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A Trip to Worcester Cathedral & FOOD!

Hmm nothing like a lovely fat pork chop covered in stuffing and some lightly boiled vegetables! The stuffing on top means the pork chop rind goes super crispy but the meat itself stays moist and juicy! The left over boiled potatoes were turned into potatoe salad the next day and served with some super fresh […]

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Food, Trains & a Wet Trip to London

Ah the great English weather is back…I’m stuck in the house again. Had a light dinner after so much heavy eating, some parma ham draped over a melon, some pork pie and carrot/cucumber with houmous and taramasalata. Topped off with a beautiful meringue pudding, fresh cream and oodles of strawberries. (more…)

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A Trip to The Garden Center – If You Like Flowers Look Here

I went to see my decrepid old gran, who’s reaching 100 soon.. We took her to the Garden center for lunch, it’s quite nice there. English weather still get’s me though, if you sit in the shade, and there’s a breeze you need to put a jacket on..but if you move out into the sun […]

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A Trip to Worcester City Center & The Cathedral

You can’t beat starting the day with a nice egg and bacon sandwich with freshly made homestyle wholemeal bread and a dribble of HP Sauce. The weather wasn’t great in the morning so I just hung around at home, had some light lunch and headed into the city. Planning to check out the cathedral and […]

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An 8km Walk up the Malvern Hills

So after the hearty pub lunch we took a rather long stroll up to the top of the Malvern Hills, one of the oldest hills in the UK. We parked at the North Quarry and walked up to the beacon, the highest point in the range. As it’s towards the end of summer a lot […]

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The Trip Home & A Pub Lunch in Malvern

Well after missing my connecting flight and being stuck in Dubai airport for a grand total of 10 hours, I finally made it home, trip time around 25 hours.. Let’s just say I was pretty tired, but not too bad as I got leg room on both flights, yay! The second one was surprisingly empty, […]

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I never thought I’d say I miss…

Streamyx, but actually I do! Current equipment – Pentium II 333mhz, Windows 98 and a crappy dial-up connection. So yeah I did manage to get on the plane the second time, I didn’t miss it again, flight was smooth, slightly earlier than planned they gained some time. Watched a Spike Lee movie on the plane […]

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My Mom’s Garden – Idyllic

As a break from all the food, I’m all eaten out…(Don’t worry 3-4 meals yet to come)..I’ll feature my mom’s garden. My mom loves her garden, I like it too.. It’s nothing like our old garden, which was 120ft long and contained all kinds of stuff, loads of flowers plus 2 apple trees, 2 plum […]


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Shopping and Lamb Chops

So after the fantastic English Breakfast to start out my day, hung around for a while and headed into town for a couple of hours, managed to pick up a pair of casual shoes, a couple of pairs of work trousers and a pair of jeans from next. I mainly planned to buy work shoes […]

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English Breakfast – JUST WHAT I NEEDED!

So after sleeping like a zombie for 14 hours I crawled out of bed and took a shower.. Take a shower is quite an experience here, like in Malaysia you take a shower to cool down, when you take a shower here, the temperature is about 15 degrees so as soon as you step out […]

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