Dubstep – The New Big Thing – Dirty Filthy Wobble – Stop Brostep!

It’s been a while since I wrote about music, back in 2008 actually – Squarepusher (Tom Jenkinson) — Crazy Man, Crazy Music – so it’s about time I wrote about my new fascination – Dubstep.

Dubstep isn’t a new genre of music, it’s actually been around a really long time. It’s just started hitting mainstream success in the past couple of years though and in the past 6 months ago it’s just blown up with big artists like deadmau5 pushing new Dubstep acts like Skrillex.

Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in south London, England. Its overall sound has been described as “tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals

From Wiki.

I did used to listen to it way back when it was still eskibeat, it came from a mix of grime, 2-step (AKA garage) and the darker elements from my favourite genre – drum and bass.

I actually liked it in the early days, but didn’t like it when I tried it out again not that long ago – but then after the deadmau5 concert I gave Skrillex a try and it was pretty banging. This is probably the most common Dubstep track you’ll hear:

This is what you can consider ‘beginners’ dubstep, along with stuff like this:

Anyway those are pretty decent tracks, but get massively overplayed. If you want more stuff like that (we call Brostep – cos it’s kinda soft and upbeat) you can look for Flux Pavilion, Skrillex, Nero, Rusko Bassnectar and similar artists. High pitch vocals, some wobble and there you go – brostep.

Unlike Dubstep where sub bass is key, Brostep places more emphasis on ratty high frequency samples and oscillators that arent even low frequency. Toss in a few hip hop vocal samples and you are well on your way to being the worlds next big Brostep producer.

One thing I really love about dubstep (much like DnB) is the MASSIVE amount of awesome remixes of old songs, stuff like this:

REALLY love this one:

My favourite genre though is the REALLY filthy dubstep, nasty, face melting stuff that will make you poop in your pants. It makes your nuts vibrate because the subwoofer is having a spazm.

These are the kind of tracks that float my boat:

Be prepared to have your face blow off:

This is a classic:

That’s just a few anyway to get you started 😀

I find most of the tracks from google, hype machine and from Turntable.fm of course – MASSIVE dubstep following on there.

The biggest most commercial room is the dubstep main room:

Dubstep (They mostly play all the ‘chart’ stuff and it can get very repetitive).

The slightly dirtier room is:

Filthy Dubstep Wobble Nation (Not a bad room, depends who’s playing).

And the filthiest of all is:

Dirty Dubstep (This is usually where I am dropping absolute nasty pant filling filth).

But there’s not always people in there, but when there are – it’s a face melting room! Anyway that’s all for now, I’ll drop some more filthy tunes on here later if anyone likes it 🙂




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