Stupid Phone…

Oh well..I got a Bruneian SIM card last night cos I had to call some people back in KL..

So I stuck it in my phone and made the required calls…I put my Maxis SIM back in then noticed ALL my SMS’s had disappeared…man that sucks.

I had some funny ones, some sweet ones, some old ones…all gone.

Ok now I know why the SIM archive feature exists *sigh*

All those hot chicks buayaing me via SMS, you’ll have to send me some more nice messages ok 馃槢

Also added the latest DOTA 4.4c to the download post[/url].

I need to do my links page[/url] too soon…so much effort, then the site will be complete for now, haha oh yeah and upload some pics..

I was going to add another section to the site aswell…but I forgot what it was haha.

I also hate the way Sony Ericsson handles the call’s horrible, hey SE check out Nokia, they got you beat on that front..

The worst thing for me is if the missed called/call was not ‘today’ you only get the date not the time, annoying, it also doesn’t order them in the order you received’s kinda random.

Oh well.

No news today…

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Shaolin Kung-Fu Tom-Yam Indomee

Been kinda down today..then watched some crappy depressing movies on HBO..including The Joy Luck Club[/url], which is supposed to be uplifting, and I’ve meant to watch it a few times but missed it, as it’s also supposed to be good, I just found it kinda depressing…a whole load of people with fucked up lives.

Then some other soppy crap about an old man going senile…the finality of death and madness, excellent..It was called Dad[/url], with Ted Danson.

Here I was starving to death, when I was inspired..

I forgot how good it is to cook yourself food and really enjoy it…even if it’s something simple and quick..

Thanks for the inspiration 馃槢

2 packs of Mamee tom yam noodles, some garlic, ginger and fresh chilli..

Some kind of Indian wok like structure used for frying the above mentioned business, shame it doesn’t have a handle..or I could have done some of that pro tossing business..

The finished product, along with perfectly cooked buffalo eye, delicious and nutritious..I’m sure.

The upside..we have a maid so I don’t have to wash up the 3 pans, plate, fork, chopping board and knife I used to create this culinary delight.

I feel better already.

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Data Security & Digital Forensics

Oh yeah I did some dumb ass himbo shit yesterday…I was re-arranging some stuff on my hard-drive and I cut and pasted a whole drive by mistake..then I undid it..

Everything looked fine…I didn’t realise till hours later than I’d deleted like 6 months of REALLY important work…so I kinda panicked for a second..

Then I remembered I’m a geek….some more I am a security geek, so I know that when you delete your files, they aren’t REALLY deleted…the file system just marks them as deleted and you can no longer see them in Windows..They are only REALLY wiped when you fill up your disk with other crap and the blocks are re-used and your original files are over-written..

Anyway this is the basic concept of computer forensics, to be safe against this wipe your slack space and if you sell your PC don’t just delete your files or format it, do a 7 pass over-write with something like Eraser[/url]. As I said above the only safe method is to overwrite everything, then delete it all, then overwrite again. And this is not even fail-safe…using Electron/Digital Microscopy the big agencies can still recover your data..The only truly safe way is incineration 馃檪

The way I explain that is this…imagine your hard disk is a tin tray, you put your data in by hitting it with a hammer, you erase it by hitting the other side with a hammer…you aren’t going to get 100% accuracy on the dent so there will be some residual data..They can find all this and reconstruct it into something meaningful, but it costs a huge amount of money..

As with most things security’s a balance, the cost of protection vs what you are protecting vs the cost of recovery/intrusion.

For most people a free tool like eraser and a few hours of wiping is fine 馃檪 Call it Data Sanitization…keep your house clean 馃檪

If you really want to know the guts behind it you can read this article:

Secure Deletion of Data from Magnetic and Solid-State Memory[/url]”

Most people don’t know this..once it’s ‘gone’ from the recycle bin they think it’s lost forever. Well in truth unless you’ve written a shit load of stuff to your disk since you deleted it, chances are it’s still very much there.

The most powerful commercial tool in this field is Encase[/url], the government have more powerful shit, but we aren’t even supposed to know that.

(I lost about 300mb of stuff, it took me about 15 minutes to fully recover it all).

Let me illustrate with some lovely art..ok I have a very important picture which shows me in a compromising situation…I wish to delete it..

So I shift-delete it, it’s gone, not in the recycle bin ah I’m safe:

Then Shaolin comes along and fires up his trust undeletion utility:

See it recovered everything, including the original file name and some other blank filenames..

So who is Kinoshita Ayumi you ask? Go Google it 馃榾

Another tip to note is..if you’ve ‘lost’ files, don’t write anything to that drive or especially that partition. And when you restore the files, also restore to a different partition or you might find that files you are trying to restore disappear half way through as though overwrote them…

The software I used for this was Active UNDELETE.

