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Damn HDD Failure Sucks – Dell SOS PhotoStory Contest

I’m not sure how long you’ve all been reading my blog, but if you’ve been reading it for 6 years there’s a slight chance you may remember this post: No I WONT fix your #%$!#@ PC! & Some FREE tips If you didn’t read it, or well even if you did – go read it […]

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Star Celeb ‘Photo Contest’ at Loft – 3rd Prize Winner!

So a while back I went to Bed to take some pics for a photo contest, it turns out that I won a prize! I didn’t know which place, I was just asked to head along to Loft in Heritage Row (Just opposite Bed funnily enough) to collect my prize last Friday night at 10pm. […]

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Shong Lee Photogenic Contest – Part II

For those not interested in the GayPOP saga, here’s back to normal programming for a post 馃槈 The Shong Lee Contest, a behind the scenes look and the 1st prize winner! These were taken with a super wide angle zoom at 10mm, who else shoots catwalk with 10mm, just me! The contestants! There were quite […]

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