Stupid Phone…

Oh well..I got a Bruneian SIM card last night cos I had to call some people back in KL..

So I stuck it in my phone and made the required calls…I put my Maxis SIM back in then noticed ALL my SMS’s had disappeared…man that sucks.

I had some funny ones, some sweet ones, some old ones…all gone.

Ok now I know why the SIM archive feature exists *sigh*

All those hot chicks buayaing me via SMS, you’ll have to send me some more nice messages ok πŸ˜›

Also added the latest DOTA 4.4c to the download post[/url].

I need to do my links page[/url] too soon…so much effort, then the site will be complete for now, haha oh yeah and upload some pics..

I was going to add another section to the site aswell…but I forgot what it was haha.

I also hate the way Sony Ericsson handles the call’s horrible, hey SE check out Nokia, they got you beat on that front..

The worst thing for me is if the missed called/call was not ‘today’ you only get the date not the time, annoying, it also doesn’t order them in the order you received’s kinda random.

Oh well.

No news today…




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