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The Eventful Trip To Cameron Highlands!

We set off early in the morning to meet at around 8.30am for breakfast, we took our time and ended up leaving nearer to 10am – off we went on the highway stopping off at Tapah services for some Baskin Robbins. After that it was time to turn off and start the winding journey up […]

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Royal Perak Museum (Muzium Diraja) & Galeri Sultan Azlan Shah

Nearby to Masjid Ubudiah there are some other interesting sites like the Muzium Diraja Perak and the Galeri Sultan Azlan Shah. Seen as though we were nearby we dropped by, sadly the museum was closed on Sundays. Just grabbed a quick shot of it over the fence, its pained in the royal perak colours. A […]

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Visting Masjid Ubudiah – Kuala Kangsar Mosque

Apparently the most beautiful mosque in Malaysia and of the most photogenic mosques in the World! Quite an accolade for humble Kuala Kangsar. We took a trip out there on the second day of our outing as it’s fairly close to Sungai Siput, we reached there with the beautiful early morning light hitting the sides […]

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Some Macro at Cinta Alam

During the weekend trip I had the chance to do a little bit of macro, I did wonder into the trees but there were just too many mosquitoes…and damn they were hungry. I had a little look around the compound but there weren’t many subjects and it was super hot..I was of course using the […]

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The Streets of Ipoh

So last weekend a group of us from Shutter Asia headed out to Perak for a weekend away from the city, the occasion was the 1st anniversary of the forum! We were staying at Cinta Alam Kelimat Eco Village, nearby Sungai Siput. A short stop at Ipoh on the way for some food and street […]

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To all those that voted – whatever the pessimists say, you did make a difference. 5 states eh? Samy out! Kelantan retained, Kedah, Perak, Selangor and Penang won most by a huge majority. Tides are changing – let’s hope the future is a positive one. BN was denied the crucial 2/3rds majority. I hope the […]

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