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Recharge 3 : R3velation 2005 (Port Dickson)

So we are off to Recharge 3 tonight, last time we were freezing our balls of in Genting[/url], this time we’ll be on the beach in Port Dickson Marina area. Port Dickson, Admiral Marina Hotel 20th August 2005 6pm till late RM 30 + 2 drinks (RM40 + 2 drinks on the door) Zouk KL […]

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The BEST PPS Second Bday Bash Post and Photos of ALL

Ok so here it is, bloody raw and uncut, I’m home, I’m fed, I’m sweaty and I’m ready to post. This is definately the best PPS Bash post of all 馃槢 It took as long as one of Kenny’s posts, and it was interupted half way through so I could go and watch H2G2 at […]

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Racial Bias in Malaysia and Religious Differences Part II..

Well my last post Racial Bias in Malaysia and Racism in General..[/url] caused quite a stir, reaching almost 70 comments, many of which are very high quality. Thus I vote myself for seen as though it’s that time on the calendar! (). BTW seen as though I can’t actually vote for myself, you can all […]

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Tioman, Salang Indah – First Dive of the Season

As I mentioned in my last post, my friends were heading to Tioman[/url] on Friday night after work, so I tagged along.. I dutifully went to work on Friday, finished a bit early to beat the jam, came home and prepared my stuff.. Knocked out a couple of games of DOTA, then headed off to […]

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Road Rage Incidents in KL & My Experience

They are on the rise..there have been a few fatalities too..people stabbed to death, beaten into a coma and so on. There are adverts on the radio too about ending up in prison because of road rage, must be getting serious. Even our own kena before.. I have a bit of rage now and then, […]

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Zoukfest – The Aftermath

So yesterday along with 8000 other ravers we all headed up to Genting[/url] for Zoukfest[/url], the event of the year with people coming from Indonesia, Thailand and the Phillipines to join our party. We all headed up in separate cars after lunch, God[/url] was first to reach I think along with his friends. Got there […]

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The Miscalculation & Malaysia Blogs

Oh dear, I’m left 4 bucks in my wallet…not even enough for lunch.. Is it wrong that I buy cigarettes rather than food? Definately? But who cares.. It’s been an expensive month with the sofa..the summons[/url], getting a phone line, streamyx, eating too much ..oh well it’s been enjoyable, but I’m feeling the bite now. […]

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Malaysian Bureaucracy and the Summons Fiasco

Well the clampdown has finally begun as reported by today.. Source: If you’ve been following my posts, you’ll have noticed I had some summons, and I had to work my ass off to get them paid…they make it so fucking difficult. Now this whole shennanigan hasn’t exactly been well publicised, I’ve seen one tiny 1/4 […]

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Clubbing, Prawns and Pwns.

Well it’s been a good weekend, and it’s not over yet! It’s past 5am and I’m sitting here listening to some old school best of Otis Reading (yeah I got eclectic tastes), chatting complete bollocks to some random stranger on MSN and well writing my blog (duh). You can consider the below Dim Sum post […]

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