Anyway I have to go for lunch now, hope you learnt something new today..

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I am er what? Man I feel horrible today..

You are mRNA. You’re brilliant, full of important,
interesting information and you’re a great
friend to the people you care about. You may
have sides to you that no one understands. But
while you understand more than most people,
you’re only half-there most of the time.

Which Biological Molecule Are You?
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Man I woke up on another plane today, I think someone got drunk last night in my honour, felt like I had a horrible hangover…I still feel pretty crappy now and it’s almost lunch time..

Open house was nice last night, some decent food, crappy net card ran out early again though and I got cut off before I was ready!

Haven’t heard any more about Colombo keep it real.

I still need to buy a mattress and curtains *sigh*, just give me some peace for a while..

Nothing much else to say now…I feel dizzy..

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Hmm…Call me globe hopping Sultan hand shaker?

Oh well I have a fair amount of stuff to ramble on about..

So I better get started..

Today was another normal day in Brunei for the most part, I had to get up in the middle of the night (7am) and go to class..

My student picked me up in a new car…Mitsubishi Airtrek Turbo[/url]…which he just bought at the weekend…bastard…haha

The thing has pretty much the same engine as the Evo VII aswell, so you can strap on the 05 turbo and weee…off you go. And the guy is sad because he can only go up to 400bhp, because of the auto gearbox…*sigh*

The sickening thing it’s only $46,000 Brunei dollars…thats like 90,000RM…for that you can’t even get a Perdana in Malaysia…sick sick sick

Anyway today we visited the Istana Nurul Iman (the palace, and at that the LARGEST residential palace in the world) to check out the Sultans yard and attend his open house and shake his hand. Nice man to say a few years ago he was richest in the world, and he has the largest collection of Rolls Royces[/url] in the world..

Still kinda old fashioned in some ways though, like the chicks have one queue the guys another, segregated.

He gave me some Goodies, yay! Not really local delicacies as I expected though…

See inside, sweets and stuff:

Also a nice card with his handsome face:

It was hot and sweaty with hoards of people, I was like 76,819th to shake his hand…like he gives a shit haha

Anyway it was a good experience, but no cameras were allowed so no pics, I think one of the guys from our crew had some pics around abouts so I’ll ask him to pass them over.

We went to the Ministers house again after and had some good food, the Biryani was awesome!

I’ve taken some pics of my house too so I’ll put them in the gallery[/url] soon.

Also I just found out my beloved KL friends might be without me for a little longer..I got a rumour yesterday and an e-mail today saying I might be posted to Colombo a few days after I get back..for 21 days..

Actually I won’t mind too much as long as I’m back in KL for new years, I heard Colombo is pretty happening, with a nice resort and some sweet bitches, I mean beaches. Food is rumoured to be good too, oh well another place to travel too…it must be better than Brunei.

Anyway I think that’s about it for now, I’m sure I’ve bored you all enough for today. I’ve gotta go shower so I can go to another couple of open house thingies and eat more biscuits 0_0..

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So what does the G mean?

You are a real perfectionist in life and in love. You have very high standards for yourself, and you are the same in the romance department. You are looking for a partner who lives up to your requirements in intelligence, popularity and attractiveness. They must be at least your equal, or you just won’t be interested. You especially want your love partner to be well-matched with you in terms of intelligence, so you can have challenging conversations and stimulate each other mentally. You also tend to be drawn to people with a lot of status or popularity, because you feel that you can enhance your own status through the partnership. You are a busy person and you take your responsibilities seriously, so finding a love partner may not be your first priority in life. When you do go looking, you’ll take the same careful approach to love as you do to everything else. You can really throw yourself into a romantic relationship, but it has to mesh well with the other things in your life or you just won’t have time or energy for it. You tend to have short-term hookups with very attractive people, but you end up moving on when they don’t meet your other standards, or they are hard to get to know. You don’t get close to people quickly. When you do, it will be a powerful match.

Pretty accurate gotta be smart, popular and attractive 馃檪


Ok so report for today, I watched The Day After Tommorow[/url], it was a bit better than I expected..worth watching anyway 馃檪 Especially here..

Went to the Indian joint again…man back the same salty mush.

Apparently the freak time the food was good…was during Raya when they had a temporary the normal chef is back and the food is back to crap.

Other than that done nothing today…

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The 15th worst movie ever??

Ok so what did I do today to celebrate Raya? Zilch..

Same as any other day, got up around lunch time, went to lunch at the Indian joint and had me a chicken tosai..

It was ok, not salty at least.

Came home and went online for a bit, then had the pleasure of watching the 15th worst movie ever!

