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I HATE Plaza Damas

Ok so to continue my particularly bad week….

My chair breaks, my car gets damaged and then my computer starts playing up….I didn’t even have the mood to tidy up the apartment which is starting to resemble some kind of paper recycling plant/rubbish dump.

Anyway, I went over to Plaza Damas to get some pancakes at Paddington’s (a little disappointing) and I was on my way out, the machine to validate my parking ticket was broken, so I went to find another, drove around and around, and decided to go up to look.

As I was peering down the various nooks and crannies to attempt to locate the evasive machine…I went up a ramp without looking properly. I didn’t realise it was FUCKED and it was going to crush part of my car.

Suffice to say I heard a noise that made me hope it wasn’t bad….but accept the fact there was some damage.

Little did I know the front spoiler would be crushed..

Crushed Spoiler

Yeah it doesn’t look that bad, but trust me…it’s just what I REALLY don’t need right now.

Hopefully my new chair will arrive, push me into an energetic fit of cleaning, my computer will work fine…after I replace it’s new power supply (bought a 650W Coolermaster REAL POWER PRO from Digital Mall at the weekend)…and everything will be hunky dory for the end of the year.

Will post about that later when I get it in.

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We Ate This Featured in The Star!

We Ate This was syndicated in The Sunday Star Metro section to be specific, after only 2 posts!

The Star

More over there:

We Ate This Featured in the Sunday Star – Metro

And updated with one of my favourite places to grab some Italian food.

Spicy Prawn Fettucini

Italiannies – Italian Food Pasta, Pizza and Salads – The Curve

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One Chair to Rule Them All – Raynor ErgoHuman Mesh Chair

Well as you’ve already read, my chair unfortunately broke in the middle of my Live and Loud processing spree…

I’ve got a bunch of other stuff to update about too, grr!

Anyway I’m back in the office so here’s a quick update (was in Malacca yesterday).

I noticed a while back A M-Office Group was having an end of year sale (Up to 45% off), I was thinking about upgrading my chair anyway seen as though I spend so much time sitting on it.

We spend a fortune on phones, shoes…clothes and food (for me) so I thought why not spend a bit on my back and get a decent chair.

I’m not getting any younger, so my chair breaking forced my hand and off I went to Plaza Perabot LDP (AM Office is there on the first floor).

They sell a lot of models of office chairs so I knew I’d have a good selection to choose from, the Raynor ErgoHuman Mesh Chair did pass through my mind too – but I thought it was rather expensive and outside of my budget (capped at RM1500 for sanity sake).


You know – the one Boss Stewie was dreaming of owning..

And the one that Yong Fook bought.

I tried out a few chairs, not had a high enough back to support my head..or were comfortable.

So the chap pointed out the Ergohuman, proudly displayed at the front…so I tried it out – orgasmically comfortable it was.

So I checked the price….and it was inside my budget with 30% discount from the original price of RM1788 it came in at about RM1295 (the leather version around RM1550).

I tried both the leather and the mesh version, but thought the mesh version would be better as I don’t use air con at home so with leather my ballsack might stick to the chair…which would be bad.

It’s adjustable in about every direction and caters up to my size (6’5″ is their recommended max), so the headrest fits perfectly and it definitely has the best lumbar support of any chair I’ve tried – you can see here:

So now I’m just waiting – it’ll arrive on Monday or Tuesday.

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Damnit – No more updates for the moment!

Until I get a new chair..

I was busily editing some pictures, getting ready to post then I heard some odd creak from the chair – I turned it upside down to have a look but it seemed fine all the mechanical parts were in place and there were no loose screws or bolts..

So I sat back down, then I realised I was at a odd angle, as I reached down to feel the settings I crashed backwards and landed on the floor.

Broken Chair

I then rolled up to check out the situation, the chair was a gonner, the 4-way plastic part at the bottom had snapped completely.

Chair Snapped

Just when I have no money to replace it – what a pain in the ass! Now I have to get out there and find a new chair. I went to AM today – but they were closed. I’ll have to drop by again tomorrow.

My trusty chair that’s seen me through 3 years of blogging and picture editing has bitten the dust.

Anyone want to buy me a chair for xmas 🙂

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Live and Loud 2007 Part 3 – Elliott Yamin Live

The act a lot of people have been waiting for! Elliott Yamin! If you don’t know much about him you can read up more on Wiki Elliott Yamin.

He was third-place finalist on the fifth season of American Idol and is famous in the mainstream for his song “Wait for You”. You can check out the song on Youtube here – Wait for You.

It’s the performance of the night a lot of people were looking forwards too and the artist a lot of people specifically came to see.

It was unfortunate on two parts – it started raining as he came on, which wasn’t too heavy thankfully. And he didn’t cross over to the main stage – so the people there didn’t get to see much of him.

He came on with his band and started setting things up, got things going.

Elliott Yamin and his Band at Live and Loud 2007

It was fully dark by the time he came on which made the lighting much more dramatic, especially with the rain.

