Kung-Pow! The weekend and rain..

Ok well it rained like non-stop from one night to the next morning, so it was a pretty moist weekend (in more ways than one)..

Saturday I didn’t write anything, because well basically I didn’t do anything…I got home from class and slept 2pm-10pm, which was nice..

Got up and went for dinner somewhere half decent, had a mixed grill with black pepper sauce, yum!

Sunday I watched Kung-Pow: Enter The Fist[/url]

This is definate love/hate experience as signified by the IMDB perfect 5.0 score (900 10/10 and 800 1/10 with some inbetween)..

I thought it was hilarious, some kind of cheap ass feel stoners movie with a big budget for special effects..

It definately helps if you are a fan of old skool, badly dubbed no-plot cheesy kung fu movies..I used to collect them, my awesome VHS collection was the envy of my friends.

You know the types, absurd characters, no plots, amazing fight sequences, unheard of actors, Sunday afternoon junk food and hang-over material..

It made fun of the endearing aspects of these movies, horrible dubbing, weird sound effects and vocal noises, bad continuation (10 eyeballs for 4 guys?)..and so on.

After that I went out to grab some food with some students, it was cool, finally had some chinese food, sweet and sour chicken and boiled rice…normally I’d go for pork, but well you don’t get the option here..

It was good!

Tried to catch Bridget Jones aswell but it wasn’t showing, strangely there was no 11-ish shows last night, only 9.30 and no Bridget Jones, perhaps Friday was just a sneak peak and it’s releasing next week officially. I’ll catch it some time this week.

So after that I had a tour of the whole of Brunei and it’s happening spots…it took an hour, use your imagination….yeah it IS that boring. Then headed home and went online for a while. I would have taken some pics…but well there was nothing to see haha

I’ve noticed one thing though, the Radio is good here, because they play Capital FM live stream straight from the UK haha, would prefer if they played Radio 1 though, my favourite station and a lot less commercial…It’s nice to hear Johnny Vaughn on the breakfast show though.

I bought a couple more net cards yesterday too, so I shouldn’t get cut off so often..My colleague has gone back to KL so I’m totally alone in the house now..but at least I have the car so I can go out and get terribly lost all on my own (a weirdly exciting thought, the prospect feels interesting)..

I’ll go and take some pictures of the nicer looking things here (The 2 mosques).

I plan to take a trip to Jerudong Park[/url] aswell…even though I’ve heard most of the rides are closed because they lack maintenance and have become a bit scary..

My passport finally came back too, visa un-extended so it was all in vain &!@#!@%$^#!!

So the crux is, I have to leave *anyway*…I’ll probably drive to Miri at the weekend or something, have a beer or 15.

That’s it for now..




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One Response to Kung-Pow! The weekend and rain..

  1. kimberlycun November 21, 2004 at 8:20 pm #

    it’d make a good detox country, thank gawd for camera and internet.

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