You got served![/url]

I didn’t expect it to be great, I bought it to watch them dance, and that’s what I got so I enjoyed it.

I tend to like dance movies…even though I’m not a great dancer hehe I do love to dance, just wish I could b-boy…also like the old school like Dirty Dancing[/url] and Saturday Night Fever[/url].

Rock on!

After that went to some open house business these guys houses are like museums, I’m scared to touch anything, had some nice biscuits and stuff..after that was went to ‘Coffee Zone’ and had a chicken pie, which was ok.

Now I am back here…for whoever I was talking to earlier, my prepaid netcard ran out again haha so sorry I got cut off abruptly..

I also ate some Fuji apples today, which was nice..nothing better on a hot day than a juicy Fuji apple from the fridge…(Well ok there’s plenty of things, but I’m in Brunei so humour me).

See ya’ll soon..

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Happening weekend…


Ah well it was ok..

Just got back from my big night out, woohoo!

I went to check out Uncle Ho’s wares Brunei style..

Actually cheaper than KL and a better range of stuff, I found some foreign Thai and Korean flicks I couldn’t find in KL, which is nice 馃檪 (Such as Beautiful Boxer[/url] and Taegukgi[/url])

Also got some decent horror movies, better find someone I can picit when I’m scared 馃榾 Also need to buy a sofa first to fully enjoy (and hide behind) during hardcore horror sessions..

Hmm had some half decent food then went to watch The Incredibles[/url], man that movie kicks some serious ass!

One of the best films I’ve seen for quite a long time, it’s somewhere up there with Shrek[/url] and Finding Nemo[/url]!

It’s the reason animated flix are so great now, the characters have such expression and you can actually develop the personalities on screen..Plus they can do all kinds of crazy stuff that can’t really be done with live action (Without an overload of CGI, which can ruin a film IMHO). I think it should be like this though, done in a kind of caricature way, yeah the scenery and sets look almost real but the people still look like animated characters. Animated movies should be a medium to express realistically wild stuff that wouldn’t work in a live action film.

Whoever thought up the stuff in this movie has a truly amazing imagination, it was original, funny, exciting, funny, interesting and FUNNY.

The only thing that annoyed me during the show were those monkeys that laugh a bit TOO much and a bit TOO often. I mean some parts are not THAT funny right…chill.

After that went to play pool with my colleage, which turned into an impromptu lesson, as I’m pretty decent and he’s…well..not.

He improved though which was good, but he kept getting distracted by the Phillipina who racked up our balls..”A little thick round the waist but good” I think were his words.

Then came back and checked my Uncle Ho merchandise, pretty good success rate.

$63BD well spent 馃榾

My 2 quotes for today are:

Remember you are unique, just like everyone else


49% of the people you know are below average

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Ok I am pissed.

No KK trip for me, guess what I am still here?

OMFG WHY??!? You ask…

Because my colleague had given my passport to local immigration to extend my visa…and forgot to tell me, oh well…I’d packed my stuff and was just going to the car, I said “Hey just one more thing, I need my passport back”..

How much of a shitter is that.

Oh well…am going out shortly to some open house thingies to steal other peoples food and daughters maybe.

I’ve dressed up all nice in case there is any hot neices around…or frustrated 30+ housewives *meow*

Will whinge a bit more later I expect, stay tuned!


The open house thingy was ok, the rendang was pretty good, it was all very formal as it was a minister datuk dunno what’s house.

Went grocery shopping and got some Ribena so now I’m happy!!(Yes I’m easily pleased)

Also stocked up on net cards, surf teh web..the only way to maintain my sanity.

Off to THE MALL now to watch a movie or 2..


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Little and Large…personified

Was travelling to Cheras a while back to eat the great Tom Yam seafood…when we stumbled upon this freaky situation in front of us at the traffic lights.

It was a sure fire ‘Must take a picture’ situation.

I don’t think it needs any explanation.

Imagine a car full of us laughing our socks off…

Anyway what else has happened, guess what? Absolutely nothing..

Last night was really Divali, so my colleagues and I had some fireworks and stuff (Malaysia apparently celebrates the festival on the wrong day).

Then we went to the Salty Indian food place, and had some decent food for once. The butter chicken masala was nice, and not so salty!

Hmm what else, oh yeah a while back I decided to grow up and stop buying watches from P.S. Boutique and get myself a real watch, not another fake Breitling..

So I bought a fossil, I like it:

Other than that not really much, playing to fly to KK in a couple of hours cos I’m bored to death here and it’s a long holiday. Raya is coming so it will be extra boring here, Raya signifies the end of Ramadan and is a period of celebration and the concept of open houses (go into a random strangers house and eat their food, yum!).

Ok that’s it for now..

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