quite often Uber, works out cheaper. So yah, here is my take on Uber vs MyTeksi In Malaysia.


MyTeksi Logo

So MyTeksi has been around quite a while, now generally known as GrabTaxi (regionally) because the localised spelling of Teksi made no sense outside of Malaysia. They are well funded, and just got another $65 Million USD (Taking the total to $90 Million USD).

They exist to solve the problem with errant taxi drivers in Malaysia and allow some kind of rating system, plus removal of drivers from the system that get bad reports against them. All drivers must use the meter.


  • Pretty easy to find a taxi, wherever you are in KL (even in my ‘burb)
  • Easy to use app
  • Usually get a taxi quite fast

My experience on the whole with MyTeksi has been a positive one, the app has worked well, the taxis have always arrived in a timely fashion, been polite, driven well and charged according to the meter.


  • It’s still a Malaysian taxi..many are badly maintained, old, smelly etc
  • Can be hard to find a taxi when it rains or during rush hours (even though are a lot around, no-one accepts)
  • The drivers still really actively choose if they want to pick you up or not
  • The receipt is basic and doesn’t let you know the cost or show you the route the car took
  • Can cost more than Uber (especially if there’s traffic etc)
  • You need to carry cash, there’s no other way to pay in Malaysia
  • If the driver did overcharge you, there’s not much you can do


Uber Logo

So Uber is a fairly new contender on the block and has caused a lot of drama recently with the issues of legality, the threat to the taxi industry and so on. It’s been around since 2009 and is also heavily funded, but just came to Malaysia fairly recently.

It’s like a ridesharing + limo service app – which is cool.


  • If there is a car in your area, it has to come and it will. The drivers are employed.
  • The cars are clean, new and comfortable (I’ve had a Camry both times).
  • The drivers are polite, ask you if you like the music and drive well
  • The cars often have free mineral water (great if you’ve been drinking)
  • You don’t need cash
  • Splitting the cost of a ride is super easy
  • If the driver went the wrong way, Uber will correct the fare and give you a refund
  • The receipt is very detailed and even shows you the route you took on a map.

Uber Route


  • It can be hard to get a car, especially if you aren’t in central areas (KL, Bangsar etc)
  • Can be expensive if it’s a really popular time (multipliers)

Honestly I’m really struggling here to find any negatives with Uber.

As for the cost, the first trip which was from my house to KL center (Starhill) the Taxi from MyTeksi cost RM48 (mostly due to the epic jam) – the estimated fare was RM21-32. The return trip with Uber cost RM31. The 2nd trip was more similar, with the Taxi it was RM30 (from my place to Bangsar South) and to come back with Uber was RM32.

If I have the choice, Uber will always be my #1. If no Uber cars are available then I’ll use MyTeksi.

If for some reason, you haven’t yet signed up for Uber, please do so here:


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