Time to Build a New Computer and My Nikon D70s Returns..

Definitely time to build a new computer, now I process a lot of NEF/RAW files from my camera…I spend half of my time waiting for loading and filters to run.

It’s a reasonable length I’ve been using this setup too, I find 18 months to be a regular upgrade cycle for the core components of my setup (cpu/mobo/ram/gpu).

So this is what I’m going for this time:

Intel C2D 2.66G (6750) = RM669
Asus P5B-E = RM558
Corsair 667 DDR2 x3 (148) = RM444
Seagate 320GB x 2 = (270) = RM540
Asus 256MB EN8600GT = RM488
Logitech – Z-2300 – RM599

Total = RM3298

Seems decent enough to me, at least I might be able to process my RAW files in comfort 🙂

What do you think?

This computer is having some problems too, USB is decidedly dodgy…it can’t detect external HDD’s any more, only thumbdrives. It has problems with my phone too.

The onboard LAN card is dead too after a lightning strike that fried my modem…

Ah well, I’ll negate the risk of that happening in the future by using USB wireless now, suck that Mr. Lightning!

Good news recently about my Nikon D70s that got stolen too, Nikon found it, a dealer sent it in for service and I’d black-listed the serial number…so they called me. I went to the Sergeant that I made the original report with and he confiscated the camera and is making a follow-up investigation now. Will keep you all updated.

And we won the war on Utopia…yeah I just started playing, more about that later too 🙂




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