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Suan is Famous! – I should be too!

Image from Peter Tan[/url]

So cute ha Suan!

And it’s all because of me bwahahha!

Actually I was in the paper first some time back, but that’s another story and for another reason.

I was interviewed a while back by the Wall Street Journal for an article about ex-pat bloggers, I doubt it will come to anything though, they are probably just fishing for articles and see if anything good comes up as they have a lot of resources.

It’s good to see a proper article about bloggers though, not just another cheap spin story or cheap ass bad publicity.

Blogging is not just a fad, nor is it a vehicle of scandal as is often portrayed in the media. Some Malaysian bloggers are churning out memorable stories about their everyday lives.

There’s the quote from the start of todays article in The Star

They did pieces on Peter Tan[/url], Minishorts[/url], Suanie[/url] and Kenny Sia[/url].

Anyway if it wasn’t for me Suan would still be using some dodgy HTML editor and geocities probably, PLEASE ALL THANK ME!


I am have stomach cramps, it are painful.

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Streamyx has been sucking my nuts this weekend..

Whole day yesterday I couldn’t connect to MSN, today I’m having trouble even browsing, I’ve checked the News page and there is no announcements for this period..


I’m so bored too, there is a reason I can’t go out, which I may disclose later, when the reason no longer exists, I’m tired of being a hermit, SOMEONE TAKE ME OUT PLEASE.


I might just risk it and head to 1U see if they have any tickets, Batman[/url] should be good choice as there are like 15 showings today.

I want to watch Mr and Mrs Smith[/url] too…

Anyway I’m gonna go kick the router some more..


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How I Hacked The Star’s E-mail

Ok it sounds like a sensational topic, but it’s actually true, it happened quite some time back (January), but I sat on it for some time to give them a chance to fix it.

Even though I believe in full disclosure, we have to be responsible to vendors and organisations too.

Basically it went down like this, I sent an E-mail to the editor of The Star[/url] about my feelings on the Malaysian Summons system and my post about it[/url].

He clicked on the link from a web based e-mail system and came to read the article, in doing so he passed a referal string to my site (This is a string holding the information of where you just came from, so if you came from a google search on donkeys I’ll get the referal string

So in the referal string I got from the web based e-mail page, contained the session ID for the Editor who was reading his mail, this session ID wasn’t cookie based, or machine based, it was just a Session ID, which enabled me to log straight into the Editors e-mail..

The referal string I got was something like this:

Xf3969c9b9d9b929c9a9e6012d8ab in this case is the session ID, simply by entering this link into my browser I could access the editors mail account, I tested and I could change everything except the password (as I don’t know the existing password) but by sending mail from this account I could probably social engineer the password to be changed.

I could read all of the mail in the inbox and other folders

And change any settings I want..

I ever gave them a more accurate signature:

If everyone is using this webmail system I could easily hijack their accounts too, this would be done by sending a HTML mail with a simple image imbedded inside, hosted on my domain, when the mail loaded it would load the image remotely (which your webmail allows I checked) and I would have the referer URL again in my weblogs with the relevant session ID.

Again I could just paste this into my browser and access the account of anyone using this webmail software.

It shows the current state of Information (in)Security in Malaysia.

I did of course e-mail them as soon as I found at and told them how to fix it.

This is just for your information.

On a similar note, if any of you have heard of The Global Malaysian Network[/url], again under the control of The Star[/url] was programmed insecurely.

The Global Malaysian Network is an initiative by The Star Malaysia ( to facilitate networking and to tap into the resources, knowledge, skills, investment and contacts that Malaysians can offer to other Malaysians wherever they are in the world. The directory requires members to submit their personal details including their name, marital status, postal address, contact details, professional/occupation information and even educational background details.

Due to bad programming practices and unchecked variables there are several SQL injection vulnerabilities in the web application that powers the GM Directory. By manipulating the input strings a malicious attacker could potentially compromise the security of the database server and disclose any content within the database including private and sensitive information of the Directory members.

Owned by my friends over at Hack in the Box yesterday.

