Help the Flood Victims in Johor Directly

A bro of mine with a big loving kukujiao is setting off down to Johor again to give some aide directly to the flood victims (On the 27th January, this weekend).

So get your donations moving fast!

Rather than giving to some organisation which happens to get siphoned off to buy durians for some minister…I prefer to give to this guy and his kind hearted 4×4 drivers who are willing to drive down and lend a hand.

I shall then use the money to go buy stuff and then sent them down south. An update on the first batch of stuff we brought down was that all are passed out to the families around that Kampung Jawa area, the uniforms we brought to school there and passed out to those who came to school without wearing school uniforms.

The details for payment are available here.

Send your donations to the details in the post above.

Notice: Please retain the slip, and those who transfer, please print the receipt or print screen.




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One Response to Help the Flood Victims in Johor Directly

  1. weeks January 26, 2007 at 6:27 am #

    i sapot kukujiao’s work…
    help from people to people..not atas to bawah…

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