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Ok So It Was The Power Supply – New Cooler Master Real Power Pro 650W

Last week when I was mid-way processing my Live and Loud pictures…my chair broke, shortly after that my computer started freaking out – just what I needed right? I thought the graphics card might be corrupt as the screen kept freaking out and it kept disappearing to the computer, but it only happened when I […]

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One Chair to Rule Them All – Raynor ErgoHuman Mesh Chair

Well as you’ve already read, my chair unfortunately broke in the middle of my Live and Loud processing spree… I’ve got a bunch of other stuff to update about too, grr! Anyway I’m back in the office so here’s a quick update (was in Malacca yesterday). I noticed a while back A M-Office Group was […]

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Damnit – No more updates for the moment!

Until I get a new chair.. I was busily editing some pictures, getting ready to post then I heard some odd creak from the chair – I turned it upside down to have a look but it seemed fine all the mechanical parts were in place and there were no loose screws or bolts.. So […]

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If your boss had a gay chair…

..would you be worried? I was. (And no I didn’t put it there)

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