So The Star, I reckon you need to buck up your ideas when it comes to Infosec 馃檪

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Reservoir Dogs – The Beginning

They were perfect strangers, assembled to pull off the perfect crime. Their simple robbery explodes into a bloody ambush, and the ruthless killers realise one of them is a police informer. But which one?

Ok I’m back on a spanking new dual xeon server in the same data center as Wall Street!

To continue with my look at classic movies, this film is the definition of a cult classic, not so mainstream as Pulp Fiction, few people had watched it when Pulp Fiction[/url] game out, it gained popularity when people went back to watch it after. Even though it’s an old movie (1992) it still ranks up there at number 73 on the top 250.

It has some classic dialogue, some infamous scenes and a brutal efficiency not seen before, it’s also chronologically mismatched, introducing each character one by one, like in the later films the story threads are re-arranged, most of Tarantino’s films start out with the end.

When Taratino made this movie he was a young nerdy bum, working in a movie store, totally obsessed with movies, running his own movie theme nights, watching as many movies and buying as much movie stuff as possible. Somehow the script got into the hands of Harvey Keitel, and that was it, Quentin and his partner had no money…so Harvey pumped some in to take them to New York for casting and he got some other people involved, he also co-produced the film and added some weight to it.

It’s shows what having someone ‘big’ on your side can really do.

The thing to notice is, this movie needs great actors, yes there is some violence, but it’s 95% dialogue, it’s not an action movie, these criminals are afforded superior intelligence, and are each unique characters, which get explained along the way. And it’s mostly shot in one location, the warehouse.

Tarantino’s genius does show through in parts of the movie, like the infamous torture scene, where Vic Vega puts on the radio and is dancing around to Stealer’s Wheel – Stuck In The Middle With You. It’s a light and bouncy song, playing through-out the torture scene…so you are already guilty of enjoying it, you enjoyed the song, you enjoyed Vega’s dance, so now you get the hard-stuff. If you look at it this way, it’s pretty sick, but it works, and has the desired effect.

It was also the first movie with what’s now become one of Tarantino’s signatures, the 3-way face off.

I rate this movie a decent 7/10

A good start to Tarantino’s career, and certainly made an impact, not perfect, but engaging and well executed.

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Server moving

Ok so my host has been having some problems with the current data center, so we are shifting the boxes to another data center, I’ve told them exactly how to do it, to negate any down time, or desynch in data.

The current transfer is from 12th June, so it’s now 3 days out of date.

Those posts on my site and those hosted by my service would be lost, so I’ve asked them to do it a different way, it should be fine.

It was supposed to be transferred overnight, last night, but it wasn’t, they were busy, so it should be done this morning, then Suan and I can update again, yay!

If you are technically inclined ping

If you see:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>ping

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time=271ms TTL=48
Reply from bytes=32 time=271ms TTL=48

It’s the old server

If you see:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>ping

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time=271ms TTL=48
Reply from bytes=32 time=271ms TTL=48

It’s the new server, so post a comment or sommat 馃槢

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What’s the problem with nudity? & Kindergarten Journalism

Well I mean to write about this yesterday, but I forgot and got sidetracked by Pulp Fiction[/url]!

Anyway if you didn’t know, theres been a big brouhaha about Sarong Party Girl[/url] and her posting a nude picture of herself on her blog.

I’ve read her blog for quite some time, she writes well, is articulate and has an interesting life, a very colourful polygamous life.

If you haven’t seen it, here’s the full article (It was published in The Star, but it was written by the Straits Times and reprinted).

Naked blogger sets Net community abuzz

By Melissa Lwee and Serene Luo

The local blogging community is buzzing after a local girl posted nude pictures of herself on the Internet.

Writing under the moniker Sarong Party Girl, her weblog on chronicles her life and numerous sexual escapades.

But though she is posing nude, most lawyers interviewed said that she is probably not breaking any obscenity law.

