Couch-to-5k – Week 1 Workout 1 Conquered!

So I didn’t count my first try, because I only got half way through (I did about 1.04 miles in about 16 minutes and then collapsed).

I had my rest day, as I should, then today I retried the first workout with new, more reasonable speeds. After some reading, a jog should be quite slow, you should be able to hold a reasonable conversation and drink water when you are jogging.

If not, you are probably going too fast, or actually running. That’s what happened to me on the first day, I had my brisk walk at 3.5mph and my jog at 7mph – which is actually pretty fast (almost an 8 minute mile, way too fast for a beginner).

So I went down to 3.5mph for my 5 minute brisk walk warm-up, 3mph for my walking intervals and 5mph for my jogging intervals. It was still a good workout, but I didn’t collapse and I made it all the way through.

I even used the first minute of my cooldown to do a quick 1 minute 7mph run 🙂

Couch-to-5k Week 1 Workout 1

Not too bad, ended up at 1.84 miles in 30 minutes 🙂 That’s approximately a 16 minute mile overall, and a 12 minute mile for the running sections (far more reasonable) and would have me doing a 5km run in about 50 minutes (that’s more walking than running though). Onwards and upwards!




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