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You might remember I was stationed in Brunei quite a few times and for an extended period, I did make some friends there and one of them had a band on and off.


Indie new wave punk electro taking references from bands such as
Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, Bloc Party, White Rose Movement, The Knife etc to more older music like Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, The Cure, The Clash and Joy Division.

The band promote hipster fashion wearing D.I.Y T-Shirts skinny jeans and really beat up converse and sometimes, if required eau de toilette on special occasion. Chix dig it! ha. So watch this space coz they are the first band to create a hipster scene in Brunei. They plan to create a wave of hipster culture and music. Irony is the key. The music is quirky, intelligent and approach from art school point of view and its really dance friendly

It seems he’s taking his band more seriously now and they are doing well, they recently played at Paula Malai Ali’s sisters wedding and have a few other gigs. You can find some pictures of their gigs here.

The first thing I would do is recommend listening to their songs! You can do so here:

i mean THE SNAKES (You can try here too – but it’s very slow for me)

Cats n Dogs is especially catchy!


My friend is the second one from the right.

I’ll be trying to help them get some gigs in KL when they come over towards the end of the year.

i mean THE SNAKES – look forward to seeing them in KL Soon!




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  1. chris November 23, 2007 at 9:26 pm #

    hey hey, she makes me walk in the sunshine! sunshine!

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