Lawyer Jonathan Kok, from Harry Elias Partnership, said: ‘It’s a grey area. If someone were to flash himself physically, it’s very clearly an obscene act. But on the Internet, it’s a grey area.

‘Whenever there’s a public outcry, it means the issue has crossed the boundary of public decency. In which case, the authorities would probably step in to tell the Internet Service Provider or write directly to the person involved to fix the problem.’

When interviewed, the girl, a 19-year-old waiting to enter university, revealed that the blog is kept secret from her parents, but maintained she is not ashamed of her photographs.

‘There is nothing wrong with having a nude picture of yourself published or on show, as long as there is an artistic and aesthetic value to it and these pictures were nice.’

Since she started her blog in February last year, she has gathered a daily following of about 3,000 readers.

Bloggers like 22-year-old Gabriel Seah think nothing of her lack of inhibition. ‘The Internet is a free society, there is no reason why anyone should not do this, because it doesn’t hurt anyone.’

But others like Mr Ng Heng Ghee, a 33-year-old IT technician and father of two, frowned on it.

‘What she has done reflects badly on her parents because it shows that they did not bring her up well.’

I think mentioning her parents is well out of line, this is kindergarten journalism, do these two people know anything about blogging, the blogosphere? blogging culture?

Does Mr Ng have nothing better to do at Nanyang than read sexually explicit blogs?

If you want to contact him to voice your concern as his opinion you can do so:

Mr Ng Heng Ghee
IT Executive
Office: Room 03-28
Phone: 67906338

You can see the general stupid closed minded attitude that bothers me on a Singaporean forum HERE, mostly flocking like sheep, unable to think for themselves, unable to see the big picture and the larger implications.

It was a cheap shot and it’s out of order, it’s made blogging look even worse for those people that know little about it, some Bloggers even might be forced to quit, or have at least gotten into hot water about it. (See Little Girl In A Reverie).

So someone showed a nipple, is it such a big deal?

BTW the post in question is Martine, Martine.

It’s not like she hasn’t been naked the whole time on the header of her blog, it’s just she’s not showing any nipples?

My nipples are available for viewing on the Internet, *if* you really want to see them..

Kenny Sia has got his nipples out too in a replication of the original SPG shot.

I could go on and on, and I think I’ll probably write to the The Star[/url], and you should too, but I’m very busy, so I shall leave it here.

It was also covered by SMH in Australia.

Other peices on this subject:

Kenny Sia – The Sarong Party Girl Controversy
Mack Zulkifli – Talk about sensationalism of a nude blogger

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Pulp Fiction – The Coolest Movie Ever?

Jules and Vincent work as hitmen for crime boss Marcellus Wallace. Wallace is currently dealing with Butch Collidge, a boxer who failed to throw a fight after taking Wallace’s money and is now planning to flee the city, but can’t leave his father’s watch behind. Vincent faces some problems of his own when Wallace asks him to show his wife Mia a good time while he’s away. Some of these people redeem themselves and some don’t, and all meet an end appropriate to their choices.

I just wrote a 4 page post about this fucking movie, then it disappeared, how much does that suck. Let me try and regain my momentum

Anyway after watching The Usual Suspects[/url], I was prompted to watch some other old favourites, Pulp Fiction[/url] being the next in line.

This is a classic movie, cult status, pretty much everyone has seen it, those who haven’t wish they had seen it. It stands at a mighty number 11 in the top 250 movies.

It’s one of the first DVD’s I bought, the oldskool silver kind with no special features, no fancy add-ons, no flashy packaging. This is truly oldskool, 11 year ago this film was born.

Tarantino is some kind of weird genius, he’s a nerd, a movie nerd, he’s admitted to watching like 16 hour of movies a day, almost every day, he’s has a movie library large enough to keep him occupied, which is saying something. He appreciates such a wide variety of movies, that’s what makes his films so special, and undeniable ‘cool‘. He borrows from, evolves and adapts some old styles from classics like Shichinin no samurai[/url] and infuses with the funk filled soundtracks, reviving old classics like Son of a Preacher along the way.

