Xmas Eve Party – I was Sober..

Yeah wtf is that about, I’ve been hungover every xmas day since I was about 13..

I just really couldn’t bear the thought of drinking anything last night at all.

We were greeted of course with some nice xmas decor!

The disco lights were in full effect, not much dancing though..

There were of course many close encounters of the hot chick kind.

There was a nice stack of presents for the gift exchange.

Me and Paul totally didn’t drink…even FA didn’t get so wild, I think we were all still cautious after the legendary chaos the night before.

Midnight we sung carols and woke up the neigbours haha.

It wasn’t wild this year though, the police didn’t come at all.

There was a load of random people there I didn’t know and they just sat at the back and didn’t talk to anyone, didn’t dance etc..

The same old culprits having fun as usual 😉

We did the gift exchange after that, Kim was number 1, and having not learnt her lesson, she took the biggest gift.

Looks nice doesnt it?

Well it was…A TOILET SEAT

It was Carol’s b’day too, so happy birthday Carol 😉

She got wasted as usual after like 3 drinks.

I didn’t take many pics as I wasn’t really in the mood.

You can see some more at Suan’s[/url] and Reta’s sites.




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9 Responses to Xmas Eve Party – I was Sober..

  1. eyeris December 25, 2005 at 1:14 am #

    I couldn’t bear the thought of alcohol during MY party as well… GROAN…

  2. suanie December 25, 2005 at 2:21 am #

    kekekekkekekeke merry xmas!! muaks

  3. cyber-red December 25, 2005 at 5:14 am #

    woahh what was Kim and I doing? LOL

    merry x’mas hunk

  4. jean` December 25, 2005 at 6:40 am #

    wheeeee finally met u!

  5. Shaolin Tigress December 25, 2005 at 9:21 am #

    Hi big guy, I’ll take you in any way 😛

  6. Shaolin Tigress December 25, 2005 at 9:30 am #

    I want some of those bangers in my mesh

  7. Kuzco December 25, 2005 at 12:06 pm #

    dude you …umm…prospered..

  8. foodcrazee December 25, 2005 at 10:43 pm #

    Merry Xmas dude!

  9. DK December 26, 2005 at 12:07 am #

    The police didn’t come? Then its not wild enough. Try harder this coming New Yr Eve.

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