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I Drove An Aston Martin V8 Vantage In Malaysia!

And no, it wasn’t in my dreams! I’ve always been a huge lover of Aston Martin, a proper homegrown British luxury car marque. Although it’s debatable if Aston is still really British or not (partially Kuwaiti owned now). The actual car I fell in love with was the Aston Martin Virage Volante convertible. Anyway a […]

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Bad Week – Need Some Guinness Draught!

So yeah as I mentioned I’ve been having a generally bad week last week…..my chair broke – which buggers up a lot of things (lot’s of pictures to process, blog posts to write, We Ate This needs updating and so on). Then I mashed up my car bumper in Plaza Damas looking for somewhere to […]

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Star Celeb ‘Photo Contest’ at Loft – 3rd Prize Winner!

So a while back I went to Bed to take some pics for a photo contest, it turns out that I won a prize! I didn’t know which place, I was just asked to head along to Loft in Heritage Row (Just opposite Bed funnily enough) to collect my prize last Friday night at 10pm. […]

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Smirnoff Black – Straight From the Freezer

I love me some Smirnoff black, neat, straight from the freezer – shame mine is almost finished. It’s one of the smoothest drinks around – I always keep a bottle in my freezer. It’s always ready to pop me a shot and get me going before I head out for a wild night. S for […]

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Sabahan Tapai – It’s Good Stuff and it’s not Tuak!

So one of Pats’ friends came back from Sabah I think, or somewhere over that side of East Malaysia, and brought is a bottle of Tapai, or local Rice Wine (Tuak is from Sarawak right?). You can buy it for a small fortune in some posh bars in Bangsar, which will give you a headache..but […]

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Laundry Bar @ The Curve – The Launch – April 17th

So last night…it was Monday night and I was at the opening of the Laundry Bar at The Curve in Mutiara Damansara, just next to Fitness first, it was a dual opening Italianies and a retro urban bar called “Laundry”. Which is indeed an odd name, as many people walking past proclaimed “Why this Dobi […]

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