He makes movies he thinks are cool and he would like to watch, and well the man has good taste. I think most, if not all, of his movies are in the top 250.

This movie has electric dialogue and flawless acting, it put Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta back on the map. It put Samuel in my book as the coolest guy on the Earth, and that’s saying something. Even Bruce Willis puts in a great performance, it’s an allstar cast.

The film is hilarious in parts, intruiging, engaging, interesting, shocking…it’s a fairly long movie but it passes in a flash and it’s SO damn quotable, one of the most quoted and sampled movies ever (Cypress Hill?)..

The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides with the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who in the name of charity and good will shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon those with great vengeance and with furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know that my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee

I own the soundtrack too and it’s one of the few soundtracks I regularly enjoy (along with Blade OST).

So many people mimic this film aswell without even knowing it, those funky dance moves you pull in Beach Club on Saturday night? Yeah those are from Pulp Fiction.

If you haven’t seen this, you totally have to, no questions.

9.5/10 – Does it get any better than this?

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I R L33T H4X0R – Geek & Hacking T-shirts

No seriously I am, here’s the proof.


Yeah I can’t think of anything to write, well I can but I’m busy cleaning up, yes I’m domesticated..

I designed the shirt myself, it’s a part of my collection of Geek, Hacking, Computer Security and various other things related T-shirts, Mouse Mats, Jumpers and Even thongs!

I also have these:

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Eating at Jusco – 1 Utama

Sometimes I just like to go to Jusco in 1U and eat, they have a whole variety of stuff there including decent sushi in packed sets, a good bakery, Cinnabon and Auntie Annie’s Pretzels!

I think my favourite thing there is some weird Japanese ball things, I’ve totally forgotten their names though…they are great!

Watching them make them is an experience in itself, I’ll have to remember to take pictures of the process next time.

They come like this, with some seaweed on top, salad cream (I think) and a stick to poke them with.

This time I had two flavours, the lovely cheese and ham and the baby octopus (Idako)…

Along with this also some very good, meaty chicken wings (of course the taste is nothing like those from near my place[/url]).

A slice of juicy pizza..

And some good Sushi, it comes along with Wasabi and Soya sauce..As it’s so busy the Sushi is usually pretty fresh and it’s decent quality.

Finished off with some weird kinda mousse cake, which looked great, but wasn’t all that fantastic.

Whole lot cost about 35 bucks, enough for 2.

So there, if you’re in 1 Utama and you don’t know what to eat, do this, it’s fun, you get good variety and the food is nice.

P.S. Check THIS video out, it made be ROFLMAO, the sound is very quiet though so you have to jack up your speakers, but it’s worth it.

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The Usual Suspects

Five villains in New York are rounded up by police in an unconventional manner that worries them. After release, they get together for a spot of revenge, but someone else is controling events.

Now I was shocked to find, some of you youngsters have not watched this film…not heard of it! To me that’s a travesty…your great films of the 90’s were Titanic and The Beach, I mean it’s not even *THAT* old, it’s from 1995.

It’s ranked as number 19 of the top 250 films. If you haven’t seen at least half of these movies, you are missing out..

I personally love this movie and have seen it many many times, you get absorbed by it each time, drawn in and rung out.

Kevin Spacey is a great actor, and this is his best performance ever (his first Oscar), Stephen Baldwin quite possible put in his best performance too, Gabriel Byrne was smouldering and Benicio Del Toro was in this before he was even anyone at all.

It’s one of the most original stories you’ll see as it’s so unique no one could mimic it and get away it without people labelling it a knock-off of The Usual Suspects[/url].

It’s suitably dark and engaging, intruiging and plays on myths, I still remember the first time I watched it and it rendered me speechless. It’s almost flawlessy scripted, and if you watch it over and over you will still get caught up.

I just wanted to bring this movie up, and say if you haven’t see it, WATCH IT NOW.

It’s actually one of the original DVD’s I have, the 2-disc special edition.

It’s one of the few movies I’d give a 9/10 (nothing is perfect).

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