Them Old Raving Days

How I remember these mad moves, and how I envied Leeroy from The Prodigy back in the day with his mad moves, which I believe to be the precursor to the Melbourne Shuffle. Also envied his job, which was ‘Rave Dancer’.

Yeh…this what what he did for a living, went to raves, sucked on a babies dummy and did rave dancing!

This takes me back, I vividly remember ravin’ to this track when I was about 15 – it was a monster back then.

The Prodigy and Altern 8 just took it to another level, this video one really captures the underground rave feeling (yah I used to hit up all the gypsy raves in unused warehouses and even went to one in a disused Church!).

This was released in 1994, I started raving in about 1993 and hit my real top level rave in Leicester (Die Hard) on my 16th birthday in 1994. This my my raving era!

Altern 8 – E-vapor-8 & Altern 8 Activ-8 still two of the most MASSIVE rave tunes ever, gives me goosebumps listening to it again.


Another class – Ratpack – Searchin’ For My those blim burns in your nylon adidas track pants…I was sitting in the corner….

More classic rave – SL2 – Way in my brain – loved this one.

Along with SL2 – On a Ragga Trip..

Those were the days, raving till the sun came up…memories.

After that it kinda shifted into Happy Hardcore for a while, Cheesy Quavers we called it…manic stuff. If you don’t know what it sounds like, it sounds like you need to neck a lot of speed to understand it:

I drifted off into the world of Drum and Bass – which is where I am still am, with a good dose of Dubstep of course. BTW love the meld between DnB and Dubstep too, check this track out – Modestep – Sunlight.

This video really captures the scene well too and the tune has a wicked oldskool feel, I LOVE Chase & Status – wish I was in London right now cos they are playing at O2 (Brixton Academy) on October 14th..

If there’s any movie that really captures the feeling from that era – it’s Human Traffic – I can watch it over and over again. Which reminds me I haven’t watched it for a good while.




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One Response to Them Old Raving Days

  1. KY October 6, 2011 at 9:27 am #

    this reminds me of the epic rave at genting we went to like 15 decades ago.

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