Elliott Yamin and Crowd

Pretty big crowd when he started singing, and pretty pumped.

Even wet and sweaty he continued singing like a true pro.

Elliott Yamin at Live and Loud 2007

Well the concert was ‘rain or shine’.

He spent some time on the catwalk thing right in the middle of the crowd, which they really appreciated.

Elliott Yamin at Live and Loud KL 2007

He really rocked the show.

Elliott Yamin at Live and Loud KL 2007

There was quite a crowd – umbrellas and all.

Elliott Yamin

And that was Elliott Yamin.

Elliott Yamin

A very soulful guy, very humble and nice too. I managed to pass him my card in case he wanted any of the pictures and he actually e-mailed me!

So I’ve sent him some pics over, looking forwards to seeing them on his Myspace when time permits.

More on Elliott’s Myspace here.

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Live and Loud 2007 Part 2 – Hannah Tan Live

So after James Taylor Quartet at Live and Loud 2007 came Hannah Tan!

Thanks so much Hannah for getting me access to the stage, backstage and the chance to mingle with the stars. It was an awesome experience!

To all the detractors Hannah CAN sing, even Suanie said so and she’s brutally honest (mentioning Whitney’s belly).

The setup was good, nice choreography, some piano work and some up-beat songs.It was a shame it was still daylight though as the light was rather flat and she had some good AV stuff and lighting.

She came on initially amongst a flurry of dancers decked in Blue and White.

Hannah Tan and Dancers

Working the small but enthusiastic crowd (Plenty of shouts “Hannah we love you”).

Hannah Tan at Live and Loud 2007

After that she got a bit warm and took her coat off – much to the crowds delight.

Hannah Tan Singing

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Live and Loud 2007 Part 1 – James Taylor Quartet

Ah so Live and Loud 2007 – the most anticipated music event of the year! The largest stage to hit Asia – the same one used for Live Aid.

It had a pretty start studded line up with International favourites like Whitney Houston, K-Ci & Jojo, James Ingram, Kool & The Gang, Mint Condition, Dionne Warwick, Shaggy, Elliot Yamin, Lil’ G of Silk, Rick Price, James Morrison, James Taylor Quartet and more of course.

Alongside well known local talents like Hannah Tan, Dayang Nurfaizah, Jaclyn Victor, Joe Flizzow, Anuar Zain, Adibah Noor, Hazami, Noryn Aziz, Zainal Abidin, Nikki, and Dina (of Malaysian Idol fame).

I managed to catch the first night which was An Evening with Dionne Warwick in Shangri-La.

But Turn on the Pop was the big day with all the big stars and my friend Hannah Tan of course.

Hannah managed to get me full access so I could wonder around on the stage, backstage and basically wherever I wanted to. This went for ALL acts apart from Whitney Houston – but more on that later.

I went to explore around the stage and see what it was like, sadly the light was a bit flat in the beginning – we reached there about 4.30pm, Hannah was set to go on at 5pm. There was hardly anyone there so early. The weather was pretty nice though so it was good just to hang out.

Live and Loud 2007

Some dudes were playing when I first arrived but I had no idea who they were, shortly after that James Taylor Quartet came on and rocked it up with some jazz.

James Taylor himself tuning up.

James Taylor

The rest of the quartet strumming away.


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I Hung Out with Elliott Yamin at Live and Loud 2007 – Malaysia

Man Elliot rocked the show and Shaggy was just plain awesome.

Elliott Yamin at Live and Loud 2007

Elliott Yamin, you’re a really nice guy – was a pleasure to meet you. He even sang through the rain.

Elliott Yamin at Live and Loud 2007

Will update more soon – exhausted now…stood up for about 10 hour straight yesterday.

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Restoran Busy Corner – Claypot Chicken, Prawn and Beef Rice – Damansara Jaya

One of my favourite places to eat – Restoran Busy Corner

Restoran Busy Corner - Claypot Prawn Rice

New post at We ate this :

Restoran Busy Corner – Claypot Chicken, Prawn and Beef Rice – Damansara Jaya

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An Evening with Dionne Warwick in Shangri-La, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia for Live and Loud 2007

Ok so here we are, the full write-up! When I mentioned Dionne Warwick at the Shangri-La – Kuala Lumpur there wasn’t much response, so sadly I can assume not many Malaysians know WHO Dionne Warwick is?

Well read this for a start: Dionne Warwick at Wiki

She’s pretty much the second best female vocalist of all time after only Aretha Franklin and also note that out of the Billboard Hot 100 top pop singles from 1955-1999 she’s #20 out of 200 artists.

Anyway, that aside – on to the event! We arrived about 7+ for the ‘cocktail’ reception – yeah with no cocktails only sirap ais or water. And this dinner is RM1000 per head, for the cheap seats! Apparently seats in the middle were about 3k per head and I hate to think how much the front row of tables cost.

Dionne Warwick at Shangri-La KL

So what else to do while waiting, pose a bit la!


Pose la

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