Live and Loud 2007 Part 1 – James Taylor Quartet

Ah so Live and Loud 2007 – the most anticipated music event of the year! The largest stage to hit Asia – the same one used for Live Aid.

It had a pretty start studded line up with International favourites like Whitney Houston, K-Ci & Jojo, James Ingram, Kool & The Gang, Mint Condition, Dionne Warwick, Shaggy, Elliot Yamin, Lil’ G of Silk, Rick Price, James Morrison, James Taylor Quartet and more of course.

Alongside well known local talents like Hannah Tan, Dayang Nurfaizah, Jaclyn Victor, Joe Flizzow, Anuar Zain, Adibah Noor, Hazami, Noryn Aziz, Zainal Abidin, Nikki, and Dina (of Malaysian Idol fame).

I managed to catch the first night which was An Evening with Dionne Warwick in Shangri-La.

But Turn on the Pop was the big day with all the big stars and my friend Hannah Tan of course.

Hannah managed to get me full access so I could wonder around on the stage, backstage and basically wherever I wanted to. This went for ALL acts apart from Whitney Houston – but more on that later.

I went to explore around the stage and see what it was like, sadly the light was a bit flat in the beginning – we reached there about 4.30pm, Hannah was set to go on at 5pm. There was hardly anyone there so early. The weather was pretty nice though so it was good just to hang out.

Live and Loud 2007

Some dudes were playing when I first arrived but I had no idea who they were, shortly after that James Taylor Quartet came on and rocked it up with some jazz.

James Taylor himself tuning up.

James Taylor

The rest of the quartet strumming away.


The singer was awesome (Yvonne Yanney), and they really knew how to work the crowd – Mr James Taylor loves to jump up and down..

James Taylor

But then again he should with 150 gigs in a year once…that’s one every 2-3 days for a whole year!

Yvonne Yanney

Yvonne Yanney

Rocking the stage

James Taylor Quarter at Live and Loud 2007

And throw CDs to the crowd, shame he didn’t chuck one to me.

James Taylor with Free CDs

Next up Hannah Tan live!




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